Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Model Test :English 1st paper for JSC Exam

English 1st paperপূর্ণমান : ১০০, সময়: ৩ ঘণ্টা 
Part-A : Reading Test (marks-40) 
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions following it. “Would you like some tea?” Salma asked Mrs. Green. “Oh, yes please,” replied Mrs. Green. “That’s a very kind of you.” Then, while Mrs. Green drank the tea and ate some biscuits, she told Salma and Rafiq about her lost bag. “My husband and I are on holievi in Bangladesh,” she explained. This morning we wanted to go to the bank. We went in a rickshaw. Because it was very small, I put in my bag behind me. After some time, I turned round to check it, but my bag wasn’t there (!) We looked every where but we couldn’t find it. My bag was lost. I thought about all the things in my bag my passport, keys, money and both my husband’s air ticket and my own. “I have lost every thing.” I thought and felt very upset. But now all these things are with me again. So, I am really very grateful to you, Salma and to you too, Rafiq. You’ve both helped me more than I can say. Let me have your address so that I can say. Let me have yours address so that I can keep in touch with you. I’d also like to take some photograph of Salma and Rafiq. Finally, she gave Salma a small present. It was a book of stories. 
1. Write whether the following statements are true or false. If false, give the correct answer. a. Mrs. Green lost her bag while going to a party. b. Mrs. Green told Salma and Rafiq while taking tea and biscuits. c. Mrs. Green came to Bangladesh with her friend. d. Mrs. Green dropped the bag on the way. e. A story book was given to Salma. 
2. Choose the best answer from the alternatives. a. Mrs. Green came toBangladesh___. i. for a purpose of business ii. for study iii. to pay a visit iv. for preaching morality b. A story book was___to Salma. i. gave ii. presented iii. gift iv. took c. Mrs. Green was entertained with ___. i. two items ii. three items iii. nothing iv. something d. Why did Mrs. Green take Salma’s address? i. to be happy with touch ii. for a simple courtesy iii. for nothing iv. to keep relation with then e. Which one is a passive sentence? i. My bag was lost. ii. Mrs. Green lost all things by herself. iii. I have lost my bag. iv. Rafiq told about her lost bag. 
3. Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary On the occasion of holievi Mrs. Green and her husband were (a) ___ in Bangladesh. One morning they were on the rickshaw (b) ___ going to the bank. Because of the (c) ___ place in rickshaw she kept her (d) ___ behind her. (e) ___ while she turned round to (f) ___ it, but didn’t find the bag (g) ___. She began to think about all the things in her (h) ___ like, keys, money etc. So, she (i) ___ very worried about her (j) ___ things. 
4. Write short answer to the following questions. a. Why did Mrs. Green put her bag behind her? b. What made her feel upset? c. What did she want Salma and Rafiq to give her? d. What did she give Salma? e. What did Mrs. Green do while she was drinking tea and eating biscuits? 5. Choose a word from the box and put it in the blank next to its meaning. a. ___ = nervous.         b. ___ = evi for taking rest. c. ___ = snap.  d. ___ = back. e. ___ = actually.          f. ___ = thankful. g. ___ = at last.            h. ___ = hubby. i. ___= all places.         j. ___ = happy.

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