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Cloze test without clues for SSC Examination

Complete the following passage using suitable words.Use only one word for each gap.
1.      We know that our land is limited. So, most of our  (a)----------- try hard all the year            round to (b)--------- more food for themselves but not for their (c)---------- . The animals can eat (d)----------- nature grows. (e)--------  the monsoon , there grows a (f)---------- of green plants and they eat too (g)---------- . As a result they (h)----------- sick in their stomach. On the other (i)----------- our winter is always rainless and (j)------------ .( Avgiv Rvwb Avgv‡`i f~wg mxwgZ| ZvB Avgv‡`i AwaKvsk K…lK mviv eQi wb‡R‡`i Rb¨B AwaKZi Lv`¨ Drcv`b Ki‡Z K‡Vvi cwikªg K‡i,wKš‘ Zv‡`i(M„ncvwjZ)cï‡`i Rb¨ bq| cªK…wZ hv Rb¥vq cïiv ZvB †L‡Z cvq| e©lvKv‡j cÖPzi KwP MvQMvQvwj Rb¥vq Ges Zviv  I ¸‡jv AZ¨waK  cwigv‡Y Lvq| d‡j Zviv  †c‡Ui cxovq Avµš— nq|Ab¨w`‡K  Avgv‡`i kxZKvj m©e`vB e„wónxb Ges ﮋ _v‡K|)
Answer(a) farmers (b) grow (c) animals (d) what (e) during (f) plenty (g) much (h) become (i) hand (j) dry

2.      Time and tide wait (a)---------- none . None can call it (b)----------- . A man can get back his (c)----------- money and health but cannot get back his lost time. Time (d)---------. Lost is lost forever. So, we should make the (e)--------- use of our time. We must do our work (f)----------. If we put off our work for (g)----------- , we may not get time to do it all. There are some people who (h)----------- time for nothing. They cannot prosper in (i)--------- . They have to (j)---------- on others.  (mgq I †mªvZ Kv‡iv Rb¨ A‡c¶v K‡I bv| †KD G‡K †W‡K wdiv‡Z cv‡i bv|GKRb †jvK Zvi nviv‡bv A_© I ¯^vm’¨ wd‡i †c‡Z cv‡i,wK¯‘ Zvi nviv‡bv mgq wd‡i †c‡Z cv‡I bv|mgq GKevi nvwi‡q †M‡j ZvwPiKv‡ji Rb¨B nvwi‡q hvq| ZvB mg‡q m‡©evrK…ó e¨envi Kiv Avgv‡`i KZ©e¨| mwVK mg‡q Avgv‡`i KvRK©g m¤úbœ Kiv DwPZ| Avgiv hw` AvMvgxKv‡ji Rb¨ Avgv‡`i KvR &)
Answer:(a) for (b) back (c) lost (d) ever (e) best/proper/right (f) time/intime (g)tomorrow (h) spend (i) life (j) depend

3.      Tigers are (a)---------- animals. They sleep by day. They start hunting an hour or two before (b)--------- and rove up to 15 to 20 kilometers per night. An adult tiger (c)--------- 20 to 30 kilograms of meat at a single (d)---------- . Wiled pigs , deer and antelopes make up its (e)----------- food. It also (f)------------ any kind of meat , (g)------------ , reptiles , birds and fish. Specialists say that tigers are more (h)--------- than lions. The tigers jaw are so (i)----------- that it can crush a human (j)---------- like an eggshell.(ev‡Niv wbkvPi cÖvYx| Zviv w`‡bi †ejvq Nygvq mܨvq AÜKvi nIqvi GK ev  `yB NÈv c~‡e© Zviv wkKvi Ki‡Z ïi“ K‡i Ges cÖwZ  iv‡Z 15 †_‡K 20 wK‡jvwgUvi ch©š— †Nviv‡div K‡i GKwU c~Y© eq¯‹ evN GKev‡ii Avnv‡i 20 †_‡K 30 wK‡jvMÖvg gvsm Lvq eb¨ k~Ki nwiY I Gw›U‡jvc n‡”Q wcªq Lv`¨| GwU mixm„„„„„c, cvwL I gvQ mn ‡h‡Kv‡bv cÖKvi gvsm Lvq| we‡klÁiv e‡jb †h, evN wms‡ni †P‡q AwaK wnsmª | ev‡Ni †Pvqvj GZB kw³kvjx †h Bnv gvbe gv_vi Lywj‡K wW‡gi †Lvmvi gZ ¸‡ov K‡i †dj‡Z cv‡i| )
Answer:(a)noturnal (b) dusk (c) devours (d) meal (e) favourite (f) eats (g) including (h) ferocious (i) strong (j) sketon

4.      Our environment consists of air, water, soil, all living beings and objects etc. The world (a)--------- us is getting more and more (b)--------- day by day. The cities are filled with (c)---------- and smoke from motor vehicles, mills and factories. The rivers and (d)--------- are polluted by industrial waste, chemicals and other poisons. The villagers are also (e)------ affected in the same way. Many kinds of animals, birds and plants are on the verge of (f)--------- . Any change in climate (g)--------- our environment seriously. No development can be possible without (h)---------- environment from the (i)---------- . We have also another kind of pollution called (j)--------- pollution. (evZvm, cvwb, gvwU, mg¯— Rxe Ges Ro c`v_© wb‡q Avgv‡`i cwi‡ek| Avgv‡`I c„w_ex w`b w`b †ewk K‡i `~wlZ n‡”Q| kni¸‡jv ay‡jvevwj Ges gUihvb , KjKviLvi †avuqvq cwic~Y©| b`x Ges Lvj wej ¸‡jv wkíeR©¨ , ivmvqwbK Ges Ab¨vb¨ welv³ c`v_© Øviv `~wlZ nq| MÖvg¸‡jvI GKB Dcvq eûj cwigv‡b Avµvš— | A‡bK cÖKvi Rxe ,cvwL Ges Dw™¢` aŸs‡mi gy‡LvgywL| Rjevqyi †h †Kvb ai‡bi cwieZ©b Avgv‡`i cwi‡ek‡K gvivZœKfv‡e Avµvš— K‡i| `~lb †_‡K gy³ cwi‡ek Pvov †Kv‡bv Dbœqb m¤¢e bq| Avgv‡`i Avi GK cÖKvi `~lb Av‡Q Zv n‡jv kã `~lb| )                   
Answer:(a) of (b) polluted (c) dust (d) canals (e) mostly (f) ruin (g) affects (h) preventing (i)pollution (j) sound

5.      Truthfulness is the (a)--------- of all virtues in a mans life. It means the (b)--------- of speaking the truth. The true happiness and (c)--------- of man entirely depends on it. It (d)---------- one to (e)--------- and gives one a high position in (f)---------- . It may not make one (g)---------- but in brings peace of mind. A truthful (h)--------- is respected by all. A truthful person cares (i)----------- . He or she does not (j)---------- in the long run. (mZ¨evw`Zv  gvby‡li Rxe‡bi ¸b¸‡jvi g‡a¨ me‡P‡q gnr| Gi A_© mZ¨ ejvi Af¨vm Kiv| Bnv KvD‡K DbœwZi w`‡K wb‡q hvq|Ges mgv‡R D”Pve¯’v G‡b †`q|GKRb mZ¨ev`x gvbyl mK‡ji Øviv m¤§vwbZ nb |GKRb mZ¨ev`x KvD‡K c‡ivqv K‡ibv |wZwb cwiYv‡g Kó †fvM K‡i bv|)

Answer:(a)best (b) habit (c) success (d) leads (e) prosperity (f) society (g) rich (h)man/person (i) nobody (j) suffer

6.      Kamal was a student of class ten and he (a)--------- to make a good result in the examination. For this he (b)---------- to study hard day and night, but he (c)---------- not continue his study well (d)--------- his health was not sound. So, he (e)--------- tired. He wanted to (Kvgvj `kg †kªYxi GKRb QvG Ges †m cix¶vq fvj djvdj Ki‡Z †P‡qwQj| G Rb¨ †m  wbqwgZ ivZw`b cov‡jLv K‡iwQj| wKš—y fvjfv‡e cov‡jLv Ki‡Z  cviwQj bv | Kvib Zvi ¯^vm’¨ fvj wQj bv|ZvB  †m K¬vš— n‡q coZ | †m Wv³v‡ii mv‡_ †`Lv Ki‡Z PvBj | Ges Z`vbyhvqx mv¶v‡Zi Rb¨ mgq wbav©ib Kiv nj| hLb †m A‡c¶gvb K‡¶ Wv³v‡ii Rb¨ A‡c¶v  KiwQj †m †`Lj †mLv‡b A‡bK †jvKRb hv ‡nvK Ava N›Uv ci Zvi WvK Gj| Ges †m wfZ‡i cÖ‡ek Kij |Wv³vi Zv‡K Jla LvIqvi cwie‡Z© e¨vqvg Ki‡Z Dc‡`k w`‡jb |)
 Answer:(a) wanted (b) continued (c) could (d) because (e)felt (f)visit (g)kept (h) waiting (i) came (j) taking

7.      At present road accidents are daily (a)---- in our life. Every year thousands of people lose their (b)-----and many more are (c)-----Before the (d)------------of automobiles ,people(e)--  ----Form one place to another slowly but (f)-------.The (g)---------causes of road accident with the people not with the transports . In some cities the roads are narrow. These can (i)--------cope with the (j)---------number of traffic.( eZ©gv‡b moK `~N©Ubv Avgv‡`i Rxe‡b NU‡Q|cÖwZ eQi nvRv‡iv gvbyl Zv‡`I Rxeb nviv‡”Q Ges  cÖPzi AvnZ n‡”Q |hš¿PvwjZ Mvwo Avwe®‹v‡ii c~‡e© gvbyl Rb axi MwZ‡Z ågY KiZ wKš‘ wbivc‡` |moK `~N©Ubvi cÖavb KviY gvbyl Rb hvbevnb bq|wKQz wKQz kn‡ii iv¯—v¸‡jv mswKb© |G¸‡jv wekvj As‡Ki hvbevn‡bi mv‡_ Zvj wgwj‡q Pj‡Z cvi‡Q bv |)
 Answer:(a)occure (b) lives (c) injured (d)invention (e) traveled (f) safely (g)main (h) die (i) hardly (j) large

8.      A large number of people (a)--------- English all over the world. Some people use it as a (b)-------- language and some people take it as a (c)-------- language. Many international (d)---------- now depend on English to (e)---------- with offices in different countries. The advertisements published in different (f)---------- are always in (g)----------. They also want people who possess a good (h)---------- of English. People seeking employment (i)----------- expect to get good jobs without (j)---------- English.(mvivwe‡k¦ wecyj msL¨K gvbyl Bs‡iRx‡Z K_v e‡j | †Kv‡bv †Kv‡bv gvbyl GwU‡K cÖ_g fvlv Ges †KD †KD wØZxq fvlv wn‡m‡e e¨envi K‡i| A‡bK Avš—RvwZ©K K¤úvwb eZ©gv‡b wewfbœ ‡`‡ki Awd‡mi mv‡_ †hvMv‡hv‡Mi Rb¨ Bs‡iRxi Ici  wbfi K‡i| wewfbœ cwGKvq cÖKvwkZ Zv‡`i weÁvcb ¸‡jv memgq Bs‡iRx‡Z n‡q _v‡K| Zviv G ai‡bi †jvKej Pvq hv‡`i Bs‡iRx‡Z fvj Kv‡Ri Ávb i‡q‡Q| PvKwi cÖZ¨vwkiv Bs‡iRx Rvbv Qvov fvj PvKwi Avkv Ki‡Z cv‡i bv|) 
 Answer:(a) speak (b) first (c) second (d) organizations (e) communicate (f) dalies/newspapers (g) English (h) working (i) cannot (j) learning/knowing

9.      An early (a) --- can enjoy the fresh air and as Oxygen of the morning (b) --- refresh both his body and mind. Moreover, he can(c) --- his work early and as such he (d) --- enough time to perform his work (e) ---. On the other hand too much sleep (f) --- a man dull and lazy. A man who gets up late (g) --- a lot of time in sleep and idleness. He doesn’t (h) --- time for (I) ---his work properly. So everyone should make the (j) --- of early rising.( ‡h mKv‡j Nyg †_‡K I‡V Zvi kixi I gb‡K m‡ZR Kivi Rb¨ mKvj †ejvi m‡ZR evqy I Aw∙‡Rb D‡cv‡fvM Ki‡Z cv‡i|AwaKš‘ †m c~‡e©B Zvi KvR Avi¤¢ Ki‡Z cv‡iGes †m mwVK fv‡e Zvi KvR Kivi Rb¨ h‡_ó mgq cvq|Ab¨w`‡K AwZwi³ Nyg gvbyl‡K wb‡ev©a I Ajm K‡i †Zv‡j |‡h †`wi‡Z Nyg †_‡K I‡V †m Ny‡g Avj‡m¨ cÖPzi mgq bó K‡i|‡m mwVK fv‡e KvR m¤úv`b Kivi Rb¨ mgq cvqbv|myZivs cÖ‡Z¨‡KiB mKv‡j Nyg †_‡K IVvi Af¨vm Kiv DwPZ|)
    Ans: (a) riser , (b) to (c) starts (d) gets (e) properly (f) makes (g) spends (h) find (i) doing (j) having .

10.  Honesty is the best policy. It is a (a) --- virtue It helps a man to (b) --- in life. An honest man is(c) ---and honored by all. Nobody (d) --- a dishonest man. A man may be eminent (e) --- means of dishonesty but it (f) --- is short lived. A dishonest man (g) --- in the long ran. So we should (h) --- to be honest and (I) --- dishonest people. A dishonest man cannot be (j) --- friend.(mZZvB m‡evrK…ó cš’v|GwU GKwU gnr ¸b|GwU gvby‡li Rxe‡b mvdj¨ AR©b Ki‡Z mvnvh¨ K‡i|mr †jvK‡K mK‡jB m¤§vb K‡i I fvjev‡m|wZwb m¤§vwbZ I nb|Amr †jvK‡K †KD cQ›` K‡i bv|AmZZvi gva¨‡g †Kvb †jvK weL¨vZ n‡Z cv‡i wKš— †mUv nq ¶b¯’vqx|Amr †jvK cwiYv‡g `ytL‡fvM K‡i|GKRb Amr †jvK cwiYv‡g `ytLKó‡fvM K‡i|ZvB  Avgv‡`i mr nIqvi †P÷v Kiv DwPr Ges Amr †jvK‡K eR©b Kiv DwPr|GKRb Amr †jvK LvuwU eÜz n‡Z cv‡i bv| )

     Answer : (a) great (b) prosper (c) respected (d) likes (e) by (f) is (g) fails (h) try (i) avoid (j) real .

11.   Without efforts their can be no (a) --- in life. Life (b) --- its interest if there is no struggle. Games become dull if there is no (c) --- in them and if the (d) --- can be easily for seen. No matter we (e) --- the game or (f) --- it. The keener the contest the greater the (g) ---. The victory is not a (h) --- triumph unless (i) --- the sides are equally (j) ---.(‡Póv Qvov Rxe‡b †Kv‡bv mvdj¨ Avm‡Z cv‡I bv | msMÖvg bv _vK‡j Rxe‡bi Avb›` nvwi‡q hvq| †Ljv‡Z hw` cÖwZ‡hvwMZv bv _v‡K Ges djvdj hw` c~e© †_‡KB mn‡R †evSv hvq, Zvn‡j †m †Ljv n‡q I‡V wbivb›`| †Ljv‡Z †Zvgiv weRqx nI wKsev †n‡i hvI Zv‡Z wKQz Av‡m hvq bv| hZ †ewk cÖwZØw›`Zv n‡e, Avb›` n‡e ZZB †ewk | †Kv‡bv weRq cÖK…Z weRq bq hw` Dfq c¶B mgZ’j¨ cÖwZØš^x bv nq| )
Ans(a) progress (b) loses (c) competition (d) result (e) win (f) lose(g)enjoyment(h) real(i)  both (j) matched.

12.  Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one word for each gap.
Language is the first medium of (a)--- knowledge. But all the (b)---- of the world do not speak in the (c)--- language. Every nation has its (d)--- language . This is (e)---mother tongue of that nation .We (f)---Banglees. Bangla is our (g)--- tongue. The (h)--- sons of this land (i)--- for our mother tongue on the 21st February. As recognition of their sacrifice, the UNESCO (j) ---February 21 as the International Mother Language Day.(Ávb AR‡bi cÖ_g gva¨g n‡”Q fvlv | wKš‘ c„w_exi mKj gvb~l GKB fvlvq K_v e‡j  (fvlv nj Ávb AR©‡bi cÖ_g gva¨g|wKš‘ c„w_exi me gvbyl GKB fvlvq K_v e‡j bv|cÖ‡Z¨K RvwZiB GKwU wbR¯^ fvlv Av‡Q,hv‡K ejv nq H RvwZi gvZ…fvlv|Avgiv ev½vvjx evsjv Avgv‡`i gvZ„fvlv|G †`‡ki mvnmx mšÍv‡biv 21 †k †d«eªyqvix gvZ…fvlvi Rb¨ Rxeb w`‡q‡Qb|GB Z¨vM‡K g‡b ivLvi Rb¨ BD‡b‡¯‹v 21 †k †d«eªyqvix†K AvšÍ©RvwZ©K gvZ…fvlv wn‡m‡e †Nvlbv w`‡q‡Q|)

Answer :( a) receiving  (b) people (c) same (d) own (e) called (f) are (g) mother (h) brave (i) died (j) declared.

13.  Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one word for each gap.
Patriotism is an (a)--- quality of human being. It creates in man a (b)--- of love for his motherland, the land of  his birth. Patriotism is older than (c)---. Any man, who loves his country, does his own duty and works (d)--- the progress of his country is a patriot.(e)--- the ancient tribes had great love for the land where they lived and they sacrificed their lives to (f)--- it. A student an artist or a politician may be patriot even in normal (g)---of life. If he does his duty honestly and sincerely in his own fields, he is a patriot .If he does not do his duty, he will be a (h)--- .We must have no (i)--- or bitterness towards anyone.(j)--- patriotism is very bad. A true patriot values the freedom of others as his own.(‡`k‡cÖg gvby‡li mnRvZ/Av`©k/cÖZ¨vwkZ cÖe„wË |Bnv gvby‡li g‡a¨ Zvi gvZ…f~wgi R‡b¨ Mfxi/ cÖK…Z/¯^Mxq/mwZ¨Kv‡ii   fvjevmvi Abyf~wZ m„wó K‡i| †`k‡cÖg exi‡Z¡i †P‡qI cÖvPxb| whwb wb‡Ri †`k‡K fvjev‡mb,†`‡ki DbœwZi/g½‡ji  Rb¨ KvR K‡ib wZwb †`k‡cÖwgK|D`vnib¯^iyc cÖvPxb DcRvwZM‡bi g‡a¨ I Rb¥¯’v‡bi R‡b¨ cÖPzi fvjevmv/Ab~f~wZ/AvK©lb wQj Ges G‡K i¶v Kivi Rb¨ Zviv Rxeb DrmM© KiZ| GKRb QvÎ/GKRb wkíx ev ivRbxwZwe` ¯^vfvweK ch©v‡q/Kg©Kv‡Û †`k‡cÖwgK n‡Z cv‡ib|hw` wZwb Zv bv K‡ib Z‡e wZwb wek¦vmNvU‡K cwibZ n‡eb|Avgv‡`i Kv‡iv cÖwZ N„Yv/we‡Øl/wZ³…Zv _vKv DwPZ bq|msKxY©/f~qv/wg_¨v/K…wÎg †`k‡cÖg Lye gvivZ¡K|GKRb mwZ¨Kvi †`k‡cÖwgK A‡b¨i ¯^vaxbvZv‡K wb‡Ri gZB g~j¨vqb K‡ib|)
 Answer: (a) important (b) felling (c) heroism  (d) for (e) For example (f) save (g) arena (h)blamed (i) hatred (j) Over/False .

14.  Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one word for each gap
Many people do not get enough nutrition from what they eat . many children become            blind because they do not get (a)---nutrition. Diarhoea  is a common (b)---- . this is because many (c)--- do not drink clean water or they (d)----dirty food. so, they often suffer (e)---- diarrhea. The condition in our villages is very (f)---. The best way to keep in good (g)---- is to follow the rules of cleanliness. A large (h)---- of people do not follow the rules of health . It is a great (i)---- in our counter . So, in order to keep in sound health all the people must be (j)--- to the rules of health.(eû †jvK hv LvqZv †_‡K h‡_ó  cwigvb cywó cvq bv|eû †Q‡j †g‡q h‡_ó cwigvb mwVK cÖ‡qvRbxq cywó bv cvIqvi `i“b   AÜ n‡q hvq|Wvqwiqv GKwU mvavib †ivM|Gi Kvib GB †h gvbyl weï× cvwb cvb K‡I bv A_ev Zviv †bvsiv Lv`¨ MÖnb K‡i|myZivs Zviv cÖvqB gvivZ¥K Wvqwiqvq †fv‡M|Avgv‡`I MÖv‡gi Ae¯’v& Lye fqsKi|¯^v¯’¨ fvj ivLvi Dcvq n‡jv cwi”QbœZvi wbqg †g‡b Pjv|Bnv Avgv‡`I †`‡ki Rb¨ weivU mgm¨v &myZivs my ¯^vm_¨  eRvq ivLv mK‡ji `vwqZ¡| ) 
Ans: (a) enough (b) dieses (c) people (d) eat (e) from (f) serious (g) health (h) number (i) problem (j) adherent.  

15.  Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one word for each gap.
Honesty is a (a) ---- virtue. It helps a man to (b- ----in life. An honest man is (c)-- --- and Honored by all. Nobody (d) - --- a dishonest man .A man may be eminent (e)----- meansof dishonesty but that is short lived. A dishonest man (f)---- in the long run. So we should (g) ---- to be honest (h) ---- truthful if we (I) ------ to be respected. (j)-----.( mZZv GKwU gnr ¸b|GUv gvbyl‡K mvdj¨ AR©b Ki‡Z mvnvh¨ K‡i|mr †jvK‡K mK‡jB fvjev‡m Ges kª×v K‡i|Amr †jvK‡K †KD cQ›` K‡i bv|AmZZvi gva¨‡g GKRb †Kvb †jvK weL¨vZ n‡Z cv‡I wKš‘ †mUv nq ¶b¯’vqx |GKRb Amr †jvK cwibv‡g `ytL Kó †evM K‡i | AZGe Avgiv hw` me©Î m¤§vb I kª×v †c‡Z PvB,Zvn‡j Avgv‡`i mr nIqvi †Póv Ki‡Z n‡e|)

Answer (a) great (b) prosper (c) respected (d) likes (e) by (f) fails (g) try (h) and (i) want (j)everywhere                    
16.  Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one word for each
Bangladesh is a darling child of nature. Nature has (a) -----her with unique beauty. Really, no other (b) ----- in the world is so (c) ----- with natural beauties as Bangladesh is. She is (d) ---- for her natural beauty, golden crops of paddy and (e) ---- leaves of trees. The six season of the year (f) ---- by turns make Bangladesh a land of beauty, variety and plenty. Her river present her a (g) ----- beauty particularly in the rainy season. The boats (h) ----- on the rivers Under   multi (i)---- sails also  (j)------  a beautiful sight . (evsjv‡`k cÖK…wZi GK wcÖq mš—vb|cÖK…wZ Zv‡K †mŠ›`h w`‡q ab¨ K‡i‡Q|e¯‘Z we‡k¦i Ab¨ †Kvb †`k cÖvK…wZK †mŠ›`‡h© evsjv‡`‡ki gZ GZ mg„× bq|‡m Zvi cÖvK…wZK †mŠ›`‡©h ,†mvbvjx av‡bi dmj Ges e„¶ivwRi meyR cj­‡ei Rb¨ weL¨vZ |evsjv‡`k‡K †mŠ›`‡h© ,ˆewPΨI cÖvPz‡h©i †`k evwb‡q eQ‡ii QhwU FZz cvjvµ‡g Av‡m |Gi b` b`x¸‡jv GK we‡kl K‡I elv© FZz‡Z ,GK Abe`¨ †mŠ›`h© `vb K‡i|b`-b`xi Dci w`‡q eû i‡si cvj †Z †j PjvPjKvix †bŠKv¸‡jvI Zv‡ GK g‡bvgyyyyyyy»Ki †mŠ›`‡h© f~wlZ K‡i|)

Ans(a) bestowed(b)country(c)endowed (d) noted (e) green(f) coming (g) natural (h) plying (i) coloured (j) present 

17.  The natural calamities happening (a)---the world prove that there has been a change of global (b)-----.Hurrican, Katrina, Rita, Tsunami, earthquake, typhoon, and cyclone are all the (c)---of this change. Experts have warned that we are heading (d)----a great disaster because of (e)---degradation. We are doing a great (f)----to our environment by (g)----universe in our activities .(h)----is the most spectacular reason that causes this degradation. And it(i)---we who are responsible for this. We must not pollute our environment if we want to keep the earth (j)----. (we‡k¦ msNwUZ cÖvK…wZK `~‡h©vMmg~n cÖgvY K‡i †h ˆewk¦K DòZvq GKwU cwieZ©b N‡U‡Q| n¨vwi‡Kb,K¨vUwibv,wiZv, mybvwg, f~wgK¤ú, UvBdzb Ges NywY©So n‡jv GB cwieZ©‡bi djvdj/D`vniY|we‡kÁMb mZ©K K‡i e‡j‡Qb †h, Rjevqy AebwZi Kvi‡Y Avgiv GKwU weivU `y©‡hv‡Mi gy‡LvgywL nw”Q|Avgiv Avgv‡`i Kg©Kv‡Û KvÛnxb n‡q cwi‡e‡ki weivU ¶wZ KiwQ|ebD‡RvoxKiY/`~lY n‡jv me‡P‡q j¶Yxq KviY †mUv GB AebwZ NUv‡”Q Ges GKgvÎ AvgivB Gi Rb¨ `vqx| Avgiv hw` Avgv‡`i c„w_ex‡K wbivc` ivL‡Z PvB Zvn‡j Avgv‡`i cwi‡ek‡K Aek¨B `~wlZ Kiv hv‡e bv|)

Ans:(a)in(b)warming(c)results/examples(d)towards(e)climatical(f)harm(g) being (h) deforestation/pollution (i) is (j) safe

18.  English is an international language.As a result the (a)----of English has increased.Different countries has increased.Different countries have to keep (b)----communication among them.The (c)------of learning English is very great.Because it (d)-----us to develop a good relationship with other(e)-----.In this modern (f)-----of communication it is not possible to advance (g)-----it.English(h)----the language of the whole world.(i)------all books in science and technology have been written and (j)-----into English.(Bs‡iRx GKwU Avš—RvwZ©K fvlv | d‡j, Bs‡iRxi ¸i“Z¡ e„w× †c‡q‡Q | wewfbœ †`k‡K wb‡R‡`I g‡a¨ cvi¯úwiK †hvMv‡hvM i¶v Ki‡Z nq| Bs‡iRx †kLvi cÖ‡qvRbxqZv AwZ AaxK| Kvib GUv Ab¨vb¨ RvwZi m‡½ my-m¤ú©K Dbœq‡b Avgv‡`i‡K mvnvh¨ K‡i| GUv Qvov GB AvaywbK hy‡M †hvMv‡hvM GwM‡q hvIqv m¤¢e nq| Bs‡iRx mviv c„w_exi fvlvq cwiYZ n‡Z cv‡i| weÁvb I cÖhyw³i cÖvq mKj cy¯—K Bs‡iRx‡Z wjwLZ Ges Abyw`Z| )
Answer:(a) necessity (b) mutual (c) importance (d) helps (e) nations (f) era(g) without (h) is (i) almost (j)translated

19.  The climate of Bangladesh is hot and humid. There are six (a)----in Bangladesh. They are summer. Monsoon. Autumn, late Autumn, Winter and (b)----.The (c)----of Bangladesh is plain and fertile. Plenty of crops and vegetables grow in the (d)----land of this country. Rice, jute, tea, sugar-cane, tobacco, pulse and wheat are the main (e)---of Bangladesh. Jute and tea are the (f)---cash crop of our country. A lot of foreign exchange is (g)---by exporting raw jute, jute goods and tea to different countries of the world. Jute is called goods and tea to different countries of the world. Jute is called the golden (h)---of Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is an (i)----country, the economy of Bangladesh is mainly (j)---on agricultural products.(evsjv‡`‡ki Rjevqy Dò Ges Av`ª| evsjv‡`‡k QqwU FZy Av‡Q| †m¸‡jv,MÖx®§,elv©,kir,†ngšÍ,kxZ I emšÍ|evsjv‡`‡ki gvwU mgZj I De©i|GB †`‡ki De©i Rwg‡Z cÖPzi cwigvY km¨ Ges kvKmewR Drcbœ nq| Pvj,cvU,Pv,AvL,ZvgvK,Wvj  evsjv‡`‡ki cÖavb km¨|cvU Ges Pv Avgv‡`i †`‡ki A_©Kvix dmj|c„w_exi wewfbœ †`‡k KvPvu cvU,cv‡Ui ‰Zix `ªe¨ Ges Pv ißvwb K‡i cÖPzi ˆe‡`wkK gy`ªv AwR©Z nq|cvU‡K evsjv‡`‡ki †mvbvjx Avku ejv nq|‡h‡nZz evsjv‡`k K…wlwfwËK †`k,evsjv‡`‡ki A_©bxwZ g~jZ K…wlRvZ c‡b¨i Dci wbf©i K‡i|)
Answer: (a) seasons (b) spring (c) land (d) fertile (e) crops (f) main (g) earned (h) fibre (i) agricultural (j) depend
20.  A flower is the best (a)-----of nature. It is a (b)----of purity and beauty. It gives us (c)-----. There is nobody but (d)----a flower. Its sweet smell (e)----one to all. Nowadays, flowers are (f)---in our country. Many people earn their (g)----by flower cultivation. Today (h)-----people (i)----their houses with flowers to enhance beauty. At present flower exhibitions are (j)---in our country.(dzj n‡”Q cÖK„wZi me©‡kªô m„wó|GUv weï×Zv Ges ‡mŠ›`‡h¨i cÖZxK| GUv Avgv‡`i Avb›` †`q|Ggb †KD †bB †h, dzj fvj ev‡m bv|wKš‘ GUv AZ¨šÍ `yt‡Li e¨vcvi †h dzj `xN©¯’vqx nq bv|GUv mKv‡j †dv‡Uu Ges Lye kxNÖB S‡o c‡i|AvRKvj Avgv‡`i ‡`‡k dz‡ji Pvl nq| A‡bK gvbyl dzj Pv‡li gva¨‡g RxweKv wb©evn K‡i| eZ©gv‡b Avgv‡`i ‡`‡k dz‡ji cÖ`©kbx nq|
Ans: (a) gift (b) symbol (c) pleasure (d) likes/loves (e) flower (f) cultivated (g) livelihood (h) many (i) adorns/beautify  (j) held

21.  Education is the (a) - ---of a nation. A man cannot stand (b) ------ without education. So a nation cannot (c) ------- its head with dignity without (d) --------. It (e) ------- compared with light which (f) ------- darkness. The rate of literacy or illiteracy (g) ------- wether a country is (h) -------- or rich. In a poor country like ours education should be made (i) --------. It is our duty to (j) ------- education for all.(wk¶v RvwZi †gi“`Û |wk¶v e¨ZxZ gvbyl D”P¯’v‡b Avinb Ki‡Z c †I bv |ZvB GKwU RvwZ wk¶v Qvov ghv©`vi mv‡_ Gi m‡ev”P Avm‡b †cŠQ‡Z cv‡i bv|GUv‡K Av‡jvi mv‡_ Zzjbv Kiv nq hv AÜKvi `~i K‡I _v‡K|GKwU †`k Mixe wKsev abx Zv wPwýZ Kiv  nq Gi ¯^v¶iZv ev wbi¶Zvi nv‡ii gva‡g¨|Avgv‡`I gZ GKwU Mixe †`‡k wk¶v‡K eva¨Zvg~jK Kiv DwPr|mevi Rb¨ wk¶vi we¯—vi mvab Avgv‡`i KZ©e¨|)
Answer:(a) backbone (b) progress (c) removes (d) light (e) imparting (f) discrimination (g) basic (h) deprive (i) darkness (j) participation

22.  Mobile phone is an important (a)—of communication and correspondence. It helps to (b)—with people of distant places in the (c)—possible time. The use of mobile phone is more (d)—than that of land phone. The person who (e)—the message is to pay the bill. But the (f)—can respond any call without any cost. Mobile phone has (g)—the communication system. People of all(h)—of the become benefited through the use of mobile phone. But sometimes criminals keep their (i)—by using mobile phone. In spite of that, mobile  phone is a (j)—modern civilization.(‡gvevBj †dvb †hvMv‡hvM Ges K_cK_‡bi GK Myi“Z¡c~Y© gva¨g hv LyeB m¤¢ve¨ mg‡qii g‡a¨ | AvjvcPvwiZv m¤úbœ Ki‡Z cv‡i|‡Uwj‡dvb K‡ji †P‡q †gvevBj †dv‡bi e¨envi e¨vcKfv‡e AwaKZi djcÖm~|‡h †jvK g¨v‡mR (msev`) †cÖiY K‡i Zv‡K Gi Rb¨ wej cwi‡kva Ki‡Z nq wKš‘ msev` MÖvn‡Ki msev` MÖnb Ki‡Z †Kvb wej QvovB †m msev` †c‡Z cv‡i|‡gvevBj †dvb †hvMv‡hv‡Mi †¶‡Î ˆec­weK cwieZ©b G‡b w`‡q‡Q|me †kªYxi gvbyl †gvevBj †dvb e¨env‡ii gva¨‡g e¨vcK DcK…Z nb|wKš‘ gv‡S gv‡S GwU Acivaxiv e¨envi Kivi gva¨‡g Aciva K‡i|Bnv m‡Z¡I AvaywbK Rxeb Dc‡fvM Kivi Rb¨ †gvevBj †dv‡bi †Kvb weKí †bB|)

Ans: (a) means (b) communication (c) shortest (d) effective (e) sends (f) receiver (g) revolutionizeed (h) walks/spheres (i) communication (j) wonder

23.  Time is very precious. Time which is lost once, is lost (a) --------.There is a proverb, “Time and tide wait for none.” It is time which does not (b) -----any relative feelings. It does not wait for any one. If it is not (c)--------properly, one must (d)-----in the long run. We can (e) ------a long way becoming conscious of value of time. Those who have (f) -----great have made proper (g) -----of time. They never (h)----off their work for tomorrow. As a result they (i) --------top position in society. So it is our duty to (j)------them and we should do our work timely.(mgq AZ¨šÍ g~j¨evb|‡h mgq GKevi nvwi‡q hvq Zv wPiZ‡i nvwi‡q hvq| cÖev‡` Av‡Q, Òmgq Ges †mªvZ Kv‡iv Rb¨ A‡c¶v K‡i bv|mgq †Kvb Abf~wZ‡KB †Zvqv°v K‡i bv|GUv Kv‡iv Rb¨ A‡c¶v K‡i bv|hw` GUv‡K mwVKfv‡e e¨envi bv Kiv nq Z‡e GKRb‡K Aek¨B cwiYv‡g Kó †fvM Ki‡Z nq|mg‡qi g~j¨ m¤^‡Ü m‡PZb n‡q Avgiv A‡bK `~i ‡h‡Z cvwi| hviv gnvb n‡q‡Qb Zviv mg‡qi mwVK e¨envi K‡i‡Qb|Zvivu KL‡bv Zv‡`i KvR AvMvgxi w`‡bi Rb¨ †d‡j iv‡Lwb|d‡j Zviv mgv‡Ri D”P ¯’v‡b †cuŠ‡Q‡Qb|ZvB Zv‡`i‡K Abymib Kiv Avgv‡`i K©Ze¨ Ges Avgv‡`i DwPZ mgqgZ KvR Kiv|)
      Answer (a) forever (b) care (c) utilized (d) suffer (e) go (f) been (g) use (h) put (i) reached (j) follow

24.  Nature has given her (a)—to us more generously (b)—many other countries of the world. Think about out (c)--. It is soft and (d)--. Out farmers who have (e)—simple hand made tools can (f)—dig, plough and prepare the soil with them. Where as (g)—which is (h)—and rocky cannot be so easily dug, ploughed and (i)—we have a great natural advantages too. We can (j)—most of our lands.(cÖK„wZ Avgv‡`i‡K we‡k¦i Ab¨vb¨ †`‡ki Zzjbvq †ekx D`vifv‡e m¤ú` `vb K‡i‡Qb|Avgv‡`i gvwUi K_v wPšÍv Ki,GUv big Ges De©i| Avgv‡`i †h K…lK‡`i nv‡Z ˆZix mvaviY hš¿cvwZ Av‡Q †m¸‡jv w`‡q Rwg Lbb ,Pvl Ges cÖ¯‘Z Ki‡Z cv‡i|Ab¨_vq †h gvwU ﮋ Ges wkjvgq Zv mn‡RB Lbb Kiv hvq bv| Avgv‡`i A‡bK cÖvK„wZK myweav i‡q‡Q| Avgiv Avgv‡`i Rwg e¨envi Ki‡Z cvwi|)

    Answer (a) asset (b) than (c) land (d) fertile (e) only (f) easily (g)soil (h)hard (i) prepared (j)cultivate/use

25.  We live in an (a)---of science.We can see the influence of science in all (b)---of life.Science is a (c)---companion of our daily life.We have made the imposible things(d)----by means of science.The modern (e)---is a contribution of science.At present we can easily (f)---from one place to another.But in (g)----time journey was (h)--.Man had to spend a lot of (i)—and money for traveling.But we should remember that science has to be exploited for the (j)---welfare of mankind.( Avgiv weÁv‡bi hy‡M evm Kwi|Avgiv Rxe‡b cÖwZwU Kvh©Kjv‡ci †¶‡Î Gi cÖfve †`L‡Z cvB| weÁvb Avgv‡`i cÖwZw`bKvi Rxe‡bi wbZ¨ m½x|Avgiv weÁv‡bi mvnvh¨ Am¤¢e wRwbm‡K m¤¢e K‡iwQ|eZ©gvb mf¨Zv weÁv‡bi Ae`vb| eZ©gv‡b Avgiv AwZ mn‡R GK RvqMv †_‡K Ab¨ RvqMvq wePiY Ki‡Z cvwi|wKš‘ cÖvPxbKv‡j ågb wQj KwVb|gvbyl‡K åg‡bi Rb¨ ZLb cÖPzi mgq I A_© e¨q Ki‡Z n‡Zv|wKš‘  Avgv‡`i GUvI g‡b ivL‡Z n‡e †h, weÁvb‡K e„nËi gvbe Kj¨v†Y e¨envi Ki‡Z n‡e|)
Answer (a) age (b) spheres (c) constant (d) possible (e) civilization (f) travel (g)ancient (h) difficult (i) time (j) greater

26.  Landing on the moonis an (a) -------- event in the history for speace technology. Before (b) -------- on the moon, most of the people thought that nobody could go to the moon. But the three (c) -------- went to the moon through a (d) --------. Neil Armstrong was the first who (e) ------- into the (f) --------- of the moon and proved that nothing is (g) -------- to man. They have become world great (h) --------- because of their great (i) --------. It (j) -------- that man can do anything if he is determined.(Pv‡`u AeZib gnvk~‡b¨ cÖhyw³i BwZnv‡m GKwU we¯§qKi NUbv |Pv‡`u AeZi‡Yi Av‡M AwaKvsk †jvK †f‡ewQ‡jv  †h †KD Pv‡`u †h‡Z cvi‡e bv|wKš‘ wZbRb gnvKvkPvix gnvhv‡bi gva¨‡g Pvu‡` wM‡qwQ‡jb|‡bBj Avg÷ªscÖ_g e¨vw³ whwb Pv‡`I Dcwifv‡M AeZib K‡iwQ‡jb Ges cÖgvb Ki‡jb †h †Kvb wKQzB gvby‡li Rb¨ Am¤¢e bq |Zviv c„w_e †Z Lye weL¨vZ n‡q‡Qb Kvib Zviv e¨vcK Kvh© m¤úv`b K‡iwQ‡jb |GUvB cÖgvb K‡iwQ‡jv †h gvbyl hw` `„p cÖwZÁnq Z‡e Zviv †h‡Kvb wKQz Ki‡Z cv‡i|)
Answer:(a) important/epochmaking (b) landing (c) astronauts (d) spaceship (e) stepped /landed (f)surface (g)imposible (h)heroes/figures (i)adventure (j) proves/is proved  
27.  At present natural calamities are (a)------- at an alarming rate. Floods, cyclones, tsunami etc (b)----------- almost every year. They (c)---------- away valuable lives, habitats and other belongins. Still now we are (d)--------- to abide by the will of nature. Scientists think that we are (e)---------- for these diseasters. Nature has (f)-------- her equilibrium for the (g)-------- acts of man. So nature is taking her (h)------- on us. If we don't become (i)-------- of it, the whole world will be (j)--------- for living.( eZ©gv‡b cÖvK…wZK `y‡©hvMmg~n e¨vcKfv‡e †e‡o hv‡”Q|eb¨v,mvB‡K¬vb,f~wgK¤ú,mybvgx cÖf„wZ cÖwZ eQi msNwUZ nq Ges g~j¨evb Rxeb Avevm¯’j Ges Ab¨vb¨ m¤ú` aeŸsm mvab K‡i|GLbI Avgiv cÖK…wZi B”Qvi cÖwZ AvbyMZ¨ cÖ`©kb Ki‡Z eva¨|weÁvbxMb g‡b K‡ib Avgiv GBme `y‡h©v‡Mi m„wóKvix|gvby‡li AmZ©K Kvh©vejxi R‡b¨ cÖK…wZ Zvi fvimvg¨ nvwi‡q‡Q|ZvB cÖK…wZ Avgv‡`i Dci cÖwZ‡kvacivqb n‡q D‡V‡Q|Avgiv hw` G e¨vcv‡i m‡PZb bv nB,Z‡e m¤ú~Y© c„w_ex Avgv‡`i emev‡mi A‡hvM¨ n‡q co‡e|)
Answer:(a) increasing (b) occure (c) take (d) bound (e) responsible (f) lost (g) universe (h) revenge (i) aware (j) unworthy/unfit
28.  Education is the backbone of a (a)-----.A man cannot stand properly (b)-----backbone.So a nation cannot (c)-----its head with dignity without (d)------.It is compared with light.(e)-----removes darkness.The rate of Literacy or illiteracy(f)-----whether a country is rich or (g)---.In a poor country like ours (h)----should be made compulsory and (i)----.More primary schools should be (j)----to spread the light of education.(wk¶v RvwZi †giy`Û|‡gi“`Û Qvov †Kvb gvbyl †mvRv n‡q `vuov‡Z cv‡i bv|myZivs wk¶v Qvov †Kvb RvwZ g©hv`v wb‡q gv_v Zzj‡Z mg©_ nq bv|GUv‡K Av‡jvi m‡½ Zzjbv Kiv nq,hv AÜKvi `~i K‡i|GKUv †`k abx wK `wi`ª, mv¶iZv ev wbi¶iZvi nvi †mUv wb‡`©k K‡i|Avgv‡`I †`‡ki gZ Zwi`ª †`‡ki webv Li‡P wk¶v  eva¨Zvg~jK Kiv DwPZ|wk¶vi Av‡jv Qov‡bvi AwaK we`¨vjq ¯’vcb Kiv DwPZ|)
Answer: (a) nation (b) without (c) raise (d) education (e) it (f) determines (g) poor (h) education (i) free (j) established

29.  The pied piper played his (a)-----and the rates (b)-----out of the houses.They followed the (c)-----.The man waded (d)-----the river Weser.The rates follwed (e)----and were drowned.Coming back the Pied Piper(f)-----his money.The Mayor and the councilliors did not (g)-----him the mony that they (h)-----.They offered the pied Piper fifty guilders (i)-----.He did not take money and (j)----back.(eskxev`K Zvi evukx evRvj Ges Bu`yi¸‡jv evwo †_‡K †`Š‡o †ewi‡q Gj|Zviv eskxev`‡Ki wcQz wcQz QzUj|‡jvKwU I‡qRvi b`xi Kv`v cvwbi †fZ‡i Xy‡K coj|Bu`yi¸‡jv Zv‡K Abymib Kij Ges Wy‡e gij|wd‡I G‡m eskxev`K Zvi UvKv PvBj|‡gqi Ges KvDwÝjiMY †h UvKvi A½xKvi K‡iwQ‡jb Zv Zv‡K †`bwb|Gi cwie©‡Z Zvuiv Zv‡K cÂvk wMìvi w`‡Z PB‡jb |‡m G UvKv bv wb‡q wd‡i †Mj|)
Answer:(a) flute (b) came (c) piper (d) into (e) him (f) wanted (g) pay (h) promised (i) only (j) returned/went

30.  It is a fact that complete (a)—does not exist in worldly life. A man (b)—have all things that he desires in(c)--. It is better not to seek (d)—happiness. Rather one should be satisfied with (e)—one gets. Contentment is the key (f)—to happiness. One should not always (g)—about what he had and what he does not (h)—because by doing so a man (i)—frustrated and depressed. There are some people who think that it is (j)—that brings happiness and happiness could be bought. (GKZv  mZ¨ †h,c„w_ex‡Z cwic~Y© kvwšÍ/mš‘wó weivR K‡i bv|gvby‡li me Avkv c~Y~ nq bv|kvwšÍ A‡š^lb bv K‡i hv Av‡Q ZvB wb‡q mš‘ó _vKvB fvj|mš‘wóB my‡Li PvweKvwV|wK †c‡q‡Q Avi wK cvBwb Zv memgq fvev DwPZ bq|KviY G‡Z †m nZvkv I `ytwPšÍvMÖ¯Í n‡q c‡o|c„w_ex‡Z A‡bK gvbyl i‡q‡Q hviv fv‡e m¤ú` myL e‡q Av‡b ev m¤ú` Øviv myL †Kbv hvq|)

Answer:(a) happiness (b) cannot (c) life (d) complete (e) what (f) word (g) think (h) have (i) becomes (j) money/wealth

31.  The flood that had (a) --------- in 2007 in our country broke about all the (b) -------- of the past. Water level had never (c) --------- so high as far as we know. The duration of the flood was (d) --------. Normal activities were (e) --------- for a time. A large number of people become homeless. The miseries of the (f) ----------- people know no bounds. Crops were (g) --------- away. Thousands of people took (i) ----------- on the tops of the roofs and boats or roads. Life came to  (j) --------------.(Avgv‡`I †`‡k 2007 mv‡j †h eb¨v n‡qwQj Zv‡Z AZx‡Zi cÖvq mKj †iK©W f½ n‡q‡Q| hZ`~i Avgiv Rvwb, AZx‡Z Avi KL‡bv cvwbi ¯—i  GZ Ic‡i I‡V wb| eb¨vi ¯’vqx Kvj wQj `xN© | wKQzKv‡ji Rb¨ ¯^vfvweK Kg© ZrciZv ¯’wMZ wQj| A‡bK †jvK M„n nviv n‡q c‡owQj| ¶wZMÖ¯’ †jvK‡`i `ytL K‡ói mxgv wQj bv | dmjvw` fxlY fv‡e aŸsm n‡qwQj| Mi“ evQzi I Ab¨vb¨ e¯‘ cvwb‡Z †f‡m wM‡qwQj| nvRvi nvRvi gvbyl Qv‡`I Ico Ges †bŠKvq A_ev mo‡K Avkªq wb‡qwQj| Rxeb ¯’wei n‡q c‡owQj|
Answer:(a) occurred (b) records (c) risen (d) long (e) stopped (f) affected (g) greatly (h) washed (i) tops (j)standstill
32.  Bangladesh is a small country but it is densely populated for its (b)---population.Among them poverty,unemployment and (c)---are major (d)---.Most of them don’t know (e)---to read and write.The government has (f)---cannot solve illiteracy.Primary education has (g)---made free.But the government (h)---cannot solve this problem.Every individual should work look forward to (i)---the country free (j)---illiteracy.(evsjv‡`k GKwU †QvU †`k|wKš‘  GwU AZ¨šÍ Rbeûj|wekvj RbmsL¨vi Rb¨ Gi A‡bK mgm¨v i‡q‡Q|G¸jvi g‡a¨ `vwi`ª,†eKviZ¡ Ges wbi¶iZv cÖavb|Zv‡`i †ekxi fvMB wjL‡Z Ges co‡Z Rv‡b bv|miKvi wbi¶iZv `~ixKi‡Y c`‡¶c wb‡q‡Q|cÖv_wgK we`¨vjq‡K A‰eZwbK  Kiv n‡q‡Q wKš‘ miKvi GKv G mgm¨vi mgvavb Ki‡Z cvi‡e bv|cÖ‡Z¨‡KiB wbi¶iZvgy³ evsjv‡`k Movi j¶¨ _vKv DwPZ|)

Ans:(a) populated (b)huge (c)illteracy (d) problems (e) how (f) taken (g) been (h) alone (i)making (j) from

33.  We can keep in good (a)------if we play (b)------.If the body is sound,the mind also remains (c)-----.We should bear in (d)------that it is a very good rule to (e)-----while it is (f)----for reading and (g)-----while time for playing.Good children do not play all day (h)-----.They sit to read (i)-----it is time reading.This is why everybody (j)-----them.(wbqwgZ †Ljvayjv Ki‡j Avgiv ¯^v¯’¨evb _vK‡Z cv‡i|kixi hw` my¯’ _v‡K Zvn‡j gbI my¯’ _v‡K|Avgv‡`i g‡b ivLv DwPZ †h,covi mgq cov Ges ‡Ljvi mgq †Ljv GKUv fvj wbqg|fvj †Q‡j‡g‡qiv mvivw`b e¨vcx †Ljv K‡i bv|hLb covi mgq nq ZLb Zviv co‡Z e‡m| G Kvi‡Y cÖ‡Z¨‡KB Zv‡`i‡K cQ›` K‡i|)
Answer:(a)heath (b) regularly (c) sound (d) mind (e) read (f) time (g) play (h) long (i) when (j) loves
34.  There are so many trees and plants in Bangladesh.Trees are (a)------for human life.They also needed for the (b)----of environment.Trees (c)-----us with wood,fruits,oxygen,medicine,shadow and so on.But we (d)----been cutting down trees for timber,cultivable land and housing.We must not (e)-----that trees (f)---ecological balance.If there (g)-----no trees,there will be no rainfall and as a result our land will (h)----into desert and we will (i)-----many troubles.So we should plant more trees for our (j)----(esjv‡`‡k A‡bK MvQ MvQvwj Av‡Q| gvby‡li Rxe‡bi Rb¨ Mv‡Qi cÖ‡qvRb|cwi‡ek msi¶‡Yi Rb¨I Zv‡`i cÖ‡qvRb|MvQ Avgv‡`i‡K KvV,dj,AwKª‡Rb ,Jla,Qvqv cÖf„wZ cÖ`vb K‡i|wKš‘ Avgiv KvV,Pvl‡hvM¨ f~wg Ges M„nvq‡bi Rb¨ MvQ †K‡U †djwQ| Avgv‡`I |Aek¨B fy‡j hvIqv DwPZ bq †h,MvQ cwi‡e‡ki fvimvg¨ eRvq iv‡L|MvQ hw` bv _v‡K, Zvn‡j e„wócvZ n‡e bv,Ges d‡j Avgv‡`i Rwg gi“f~wg‡Z cwiYZ n‡e Ges Avgiv A‡bK K‡ói m¤§yLxb ne|myZivs ‡eu‡P _vKvi Rb¨ Avgv‡`i †ewk MvQ jvMv‡bv DwPZ|)
Answer:(a) necessary (b) safely (c) provide (d)have (e) forget (f) maintain (g) are (h) change (i)face 

35.  The fruitcake which was (a)—has arrived. The table has been (b)—ready. Different items of food have been placed(c)—the table. The drawing room (d)—very nice and clean. It has also been nicely (e)--. Mina has (f)—her new dress and is waiting (g)—for her friends (h)--. Her friends start (i)—by twos and threes. By 4 O’clock all her friends have (j)—except Hena.(‡h dªyU‡KBK Gi AW©vi †`qv n‡qwQj ,†mwU G‡m‡Q|‡Uwej cÖ¯‘Z Kiv n‡q‡Q|wewfbœ cÖKv‡ii Lv`¨ †Uwe‡j ivLv n‡q‡Q|Wªwqs i“‡g (ˆeVKLvbv NiUv),Lye my›`i K‡i mvRv‡bv n‡q‡Q|wgbv Zvi bZzb †cvkvKwU c‡i‡Q Ges Zvi evÜex‡`i Avmvi Rb¨ mvMÖ‡n A‡c¶v Ki‡Q|evÜex‡`i `yRb-wZbRb K‡i Avm‡Z ïi“ Ki‡Q|PviUvi g‡a¨ ‡nbv Qvov Zvi mKj evÜex G‡m †cŠ‡Q‡Q|)
Answer:(a) ordered (b) made (c) on (d) looked (e) festooned (f)worth (g) anxiously (h) arrival (i) coming (j)arrived 
36.  There are three important duties on earth. They (a)------duty to God, duty to parents and duty to mankind. All these three duties are important because they (b)--------us to go a long way. Duty to God helps us to be favored by God. If we are (c)-----by God, we can (d)-----in life. Duty to parents is also important because if our parents are (e) ----with us. God will help us to (f)-----our life smooth. The last duty is towards mankind. It is not (g)------.We (h)------be the apple of God’s eyes by doing our duty towards mankind. All the great men of the world tried to (i)------all these duties. So, we should (j)-----them to be great.(c„w_ex‡Z wZbwU ¸i“Z¡c~Y© KZ©e¨ Av‡Q|Avj­vni cÖwZ K©Ze¨,wcZvgvZvi cÖwZ K©Ze¨,Ges gvby‡li cÖwZ K©Ze¨|GB wZbwU KZ©e¨B LyeB ¸i“Z¡c~Y© KviY G¸‡jv Avgv‡`i A‡bK `~‡i †h‡Z mvnvh¨ K‡i|Avj­vni cÖwZ K©Ze¨,Avj­vni cÖwZ wcÖq n‡Z mvnvh¨ K‡i|hw` Avgiv Avj­vni wbKU wcÖq nq,Z‡e Avgiv Rxe‡b DbœwZ Ki‡Z cvwi|wcZvgvZvi cÖwZ K©Ze¨ A‡bK ¸i“Z¡c~Y© KviY hw` wcZvgvZv Avgv‡`i Dci Lykx nb  Z‡e Avgv‡`i Rxeb my›`i n‡Z Avj­vn Zvqvjv mvnvh¨ Ki‡eb|gvby‡li cÖwZ K©Ze¨ I mvgvb¨ bq|GB †kl KZ©e¨ cvjb K‡i Avgiv Avj­vn Zvqvjvi wcÖq n‡Z cvwi|we‡k¦i mKj gnr †jv‡Kiv GB `vwqZ¡¸‡jv cvjb Kivi †Póv K‡i| ZvB gnr n‡Z Avgv‡`i Zv‡`i‡K AbymiY Ki‡Z n‡e|)

Answer:(a) are (b)three (c) help (d) prosper (e) very (f) satisfied (g) can (h) doing (i) perform (j) follow

37.  Bees (a)—systematic life. There are three (b)—of bees, queen drone and workers. The different kinds of bees have different(c)—to do. The queen (d)—eggs and leads the swarming bees. The male bees fertilizer the eggs laid by the queen. The female bees are (e)- workers and they(f)—various functions. They (g)—the hive and honey combs. They (h)—nectar from flowers and (i)…….honey. They store (j)—in the honey combs hive and honey combs.(‡gŠgvwQ myk„•Ljvfv‡e Rxeb hvcb K‡i|wZb cÖRvwZi †gŠgvwQ Av‡Q-ivYx,cys †gŠgvwQ I Kgx© †gŠgvwQ|wewfbœ ai‡bi †gŠgvwQi f~wgKv wfbœ wfbœ nq |ivbx wWg †`q Ges Svu‡Ki †gŠgvwQ‡`i ‡bZ…Z¡ †`q|cyiyl †gŠgvwQiv ivYxi cvov wWg¸‡jv‡Z De©iZv †`q|bvix †gŠgvwQiv cÖavb Kgx© Ges Giv wewfbœ KvR K‡i|Giv gay‡Kvl I †gŠPvK ˆZix K‡i|Giv dzj †_‡K ‡gŠ msMÖn K‡i Ges gay cÖ¯‘Z K‡i|Giv †gŠPv‡K gay mÂq/gRy` K‡i|)

    Answer (a)lead (b) kinds (c) roles/jobs (d) lays (e) major (f) perform (g) build (h) collect (i) prepare (j) honey

38.  Bangladesh in one of the underdeveloped country of the world.(a)—of her people are poor. A large number of (b)—children are engaged here in (c)—sectors. They have to do (d)—work, either in the houses of (e)—people or in factories. They also (f)—in fields,shops, hotels and restaurants. Some of them (g)—bricks and stones. But it is a (h)—that everywhere they are being(i)--. They do not get their (j)—properly.( we‡k¦i AbœyZ ‡`k¸‡jvi g‡a¨ evsjv‡`k GKwU|Zvi AwaKvsk RbMbB Mixe|AmsL¨ Mixe wkïiv GLv‡b wkíKviLvbvq RwoZ|Zv‡`i‡K K‡Vvi cwikªg Ki‡Z nq|abx †jvK‡`i evox‡Z A_ev †Kvb KjKviLvbvq |Zviv gv‡V,†`vKv‡b,†nv‡Uj-†i÷z‡i‡›UI KvR K‡i|Zv‡`i †KD †KD BU Ges cv_i fv‡½| wKš‘ GwU GKwU e¨vcvi †h Giv me©ÎB ewÂZ n‡”Q|Zviv Zv‡`i gRyix h_vhZfv‡e cvq bv|)

Answer:(a) most (b) poor (c) working (d) hard (e) rich (f) work (g) break (h) regret /sorrow/grief (j) wage.

39.  The economy of a country largely (a)---- on its population. But if it (b)—rapidly. The standard of living in the country declines. Because the increasing population eats (c)---- the additional growth of (d)--- economy. Nevertheless the population of country (e)--- her man power and is an (f)--- resource that (g)--- a vital role in her economic sphere. Without adequate human resource the other resources of the country will (h)--- under utilized and to hat extent her economic development will remain unsatisfactory. A large population (i)—rises to large demand in manufactured goods. At the same time it can meet that demand by engaging itself in increasing productive (j)--.(GKwU †`‡ki A_©bxwZ IB †`‡ki RbmsL¨vi Ici wbf©i K‡i | wKš‘ IB †`‡ki Drcv`b K‡g hvq Z‡e ZLb Rxeb hvÎvi gvb wfbœ nq| KviY ZLb ewa©Z RbmsL¨v A_©ˆbwZK Dbœq‡b ewa©Z Ask e¨envi K‡i| ZLb IB †`‡ki RbmsL¨v Rbkw³ wn‡m‡e mieivn nq| Ges GB Rbkw³ ¸i“Z¡c~Y© m¤ú` nqhvnv A_©bxwZi wewfbœ ¯—‡i ¸i“Z¡c~Y© f~wgKv iv‡L| chv©ß Rbkw³ Qvov †`‡ki Ab¨vb¨ m¤ú` Ae¨eüZ †_‡K hvq | Ges ZLb GB †`‡ki A_©ˆbwZK mg„w× Am‡š—vlRbK Ae¯’vq _v‡K| e„nr Rb‡Mvôx Drcvw`Z `ª‡e¨i Dco A‡bK Pvwn`v m„wó K‡i&| d‡j GK chv©‡q Zviv Pvwn`v c~i‡b wb‡RivB Drcv`b Kv‡R m¤ú„³ nq|)
   Answer:(a) mainly (b)rapidly (c) decreases (d) up (e) is (f) resources (g) role (h) remain (i) condition (j)gives
40.  Feroza’s  life (a)—full of sufferings and sorrows. She never had a (b)—miming. All that came to her(c)—from her childhood was the extreme want of food, (d)—and clothes. At the age of 12, she was given in (e)—to a 24 years old unemployed man. Feroza entered (f)—her husband’s  house with the dreams and(g)—of a young girl but all she(h)—was more want, Feroza (i)—hard to feed herself, he mother-in-law and her(j)—.(wd‡ivRvi Rxeb wQj `ytL Kó cwic~b© Gm KK‡bv GKwU my‡Li gyn~Z© cvqwb |‰kke Kvj †_‡K Zvi ¯§„wZc‡U hv Avm‡Q meB wQj Ab¨ e¯— I Avkªq Pig msKU|evi eQi eq‡m Zv‡K we‡q †`Iqv n‡qwQj 24 eQi eq¯‹ GK †eKvi †jv‡Ki ms‡M| GK Zi“bxi ¯^cœ Ges Avkv wb‡q †m Zvi ¯^vgxi msmv‡ii g‡a¨ cÖ‡ek K‡iwQj| wKš‘ †m †`Lj Zv wQj Av‡ivI †ewk Afve | wd‡ivRv wb‡Ri k¦vïwoi Ges wb‡Ri ¯^vgxi Rb¨ Lv`¨ ms¯’v‡bi Rb¨ K‡Vvi cwikªg K‡iwQj|)
     Answer:(a) was (b) is (c) works (d) living (e) works (f) collects (g) sells (h) earns (i) gives (j) slum

41.  The proper (a)----of study involves regularly and proper understanding. In order to (b)---the best benefit from study, we should read (c)-----and intelligently. We should not study (d)---for the purpose of (e)-----examinations. We should take genuine (f)----in our studies so that we can enjoy what we (g)-----.This will give us knowledge and wisdom and (h)----the horizon of our (i)----.We should, therefore, study not for immediate gains, but for lasting (j)----for the mind.(covïbvi mwVK c×wZi mv‡_ h_v_© I h_vixwZ Dcjwä weRwiZ covïbvi †_‡K me©Ig DcKvwiZv †c‡Z n‡j Avgv‡`I g‡bv‡hvM mnKv‡i Ges eyw× gIvi mv‡_ co‡Z n‡e|GKgvÎ cix¶v cv‡ki Rb¨ covïbv Kiv DwPr bq &cov ïbvi cÖwZ Avgv‡`i mwVK AvMÖn _vK‡Z n‡e|‡hb Avgiv hv Kwi Zv ûeû Ki‡Z cvwi|GUv Avgv‡`I Ávb I eyw× `vb Ki‡e Ges Avgv‡`i Aš—‡ii w`Mš— cÖmvwiZ Ki‡e|myZivs Avgv‡`i‡K Zvr¶wbK jv‡fi Rb¨ bq Aš—‡ii m¤ú` e„w×I Rb¨ co‡Z n‡e|)
      Answer:(a) after (b) stepped (c)
42.  Vitamins and mineral salts (a)------our body fit for work. They also keep (b)-----diseases. By (c)-------leafy and certain other (d)-------,fruits, eggs, fish, meat and liver and by (e)------milk and we can get vitamins. Such foods also contain mineral salts. Water is (f)------in almost every (g)------.Of course we also (h)-----water. Water (i)------us to digest our food. It also (j)-----the heat of the body and keep our blood healthy.(wfUvwgb Ges LwbR jeY Avgv‡`i kixi‡K Kv‡Ri Rb¨ Dchy³ iv‡L|Zviv †ivM‡KI `~‡i mwi‡q iv‡L|cvZv RvZxq Ges Ab¨vb¨ wKQy kvKmewR,djg~j,wWg,gvQ,gvsm Ges KwjRv †L‡q Ges `ya cvb K‡i Avgiv wfUvwgb †c‡Z cvwi|G ai‡Yi Lv‡`¨ I LwbR jeY Av‡Q|cÖvq mKj Kv‡R cvwb e¨eüZ nq|Aek¨B Avgv‡`i I cvwb cÖ‡qvRb|cvwb Avgv‡`i Lv`¨ nR‡g mvnvh¨ K‡i|GUv Avgv‡`i kix‡ii ZvcgvÎv wbqš¿‡Yi Rb¨ Ges i³ weï× ivLvi Rb¨ mvnvh¨ K‡i|

Answer(a)keep (b) away (c) eating (d) vegetables (e) drinking (f) needed (g) day (h) drink (i) helps (j) controls
43.  Habit of idleness once (a)---firmly cannot be (b)---given up.A man who has (c)---the precious hours of life’s seedtime finds that he cannot reap a (d)---in life’s autumn.Lost wealth may be (e)---by hard work.Lost (f)---by study,lost health by medicine but lost time once gone is gone (g)---.An idle man comes up with a list of  (h)—for neglecting his (i)--.These types of men cheat themselves by saying that they would have done the work if only they had (j)---. (AjmZvi Af¨vm hw` GKevi MwVZ nq Zv Avi nVvr K‡i Z¨vM Kiv hvq bv|GKRb †jvK †h Zvi Rxe‡bi exRec‡bi g~j¨evb mgq bó K‡i‡Q Rxe‡bi †ng‡šÍ dmj Zzj‡Z cv‡i bv|nviv‡bv m¤ú` K‡Vvi cwikª‡gi Øviv nviv‡bv Ávb Aa¨q‡bi Øviv nviv‡bv ¯^v¯’¨ Jl‡ai Øviv wd‡I cvIqv †h‡Z cv‡I wKš‘ mgq GKevi P‡j †M‡j Zv wPiZ‡i nvwi‡q hvB|GKRb Ajm †jvK Zvi `vwq‡Z¡ Ae‡njv Kivi Rb¨ ARynv‡Zi ZvwjKv wb‡q Av‡m|GmKj †jvK Zviv wb‡R‡`i mv‡_ GB e‡j cÖZvibv K‡i †h, Zv‡`i hw` mgq _vKZ Z‡e Zviv KvRwU KiZ|)

Answer:(a) formed (b) suddenly (c) wasted (d) harvest (e) regained (f) knowledge (g) forever (h)excuse (i) duties (j) time

44.  Our aim is to (a)----girls in the fullest sense. After they leave school they should be (b)-----and have the ability to (c)-------themselves clearly. They should also have a well-developed (d)-----of right and wrong, a sense of (e)-----,and a belief in their own worth. The staff has a long (f)------of encouraging pupils to discover their gifts and abilities in a secured and happy (g)------.We regard our students as young (h)-----and involve them in (i)-----making concerning their work, and school (j)-----.(Avgv‡`i D‡Ïk¨ evwjKv‡`i cwic~Y© Áv‡b wk¶v †`Iqv|we`¨vjq Qvovi ci Zv‡`i AvZ¥-cÖZ¨qx  nIqv DwPZ Ges Zv‡`i wb‡R‡`i‡K m¤ú~Y©fv‡e cÖKvk Kivi m¶gZv _vK‡Z n‡e|Zv‡`i Av‡iv _vKv DwPZ b¨vq-Ab¨v‡qi GKwU †ek mg„× Ávb,QvÎ-QvÎx‡`i Zv‡`i wbivc` I myLx Rxe‡bi mvg_©¨ Ly‡Ru †c‡Z DrmvwnZ Kivi Ávb _vK‡Z n‡e|)
Ans:(a) educate (b) confident (c) express (d) sense (e) duty (f) tradition (g) environment (h) adults (i) decision (j) life

45.  After a Pause the plane (a) _____ taxing. Then it raced down the runway and after a (b)_____  with a jerk , it (c) --------- off. Masum (d) --------- down from his window and saw building and trees looking (e) --------- miniatures. (f) -------- roads looked like snakes, so (g) -------- the rivers. He saw soft white clouds floating by. There (h) clouds around him. He was (i) -------. He felt like (j) -------- the clouds.(LvwbK weiwZi ci D‡ovRvnvR wUi PvKvi Ico Pj‡Z ïi“ Kij | Zvici GUv ivbI‡qi †fZi w`‡q Qz‡U Pjj| Ges Aí¶b c‡I GUv GKUv SvKzwb w`‡q Dovj w`j| gvmyg Zvi Rvbvjv w`‡q wb‡Pi w`‡K ZvKvj| †m †`L‡Z †cj `vjvb †KvVv Ges MvQ MvQvjx‡K ¶z`ªvK…wZi g‡Zv †`LvwQj| moK ¸‡jv †`LvwQj mv‡ci g‡Zv| b`x ¸‡jv †Zgb †`LvwQj| †m Zvi cvk w`‡q †Kvgj ïå †gN †f‡m †h‡Z †`‡LwQj| Zvi PZz©w`‡K wQj †gN gvjv |‡m Awff~Z n‡qwQj| †gN ¸‡jv‡K Zvi Qz‡Z B”Qv K‡iwQj|)
Answer(a) started (b) while (c) took (d) looked (e) like (f) the (g) did (h) were (i) excited (j) touching

46.  Human beings do not like spend their days in one plays all through their lives. They are tried of this sort (a)…..life. They want some(b)……So they go abroad to see the (c)…..and to know the (d)…..(e)…..abroad means traveling .It gives us (f)…..when we travel any foreign country. We see people of different manners and customs. Thus it helps us to (g)…..our prejudices and (h)…..our outlooks. Moreover, traveling is a part of education. Knowledge (i)…..by traveling lasts longer (j)….book knowledge.(gvbeRvwZ wbw`©ó¯’v‡b Zviv mviv Rxe‡bi mgq AwZµg Ki‡Z cQ›` K‡i bv|G ai‡bi Rxe‡b Zviv K¬vwšÍ Abyfe K‡i|Zviv wKQy cwieZ©b /ˆewPÎ Kvgbv K‡i|ZvB Zviv A‡`Lv‡K †`L‡Z Ges ARvbv‡K Rvb‡Z ch©U‡b †ei nq|we‡`k Mgb A_© ågb Kiv|‡Kvb †`k ågbKv‡j GUv Avgv‡`i AwfÁZv w`‡q _v‡K|Avgiv wewfbœ ixwZ I cÖ_vi gvbyl‡K †`L‡Z cvB|G fv‡e GUv Avgv‡`i Kzms¯‹vi‡K `~i Ges `„wófw½i cwieZ©b Ki‡Z mvnvh¨ K‡i|AwaKš‘,ågb n‡”Q wk¶vi GKwU A½|åg‡b AwR©Z Ávb ,cyw_uMZ Áv‡bi Zzjbvq `xN© ¯’vqxI e‡U|

Answer (a)of(b) change/variety (c) unseen (d) unknoen(e) going (f) experience/knowledge (g) remove (h) change/broaden/which (i) acquired (j)than
47.  Long long ago men were very (a)------.There was no (b)-----between men and animals.Men were restless for (c)-----of the wild animals.They did not know how to (d)-----houses.They used to (e)-----the barks and leaves of trees.They did not know any use of (f)-----.Caves were used as their (g)------.At that time they moved about in quest of (h)-----.They (i)-----animals and ate the meat (j)-----in the fire.(A‡bK A‡bK Kvj c~‡e© gvbyl AZ¨š— Amnvq wQj| gvbyl Ges cïi g‡a¨ †Kv‡bv cÖ‡f` wQj bv| eb¨ Rš‘i f‡q gvbyl Aw¯’i wQj | wK iƒ‡c Ni evox wbgv©b Ki‡Z nq Zv Zviv RvbZ bv | Zviv Mv‡Qi Qvj Ges cvZv cwiavb KiZ| Zviv Kvc‡oi †Kv‡bv e¨envi RvbZ bv| Zv‡`I evm M„n i“‡c cvnv‡oi ¸nvq e¨eüZ n‡Zv& | w`‡bi †ejvq Zviv wkKv‡i A‡š^lb Ny‡I †eovZ| Zviv cï wkKvi KiZ Ges Av¸‡b cywo‡q Zvi gvsm f¶b KiZ|)
Answer:(a) helpless (b) differences (c) fear of  (d) build (e) wear (f) clothes (g) house (h) food (i) hunted (j) hunting 
48.  Examination is very important in student’s life. If justifies a student’s (a)—no student can be (b)—to next class without examination, so every student(c)—hard to pass the examination. There are many ways to do (d)—in the examination and meritorious students follow these ways. Subject (e)—is not all things to approach the exam. One may gather much (f)—about his subject but if he can not (g)—his performance in the examination this such kind of knowledge is (h)--. He (i)—be very practical in the examination which is also an (j)—thing.(QvÎ Rxe‡b cix¶v A‡bK ¸i“Z¡c~Y©| GUv GKRb Qv‡Îi †gav hvPvB K‡i| †Kvb QvÎB cix¶v Qvov cieZx© †kªYx‡Z DbœxZ n‡Z cv‡I bv | ZvB cÖ‡Z¨K QvÎ cix¶vq cvk Kivi Rb¨ K‡Vvi cwikªg K‡i| cix¶vq fv‡jv Kivi A‡bK Dcvq Av‡Q| Ges †gavex QvÎiv GB Dcvq ¸‡jv Abymib K‡I _v‡K| welq wfwËK Ávb cix¶vq AeZxY© nIqvi Rb¨ mewKQz bq| GKRb Avi welq m¤^‡a A‡bK Ávb AR©b Ki‡Z cv‡i| wKš‘ hw` †m cix¶vq Zvi K…wZZ¡ cÖ`©kb bv Ki‡Z cv‡i Z‡e Zvi Gi“c Ávb g~j¨nxb n‡q co‡e| Zv‡K cix¶vi n‡j AZ¨š— ev¯—egyLx nIqv DwPZ| cix¶vi n‡j mgq wbqš¿b KivUvI LyeB ¸i“Z¡c~Y© welq|
 Answer:(a) merit (b) promoted (c) works (d) well (e) knowledge (f) knowledge (g)show (h) meaningless/worthless (i) should (j) important
49.  A rainy day is a wet day. It generally occurs in the rainy season. Last year I had (a)……experience of a rainy day. It looked dull (b)…… gloomy. The sun could hardly (c)…… seen on the day. The sky (d)….. over-cast with black clouds. I got (e)……early. I washed my (f)…….and feet. I was about to (g)…… for school. But all (h)…… a sudden it began (i)……. rain heavily. It was about (j)……impossible for school on that day.(e„wói w`b n‡”Q †fRv w`b |mvaviYZ elv©Kv‡j e„wói w`b Av‡m|MZ eQi Avgvi e„wói w`‡bi GK AwfÁZv n‡qwQj|GUv‡K wblcÖf Ges AÜKvi ‡`Lvw”Qj|‡mw`b m~h© †`LvB hvq wb|AvKvkKvj †g‡N ‡Q‡q wM‡qwQj |Avwg †fv‡i I‡V cojvg ,nvZ cv ayBjvg Ges ¼z‡j †h‡Z D`¨Z njvg|wKš‘y nVvr gyljav‡i e„wó ïi“ nj |‡mw`b ¼z‡j hvIqv Avgvi c‡¶ cÖvq Amm¢e n‡qI‡VwQj)
Answer: (a) an (b) and (c) be (d) was (e) up (f) hands (g) start (h) on (i) to (j) about
50.  Lutfur is 8 years old and (a)----in Dhaka.He (b)-----from Tongi.He has a brother who (c)-----as a tempo helper.He came with his father,brother and grandmother to Dhaka in search of a (d)-----.His father (e)-----as a rickshaw puller and mother as a domestic worker.Lutfur(f)-----polythene bags,scrap paper and other materials from the Motijheel area and (g)-----at a shop for taka 5 to 10 a bag.He(h)-----Tk 20 to 50 a day,which he (i)----to his mother.Lutfur and his family live in a (j)----near to Kamlapur Railway Station. (jyZdz‡ii eqm AvU eQi Ges XvKvq evm K‡i|Zvi evwo U½x‡Z|Zvi GK fvB Av‡Q|‡m †U†¤úv †cjcvi wnmv‡e KvR K‡i| †m Zvi evev ,gv, fvB I `v`x‡K wb‡q GKwU Kv‡Ri mÜv‡b XvKv G‡mwQj|Zvi evev wiK&ªvPvjKiƒ‡c Ges M„n cwiPvwiKv(M„nKg©x)-iƒ‡c KvR K‡i|jyZdyi gwZwSj GjvKv †_‡K cwjw_b e¨vM,†Quov KvMR I Ab¨vb¨ wRwbm msMÖn K‡i GesGKUv †`vKv‡b cÖwZ e¯—v 5 †_‡K 10 UvKv `‡I wewµ K‡i|‡m †ivR 20 †_‡K 30 UvKv †ivRMvi K‡i|GUv †m Zvi gv‡K w`‡q †`q|jyZdzi I Zvi cwievi Kgjvcyi †ijI‡q †÷k‡bi wbK‡U GKUv ew¯—‡Z evm K‡i| )
      Answer:(a) lives (b) came (c) works (d) living (e) works (f) collects (g) sells (h) earns (i) gives (j) slum
51.  Just (a)— 20 minutes Adrin followed Armstrong and (b)…….the moon. Both astronaust explored the area surroundingthe landing craft. Then they took pictures, (c)……scientific equiqment and collected sixty pounds of rocks and moon soil. They also set a televetion cameraon the (d)…….so that the whole world could watch. The two astronauts (e)……. 20 hours and 37 minutes on the moon. Michael Collins was( AvjwWªb wVK 20 wgwbU c‡iB Avg©÷ªs Gi Abymib Ki‡jb Ges Puv‡` AeZib Ki‡jb|Dfq b‡fvPvixB AeZib hv‡bi PZz¯úvk¦©¯’ GjvKvwU Ny‡iwd‡i Ae‡jvKb Ki‡jb|Zvici Zviv Qwe Zzj‡jb,ˆeÁvwbK hš—cvwZ ¯’vcb Ki‡jb Ges lvU cvDÛ Pv›`ª wkjv I gvwU msMÖn Ki‡jb|Zviv Puv‡` GKwU †Uwjwfkb K¨v‡givI ¯’vcb Ki‡jb hv‡Z mviv c„w_ex †`L‡Z cv‡q|`yB b‡fvPvix Puv‡` 20 N›Uv 37 wgwbU mgq AwZevwnZ Ki‡jb|gvB‡Kj KwjÝ wQ‡jb g~j hv‡bi g‡a¨|`yB b‡fvPvix AeZib hv‡b Av‡ivnb Ki‡jb Ges hvGv Ki‡jb|Zviv wbivc‡` gnvKvk hv‡b wd‡i G‡jb|KwjÝ ‡h Zv‡`i Rb¨ DwØMœfv‡e A‡c¶v KiwQ‡jb GLb wZwb wbðqB ¯^w¯—‡eva Ki‡jb|
Answer(a) after (b) steepped on  (c) set up (d) moon (e) spent (f) in (g) boarded (h) lifted (i) safely (j) anxiously
52.  Many elephants are caught (a) ------- to be tamed and (b) ------. But catching elephants alive is a (c) ------ and dangerous work. For (d) ------- the elephant is a shy wild (e) ------ when left alone, it (f) ------ be a dangerous enemy (g) ------ attacked elephant generally (h) ------- a live in great traps (i) -------- enclosures called `Khedas”. These traps are so (j) ------- that even the mighty elephant cannot break them.(A‡bK nvwZ RxweZ aiv nq †cvlvi Rb¨ Ges cÖwk¶Y ‡`qvi Rb¨|wKš‘ nvwZ‡K RxweZ aiv KwVb I wec`¾bK KvR| KviY, nvwZ hw`I gy³ Ae¯’vq jvRyK  GK eb¨ cÖvYx,Avµvš— n‡j GUv gviZ¥K kΓ n‡Z cv‡i|nvwZ‡K mvavibZ RxweZ aiv nq †Ni †ewóZ wekvj dvu‡`i wfZi|G¸‡jv‡K ejv nq ‡L`v|Gme duv` GZ k³ †h kw³kvjx nvwZI Zv fv½‡Z cv‡i bv|)
     Answer:(a) alive (b) trained (c) hard (d) though (e) animal (f) may (g) when (h) caught (i) on (j) strong
53.  Bablu is student of class Ten.His (a)---subject is history.He has deep (b)—on the history of Indian sub-continent.The great men of this subcontinent always (c)------him.One of them is Khan Jahan Ali who (d)----asleep in Bagerhat forever.There is a famous mosque(e)-----Shat Gambuj Masjid.Bablu (f)------the grave of Khan Jhan Ali a few days ago.(g)------there has seen (h)-----his own eyes what he (i)-----from the books.He came (j)------last week.(evejy `kg †kªbxi QvG |BwZnvm Zvi wcªq welq |fviZxq Dcgnv †`‡k BwZnv‡mi cÖwZ Zvi GKUv Mfxi AvMÖn Av‡Q|G Dcgnv‡`‡ki gnr e¨vw³ MY Zv‡K me©`vB AvKl©Y K‡ib |Zv‡`I g‡a¨ GKRb n‡jb LvY Rvnvb Avjx |wZwb ev‡Mi nv‡U wPiw`‡bi Rb¨ mvwnZ Av‡Qb |lvU M¤¢yR bv‡g GKUv weL¨vZ gmRx` Av‡Q |K‡qKw`b c~‡e© evejy Lvb Rvnvb Avjx gvRvi wRqviZ K‡i‡Q |eB c‡o †m hv wk‡L‡Q †mLv‡b wM‡q †m  Zv ¯^P‡¶ †`‡L‡Q †m MZ mvßv‡n wd‡i G‡m‡&Q|
      Answer:(a) favourite (b) interest (c) charm (d) is (e) called (f) visited (g) visiting (h) with (i) read (j) back
54.  The genie began to change (a) ------ into smoke which spread over the sea and (b) --------. Collecting (c) ------ together the smoke began to go back in to the (d) --------- until there was (e) ------- left outside. Then a voice came from inside the (f) ---------. It said to the (g) -------, well unbelieving (h) ------ here, I am in the (i) ------. Do you (j) ------ me now? (‰`Z¨ wbR‡K †avqvq cwieZ©b Ki‡Z kyi“ Kij hv mgy`ª Ges ¯’j †`‡k Qwo‡q coj|wbR‡K GK‡Î wd‡I †h‡Z jvMj ‡kl ch©š— evB‡I GKUz †avqv I Aewkó _vKj bv|Zvici †evZ‡ji wfZi †_‡K GKwU AvIqvR †ewo‡q Gj|GwU Av¸bš‘‡° ejj Av”Qv †n Avwek¦vmx †jvK GLv‡b Avwg †evZ‡ji wfZi i‡q‡Q|Zzwg wK Avgv‡K GLb wek¦vm Ki‡Z cvi |)
     Answer:(a) himself (b) shore (c) itself (d) vase (e) nothing (f) vase (g) fisherman (h) man (i) vase (j) believe
55.  When Becky (a) ------- in Dhaka, she told Masum that she (b) -------- to see a Bangladeshi village. Masum (c) -------- her to his grandparent’s village called Makor Khola (d) ------ Dhamrai. It is forty Kilometers (e) ------- from (f) ---------- capital. The people of the village were (g) ----- to see Becky. They welcomed her (h) ------, Masum wanted Becky to (i) ------ Feroza, a middle aged woman, (j) ------- has become a legend in the village. (‡ewK hLb XvKv‡Z wQj, ZLb †m gvmyg‡K e‡jwQj, †m GKUv evsjv‡`wk MÖvg †`L‡Z Pvq| gvmyg Zv‡K Zvi `v`v `v`xi MÖv‡g wb‡q wM‡qwQj | GwU avgivB‡qi Aš‘M©Z GKwU MÖvg| GwU ivRavbx †_‡K 40 wK‡jvwgUvi `~‡i| MÖv‡gi Awaevmxiv †ewK‡K †`‡L Lywk n‡qwQj| Zviv DÂ ü`‡q Zv‡K mvMZ Rvwb‡qwQj| gvmyg †P‡qwQj †ewK †hb gvS eqmx gwnjvi mv‡_ mv¶vZK‡I,†m IB MÖv‡g GK wKse`š— †Z cwibZ n‡qwQj|)

      Answer:(a) was (b) wanted (c) took (d) in (e) away (f) the (g) delighted (h) warmly (i) meet (j) who

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