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Model Test:English !st paper for JSC Exam

Time-2.45 hours, Full marks-100

Part-A: Seen Comprehension

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it:
Once upon a time there lives a poor man called Suruj Ali. He was an honest, hard working man and looked after a large mango orchard. The owner of the orchard. Hamidur Ranman was a very rich man.
One day some of Hamidur Rahman’s friends came to visit him. It was during the summer season when the mangoes were ripe. So Hamidur Rahman asked Suruj Ali to pick some of the ripe mangoes and give them to his friends.
Suruj Ali went to the orchard and carefully picked some nice large mangoes. Then he gave them to his master. When Hamidur Rahman and his friends started eating them Hamidur Rahman said. ‘These mangoes don’t taste sweet. They’re sour! How can we eat them?’ So he called Suruj Ali back and asked him to take the sour mangoes away and bring some sweet ones from his orchard.
1. Write whether the following statements are true or false.
if fales, give the correct answer:
a) Hamidur Rahman was amiable.
b) Bahadur looked after the orchard.
c) Hamidur Rahman was a wretched man.
d) One day some relatives of Hamidur Rahman visited him.
e) Hamidur Rahman enjoyed the mangoes that were brought first by the caretaker.
2. Choose the best answer from the alternatives:                1x5+5
a)—to the orchard, Suruj Ali picked the mangoes.
i) reached ii) going iii) sitting iv) standing
b) The duty of Suruj Ail was to— i) look after ii) take after iii) hanker after iv) go after
c) Some of —of Hamidur Rahman visited him.
i) relatives ii) neighbours iii) students iv) fellows
d) The mangoes Suruj Ali brought were— i) ripe and small ii) big and fine iii) tiny iv) huge
e) Hamidur Ranman—the orchard.
i) owns ii) serves iii) cares iv) helps
3. Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the list. There are more words than necessary. 1/2×10=5
who—some—honest—called—owner—orchard—sour— honest—large—summer—poor—when
Suruj Ali was a (a)—but (b)—man (c)—looked after a (d)— mango orchard. He was a hardworking man. A rich man (e)— Hamidur Rahman was the (f)—of the (g).—One day some of Hamidur Rahman’s friends visited him during the (h)— season (i)—the mangoes were ripe. Hamidur Rahman asked Suruj Ali to pick some ripe mangoes. But each time he gave them (j)—mangoes because he did not taste any mango earlier.
4. Answer the following Questions:                                     1×5+5
a) How did Suruj Ali earn his livelihood?
b) What are the characteristics of Suruj Ali?
c) What happened when the mangoes were served before Hamidur Rahman and his friends?
d) What was the duty of Suruj Ali?
e) Why did Hamidur Rhman call Suruj Ali back?
5. Choose a word from the list and put it in the blanks next to its meaning: 1/2×10=5
a) — = not rich. b) — = industrious.
c) — = garden. d) — = a very common fruit of summer.
e) — = with care. f) — = not sweet.
g) — = not green. h) — = proprieter.
i) — = fetch. j) — = having honesty.
6. Fill in the gap with a suitable word of your own, based on the information from the text in A:                                        1/2×10=5
Suruj Ali went to the orchard with (a)—and (b)—some large mangoes. Then the mangoes were (c)— to Hamidur Rahman and his friends, But an (d)—as they started eating, they (e)—that the mangoes were sour. Hamidur Rahman on the (f) —called Suruj Ali. He asked him as the mangoes were sour, (g) — they could eat them. Then Suruj Ali was (h)— to take the mangoes (f) —. Suruj Ali was also ordered to (j) — up some sweet ones.
7. Read the passage in A again. Now write a paragraph about the story using the clues in the box below. Write the information in a logical sequence as it appears in the text. The paragraph should not exceed 70 words : 5
summer, orchard, industrious, caretaker, honest, friends, sour.
8. Read the passage in A again. Now write the main ideas of the story in your won words in not more than five sentences.5

Part - B : Vocabulary and Grammar

9. Fill in the blank of the following passage with a suitable word from the list below. There are more words than necessary :110 =10
Suddenly a voice called out, ‘Good morning, (a) —. Where are you going?’ ‘Oh, nowhere; we’re just (b) — for something,’ replied the six blindmen (c) —.’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘I’m a teacher,’ (d) — the voice. ‘Can I help you?’ ‘(e) — you could teach us something new and (f) —?’ They all suggested eagerly. ‘Certainly, I (g) —.’ replied the voice. ‘But first let me tie up my (h) —.’ ‘Your elephant? What’s that?’ asked the blindmen (i) —. ‘Well’. replied the (j) —. ‘Follow me and you’ll find out.’
10. Fill in each blank of the following passage with a suitable word. Use only one word for each blank : 110 =10
When all the tools were made, the students started (a) —. It was a hot day in (b) —. They dug deep (c) — the ground with their spades and with their hoes they (d) — the soil into small pieces. The rakes were used to (e) — all the weeds and the baskets to carry them (f) —. After that the boy and girls used (g) — to level the soil. It was hard work and they began to (h) — a lot. Then the student’s (i) — and looked at their work. ‘We’ve worked for one and a half (j) — and I’m tired’, said Anwar.
Part - C : Writing Test

11. Read the following table and make ten sentences : 10

12. The following sentences are in wrong order. Write them in correct order : 1  10 = 10
Mr Ant stayed inside his house. ‘Come in!’ he shouted. The soft earth became hard and nothing could grow. One morning, Mr Ant was eating his breakfast when there was a knock at his door. After sometime, the warm sunny days finished. Through his windows he looked at the trees and the white fields covered in snow. The door opened and there was Mr Grasshopper standing outside in the cold. Then the winter season came and the weather in Greece grew cold. Then it started snowing and the fields were covered in soft white snow. The leaves dropped off the trees and the countryside looked bare and grey.
13. Suppose you are Mashruf living at 459/C. Khilgaon, Dhaka. You have visited your friend Farhan’s house at Rupgang, Narayongonj.
Now, write a letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality he had shown. 10
Or, Suppose, you are Rummon/Ramisa. Your friend Arpon/Arpita has made an excellent result is the last JSC Examination.
Now, write a letter to your friend congratulating on his brilliant success.
14. Write a paragraph about any one of the following topics : 10
a) The Smithy
b) Water hyacinth

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