Monday, October 15, 2012

Cloze Test for HSC Exam

Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the box (make any grammatical changes if necessary). There are more words in box than you need:
1. profession/ universe/ friendship/ enemy broaden/ professional/ personal/ acquaint boundary/ culture/ brilliant/ experience
Education promotes a. • brotherhood. Since education b. • a personÕs mentality and out look, he comes out of the c. • of his own country. He gets d. • with the tradition and e. • of other countries of the world. Besides, the f. • students of the developing countries go the developed countries for higher education and make g. • with the students of those countries. Again the engineers, scientists, doctors and men of other h. • of the developed countries with their vast varied rich i. • come to the developing countries and train the j. • of the developing countries.
Ans. : a. universal b. broadens c. culture d. • with the tradition and e. • of other countries of the world. Besides, the f. brilliant g. friendship h. professions i. experience j. professionals.
2. age/ century/ use/ fold/ culture/ imitate
call/ practice/ decorate/ take/ introduce know
The craft of a. • paper to give them different shapes without any cuting or pasting is b. • Origami. Although not much is c. • about its origin, Origami has been d. • in the orient for centuries. In fact it has e. • the form of sophisticated art in Japan where it is specially prized for f. • and for ceremonies, As a form of decorative plaything. Origami takes the form of birds, fish, insects, animals and geometrical figures, sometimes with flexible parts to g. • the movement of real life objects. In the west it was h. • first in ‡ermany by fried rich Frobel (1782-1852) as an art form to be i. • in ‡erman Kindergarten Schools by children during the nineteenth j. •.
Answer : a. folding b. called c. known d. practiced e. taken f. decorating g. imitate h. introduced i. used j. century.
3. place/ for/ know/ make/ indomitable inspire/ age/ position/ satisfy/ See/ Continue/ achieve
Man has an unquenchable thirst a. • knowledge. He is never b. • with what he has c. • and d. •. He wants to know and see more and more. This curiosity to know more coupled with his e. • spirit of adventure, has f. • him to undertake and carry out difficult and dangerous tasks which g. • resulted in epoch • making discoveries and inventions and led him in his long and h. • journey from his helpless state of a cove man and his present i. • of power and progress. In the fields of science and technology man has already j. • what was once inconceivable. Today he is on the threshold of the space.
Ans. : a. for b. satisfied c. known d. seen e. indomitable f. inspired g. continuous h. position i. achieve j. age.
4. dominate/ opinion like/ because/ be essential/ preservation/consider/ beat/ seek/ introduce/ unnecessary
Women in our society have always been a. • subservient to men. The majority of houses are being b. •, usually by husbands and omen most often have no say in c. •. Their opinion is considered d. • even in such important issues as the member of things they would e. • to have, education of their children, f. • of their sons and daughters, issues of finance and property or even second marriage of their husband. In many households they are g. • up by the husbands or maltreated by the family members, but their miseries go unnoticed h. • women lack knowledge of their rights and do not know how and where to i. • justice. To protect their rights the government has j. • the women and childrenÕs Repression Act
Ans. : a. Considered b. dominated c. opinion d. unnecessary e. like f. preservation g. beaten h. because i. seek j. introduced.

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