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Model Test:English 2nd Paper for JSC Exam

English Second Paper
Full মার্চks-১০০, Time : ৩ Hours
[N.B. Numbers in the right margin indicate full marks]
Part-A : Grammar (মার্চks-৬০)
১. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles; put a cross where an article is not needed. 1×৫=5
English language is stated (a)__ global language due to its worldwide appeal and importance. But it is (b)__ matter of great regret that we are avoiding it on (c)__ plea that if we learn this language the importance of mother tongue will be ignored. Undoubtedly it is (d)__ old argument. Learning a rich language in order to maintain communication with (e)__ world does not mean undermining our own.
২. Re-write the following passage in the future tense.        ৫
I had an opportunity to see the capital city of my dream when my uncle invited me to pay a visit toDhaka. I availed myself of the opportunity and paid a visit toDhakaon the occasion Durga Puja. During my short stay inDhaka, I moved from place to place by bus, rickshaw etc. I visited the many places and enjoyed them very much.
৩. Change the following sentences into active or passive.     ১×৫=5
a. Keep your room neat and clean.
b. Did she sing a Tagore song?
c. We were forbidden to keep guide books.
d. Dr. Kakon trained us.
e. Who broke the glasses?
৪. Transform the following sentences as directed.     ১×৫=5
a) Nobody believes him. (Interrogative)
b) You should go to school. (Imperative)
c) Very few metals are as bright as gold. (Superlative)
d) Every body must die. (Negative)
e) I wish I were a child again. (Exclamatory)
৫. Fill in the each blank with a suitable preposition from the box.             5
There lived a young man called Ruplal. He lived (a)__his family (b)__ a contain village. He worked (c)__ a farm. But, he did not like it. It was a beautiful place, but there was a lot (d)__ problems. The villagers were always quarrelling. One বার he went to live in the jungle (e)__ himself with peace.
৬. Use suitable conjunctions from the box.          ৫
a) God made the country__ man made the town.
b) He tried hard— did not succeed.
c) Look— you leap.
d) Shanta hared a sound— she finished reading.
e)— I was walking along the road a crow flew over my head.
৭. Re-write the following sentences using the right form of verbs.             ১×৫=5
a) It__ (rain) since morning.
b) As you have been feeling weak for two months, you had better__ (consult) with a professor.
c) I__ (see) him a long ago.
d) He talks with me as if__ (be) my teacher.
e) English__ (speak) all over the world.
৮. Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns from the box.            ১×৫=5
a) The pen__he gave me was black.
b) These are very old pencils, give me new__.
c) She is very pleased with__.
d) It is__ who are to balme.
e) Ruhi and Juhi are good girls, Every body like__.
৯. Fill in the gaps with suitable adjectives from the box.      ১×৫=5
a) Cricket players are very__ of ice cream.
b) Students should be__ to their teachers.
c) We are not__of hard work.
d) I shall be extremely__if you get scholarship.
e) They were very__ to know the meter.
১০. Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs. 1×৫=5
a) I have__ completed the work.
b) Have you__ climbed a mountain.
c) Himel is__ weak to walk.
d) Tigers can kill the victims__.
e) Jute grows__ inBangladesh.
১১. Fill in the blanks with first and ২nd conditionals.   ১x ৫=5
a) If you do not study regularly,—.
b)—, they will not come.
c) He would attend the function—.
d)— if you are honest.
e) Try heart and soul—.
১২. Re-write the following sentences in the reported speech.   1×৫=5
a) Rahmat Mia said, “I ploughed the land.’
b) The wise farmer said, “Don’t break the boundaries of the fields.’
c) He said to them, ‘শুক্রends, help me.’
d) He said to me, “Why do you fail again and again.”
e) Rifat said to me, “Which pen did you like?”
Part-B : Composition (৪০ মার্চks)
১৩. Imagine, you are Mahbub Al Selim, a student of class viii inNarsingdiModelSchooland College. Your father is a Deputy Director of Rural Development Board. Authority has transferred him from Narsingdi toDhaka. Now write an application to the principal for a transfer certificate.
Or, Write an application to your principal for a testimonial.
১৪. Read the beginning part of the following story. Complete the story based on your own imagination. Give a suitable title to it.      ৫
Once there were two friends named Rifat and Sifat. They were very cordial to each other. They promised each other to help in the time of danger. They never leave each other if they face any problem. One বার they were passing through a dark forest suddenly—–
১৫. Write a dialogue between yourself and your friend about the necessity of learning English.     5                                    

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