Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eng-2nd paper

Use suitable conjunctions in the following sentences. Use the clues given in the box.
1. as long as/ therefore/ if/ that/ whether/ however/so that/after
(a) He was so weak t he could not atend the meeting. (b) He promised t he would never come to school late. (c) We shall go out t the rain has stopped. (d) He will succeed t he remains honest (e) I shall do the work t you support or not
2. why/ after/ when/ if/ before/ till/ when/ that
(a) Answer the first question t you proceed further. (b) t I was young, I thought so. (c) I know not t he left us. (d) I must stay here t such is my duty. (e) Catch me t you can.
3. while/ since/ what/ as/ and/ otherwise/ although/ lest
(a) Walk quickly t you should miss the train. (b) t fisherman work hard, most of them are very poor. (c) Be sincere t you will repent (d) He sat down t he was tired. (e) t I was sleeping, the phone rang.
4. if/ and/ before/ unless/ that/ though/ after/ while.
(a) t you work hard, you will fail. (b) He returned home t the rain had stopped. (c) I could phone him t I knew his number. (d) It is hoped t all will go well. (e) Speak the truth t you will be rewarded.
5. if/ as if/ lest/ unless and/ as well as/ whether/ till
(a) You will fail t you work hard. (b) He t his friend has come. (c) Work hard t you should fail in the examination (d) I donÕt know t he will come or not (e) He behaved t he had known everything.
6. till/ until/ while/ lest/ or/ and/ unless/ as if
(a) The poor starve t the rich waste. (b) The man ran fast t he should have missed the bus. (c) Be just t fear not (d) Wait here t I do not come back. (e) t you try hard, you can not succeed.
7. but/ before/ lest/ provided that/ but/ however/ when/ as though.
(a) He is rich t miserly. (b) You are wrong, t you are pardoned this time. (c) Do not go t I come. (d) I worked hard t I should fail. (e) I shall help you t you obey me.
8. Use conjunction where necessary :
(a) It rained t I had gone to school. (b) Hardly had he seen me t he became happy. (c) Work hard t you will fail in the examination. (d) I know the reason t he did it (e) He ran fast t he should miss the bus.
Answers :
1. a. that, b. that, c. after, d. if, e. whether
2. a. before, b. when, c. that, d. till, e. if
3. a. lest, b. although, c. otherwise, d. as, e. while
4. a. unless, b. after, c. if, d. that, e. and.
5. a. unless, b. as well as, c. lest, d. whether, e. as if.
6. a. while, b. lest, c. and, d. till, e. unless.
7. a. but, b. but, c. before, d.lest, e. provided that
8. a. after, b. when, c. or, d. why, e. lest

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