Thursday, October 18, 2012


1. Write a dialogue between you and a passer-by. You want to know the way to a hotel.
Myself : Excuse me. Can you please help me?
Passer-by : Sure, how can I help you?
Myself : I'm looking for a hotel. Would you
please tell me the direction?
Passer-by : Which hotel do you want to go?
Myself : I'm new in this town. So, would you
suggest me any good hotel that is
Passer-by : Well, I think you can stay in Hotel
Diamond. It's very near.
Myself : How can I go there?
Passer-by : You can go there on foot. First go
straight and then take a right turn. After
going for about ten yards, you'll get the
hotel on your left. You can stay there
Myself : Thank you.
Passer-by : It's a pleasure.

2. You want to know someone's birthday.
Myself : Hello, Nafiz. How are you?
Nafiz : I'm fine. Thank you and what about you?
Myself : I'm fine too. Nafiz, would you please
tell me when your birthday is?
Nafiz : Why not? It is on 15th January. But
would you tell my why?
Myself : Of course, I know the birthdays of all
my friends. It gives me immense pleasure.
Nafiz : So nice of you.
Myself : Actually I like to wish my friends and
meet them on their birthdays.
Nafiz : Really! Please come to my house on my
birthday. I'll be so happy.
Myself : Yes, I'll go.
Nafiz : Thank you.
Myself : Welcome.

3. You want to leave a message for someone over telephone.
Ans : Here is a dialogue between myself and my friend's mother for leaving a message for my friend.

Myself : Hello! Good afternoon!
Friend's Mother : Good afternoon! Who's calling, please?
Myself : I'm Rifat, Shafin's friend. Could I talk
to Shafin, please?
F. Mother : Sorry, he is not at home?
Myself : Oh! When'll he come?
F. Mother : In the evening.
Myself : Could I leave a message?
F. Mother : Yes, of course.
Myself : Would you, please, tell him to see me
F. Mother : Okay, I'll do that.
Myself : Thanks a lot.
F. Mother : You're welcome.

4. You want to know someone's phone number over telephone.
Ans : Here is a dialogue between myself and Ripa for Rumana's phone number over telephone.
Myself : Hello!
Ripa (over telephone) : Hello!
Myself : I am Rana. Are you Ripa?
Ripa : Yes, how are you, Rana?
Myself : I am fine and you?
Ripa : I am fine too.
Myself : Ripa, could you lend me a novel
named "Rasha" by Zafar Iqbal?
Receiver : Sorry, I don't have that. You can get it
from Rumana.
Myself : But I don't have Rumana's phone number.
Could you give me her phone number?
Receiver : Of course. Hold on please. It's 9340819.
Myself : Would you repeat it again?
Receiver : It's 9--3--4--0--8--1--9.
Myself : Thanks a lot. See you in school.
Receiver : You're welcome.

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