Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unit 4 : Lesson-4 for HSC Exam

Plants for Pleasure
Bonsai is the art of growing trees and other plants in small containers in such a way that it becomes the miniature of a real tree. A Bonsai tree may be 10 years old but have a height of one foot only. The art of Bonsai originated perhaps more than 1000 years ago in China. Early Japanese aristocrats also showed a fondness for Bonsai and greatly contributed to its development. Bonsai is different from normal pot planting as it is considered an art form. A Bonsai tree is carefully shaped to remain small but still has the appearance of a large tree. It does not need large pots but small containers and not much of soil. A Bonsai container has holes in the bottom which are covered with nets so that the soil does not flow out with the water.
The plant is then taken out of its original pot and one-third of its root is cut off. It is then tied with the bottom of the pot with the help of wires. Soil is then spread over to cover the container but about an inch of the root is allowed to stay above on the soil to enhance beauty. The soft branches of the plant are coiled with wires so that they are compelled to grow the way the planter wants them to grow. This allows the planter to give the tree a particular shape. A Bonsai plant is never allowed to grow too high. In is classified in two ways, (a) The style in which the branches are planted and (b) their size. Plants that are below 6 inches are called : miniature, 6-12 inches small, 12-24 inches medium, and those more than 24 inches are called large. Almost all woody plants can be grown as Bonsai. The art of Bonsai is now quite popular in many places of the world. For some people, it is not only an interesting pastime but also a money maker.
1. Learn the synonym of the following words :
2. Choose the right word :
a) Bonsai is the tiny/large/big copy of a tree.
b) Bonsai needs much/more than/little soil
c) Bonsai qualifies/ appears/ likens to be a real tree
d) The roots of Bonsai are allowed to stay/ hide/ refrain above the soil.
e) Bonsai 4/3/2 types of classifications.
Answer : a. tiny  b. little
c. appears  d. stay  e. 2
3. True/False : If false give the correct answer.
a) Bonsai is planted in garden.
b) Bonsai originated in America.
c) Bonsai has become extinct.
d) It brings only money.
e) Bonsai has retained its popularity.
Answer : a) False. Correct Answer : Bonsai is planted in small container.
b) False. Correct Answer : Bonsai originated in Asia.
c)  False. Correct Answer : Bonsai is still popular.
d) False. Correct Answer : It brings money and gives pleasure.
e) True.
4. Fill the gaps with suitable words :
a) Small pots ___ plant Bonsai. (need)
b) Bonsai ___ real tree. (like)
c) Bonsai plants are ___ shaped. (care)
d) The Japanese ___ much to the development of Bonsai. (contribution)
e) Bonsai ___ two ways .(classification)
f) Soil ___ the pot. (spread)
g) There is ___ Bonsai and real tree. (similar)
Answer :  a. are needed to   b. likens to   c. carefully  d. contributed   e. can be classified  f. is spread g. similarity between.

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