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প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আজ ইংরেজি ২য় পত্রের ন্যারেশন নিয়ে কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ প্রশ্নোত্তর আলোচনা করব।
(A) Assertive sentence
1. Direct : Luna said to Rina, ‘I helped you.’
2. Direct : She said to me, ‘I love you.’
3. Direct : He said, ‘I am preparing my lesson.’
4. Direct : Sima said to me, ‘I have passed the SSC examination.’
5. Direct : You said to me, ‘He will pass.’
6. Direct : The teacher said to me, ‘You must speak the truth.’
7. Direct : He said to us, ‘We shall go to Dhaka tomorrow.’
8. Direct : He said to me, ‘Who are you?’
9. Direct : He said to me, ‘Where did you go yesterday?’
10. Direct : The teacher said to us, ‘Our Liberation war takes place in 1971.’
(A) Answer: (Assertive sentence)
1. Indirect : Luna said to ( or told) Rina that he had helped him.
2. Indirect : She said to (or told) me that she loved me.
3. Indirect : He said to me that he was preparing his lesson.
4. Indirect : Sima told me that she had passed the SSC examination.
5. Indirect : You told me that he would pass.
6. Indirect : The teacher told me that I must speak the truth.
7. Indirect : He told us that they would go to Dhaka the following day.
8. Indirect : He asked me who I was.
9. Indirect : He asked me where I had gone the previous day.
10. Indirect : The teacher told us that our Liberation war took place in 1971.
(B) Interrogative Sentence
1. Direct : The man said to me, ‘How long have been waiting here?’
2. Direct : Rana said to me, ‘Do you like coffee?’
3. Direct : I said to him, ‘Do you like read newspaper?’
4. Direct : ‘Have you seen her Jerry?’ said the writer.
5. Direct : Mather said to me, ‘Will you go to school?’
(B) Answer: (Interrogative Sentence)
1. Indirect : The man asked me how long I had been waiting there.
2. Indirect : Rana asked me if I liked coffee.
3. Indirect : I asked him if he liked to read newspaper.
4. Indirect : The writer asked jerry if he had seen her.
5. Indirect : Mother asked me if I would go to school.
(C) Optative Sentence
1. Direct : We said, ‘Long live our Prime Minister’
2. Direct : Mother said to me, ‘May Allah save you.’
3. Direct : Father said to me, ‘May you pass the exam.’
4. Direct : The teacher said to the students, ‘May God bless you.’
5. Direct : The woman said to his son, ‘May be happy.’
(C) Answer: (Optative Sentence)
1. Indirect : We prayed that our Prime Minister may live long.
2. Indirect : Mother wished or blessed me that Allah might save me.
3. Indirect : Father prayed that I might pass the exam.
4. Indirect : The teacher wished that God might bless the students.
5. Indirect : The woman prayed that his son might be happy.
(D) Imperative Sentence
1. Direct : I said to him, ‘Good bye.’
2. Direct : The commander said to the soldiers, ‘March on.’
3. Direct : Hira told me, ‘Do it at once.’
4. Direct : The servant said to his master, ‘Please excuse me, sir.’
5. Direct: He said to me, ‘Let us go for a walk.’
(D) Answer: (Imperative Sentence)
1. Indirect : I bade him good bye.
2. Indirect : The commander ordered (commanded) the soldiers to march on.
3. Indirect : Hira told (ordered) me to do it at once.
4. Indirect : The servant respectfully requested his master to excuse him.
5. Indirect : He proposed me that we should go for a walk.
(E) Exclamatory sentence
1. Direct : The man said, ‘Alas! I am undone!’
2. Direct : The students said, ‘Hurrah! Our team has won the game!’
3. Direct : He said, ‘How nice the bird is!’
4. Direct : He said, ‘What a fool the man is!’
5. Direct : The man said, ‘What terrible storm it is!’
6. Direct : The leader said to him, ‘How funny you are!’
7. Direct : The students said, ‘Hurrah we have won the game!’
(E) Answer: (Exclamatory sentence)
1. Indirect : The man cried out in sorrow that he was undone.
2. Indirect : The students shouted or exclaimed with joy that their team had won the game.
3. Indirect : He cried out or shouted or exclaimed in wonder that the bird was very nice.
4. Indirect : He exclaimed that the man was a great fool.
5. Indirect : The man exclaimed with fear that it was a very terrible storm.
6. Indirect : The leader exclaimed with wonder that he was very funny.
7. Indirect : The students exclaimed with joy that they had won the game.

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