Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Model Test:English 2nd Paper for JSC Exam

11. Use of idioms and phrases from the box below. a. The box are __ on the table. b. Let is keep the secret__. c. __ good took pity on him. d. You shouldn’t be __ though you fail. e. The law is a __ now. 12. Change the following sentence into indirect speech. a. You said to me, “You do not do your duty.” b. The old man said to his sons, “Why do you quarrel always.” c. The teacher said to the students, “Don’t run in the sun?” d. Father said, “Slow and steady wins the race.” e. The man said to the boy, “What is your name?” Part B : Composition - Marks 40 13. Suppose, you are Ashraful, a student of class eight of Rangpur Zilla school. Your father has been transferred from Rangpur to Dhaka. Now write an application to the Headmaster praying for a TC. Or, Suppose you are Abdullah, a student of Bogra zilla school. Your father is a low paid government employee. Now, write an application to the headmaster praying for full free studentship. 14. Complete the following incomplete story and give a title to it. once upon a time there lived a farmer. he had three sons. They always quarreled. This made the farmer unhappy and worried. He tried to bring them to their sense but failed. 15. Suppose, Anwar is a student of class nine. He has got scholarship in the last JSC exam. Now he wants to open a bank account. Write a dialogue between Anwar and the Bank Manager regarding the procedures of opening a Bank account. 16. a. Write a paragraph on ‘Our school Library’ Answering the following questions : a. What is a school library? b. Where is your school library located? c. How is it furnished? d. How are the books organised? e. Who looks after the library? f. What is the utility of a library? or, Write a paragraph on ‘A Rainy Day’ answering the following questions? a. What is the common sense of a rainy day? b. What is the condition after the heavy rain? c. What is the condition of the birds and animals? d. What is the condition of the road after rain? e. How does a rainy day affect the poor and the rich people? or, Your cousin is not good student. Now write a paragraph instructing him how to become a good student. You may use the following key words. 17. Write a composition on any one of the following topics. a. A village Market; b. A Journey by Train, c. My favourite Hobby. d. Newspaper.

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