Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dialogue for PEC Examination

You want to know about a multi-storeyed building from your uncle.
Answer :
Myself : Would you please take me to a multistoeyed building?
Uncle : Sure, when are you free?
Myself : our school is closed tomorrow.
Uncle : What do you want to know there.
Myself : I want to see tall buildings.
Uncle : Ok, I will take you to see tall buildings to Dhanmondi.
Myself : Thank you.
You want your friend to come to your home on Eid day.
Answer :
Myself : I shall be very happy if you come to my home on Eid day.
My friend : When will you be at your home?
Myself : I shall be waiting for you before sunset.
My friend : of course. I will not miss to you and your programme.
Myself : Thank you.
My friend : My pleasure.
27. You want to know from your partner about the interesting places of Bangladesh.
Answer :
Myself : Good morning!
My partner : Good morning!
Myself : Could you please tell me about the interesting places in Bangladesh?
My partner : Yes. The interesting please of Bangladesh are Sunderbans, Rangamati, Cox’s Bazar, Lalbag Fort and so on.
Myself : Thank you.
You want to know about a story of monkeys to your grandfather.
Answer :
Myself : Excuse me, grandfather! Would you please tell me a story of monkey?
Grandfather : Sure! This is a story of a cap-seller and monkeys.
Myself : Tell me please.
Grandfather : A cap seller took rest under a tree putting his basket of caps beside him. There were monkeys in the tree. There came down from the tree and took away the caps.
Myself : Thank you so much.
Grandfather : Welcome.

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