Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HSC-Seen comphrension His name was Jerry;

Read the following passage and answer the questions 1-4:
His name was Jerry; he had been at the orphanage since he was four. I could picture him at four, with the same grave gray-blue eyes and the same-independence? No, he word that comes to me is `integrity.’ It is embedded on courage, but it is more than brave. It is honest, but it is more than honesty. The axe handle broke one day. Jerry said the orphanage woodshop would repair it. I brought money to pay for the job and he refused it. `I’ll pay for it,’ He said, `I brought the axe down careless.’ `But no one hits accurately every time,’ I told him, `The fault was in the handle.’ It was only then he would take the money. He was standing back of his own carelessness. He was a freewill agent and he chose to do careful work; and if he failed, he took the responsibility without subterfuge. And he did for me the unnecessary thing, the gracious thing that we find done only by the great of heart. Things no training can teach, for they are done on the instant, with no predicated experience. He found a cubbyhole beside the fireplace that I had not noticed. There, of his own accord, he put wood, so that I might always have dry fire material ready in case of sudden wet weather. A stone was loose in the rough walk to the cabin. He dug a deeper hole and steadied it, although he came, himself, by a shortcut over the bank. I found that when I tired to return his thoughtfulness with such things as candy and apples, he was wordless. `Thank you’ was, perhaps, an expression for which he had had no use, for his courtesy was instinctive. He only looked at the gift and at me, and a curtain lifted, so that I saw deeper into the clear well of his eyes; and gratitude was there, and affection, soft over the firm granite of his character.
1.Choose the right word and complete each sentence: 5
(a) Jerry’s sense of duty/ courtesy/ integrity impressed the authoress.
(b) Jerry wanted to get the axe-handle repair/ repaired/ repairing.
(c) Jerry’s courtesy was formal/ artificial/ inborn.
(d) Jerry came to the orphanage at the age of eight/ four/ twelve.
(e) The phrase of his own accord means willingly/ at random/ freely.
2. True/ false? If false, give the correct information: 5
(a) Jerry steadied the loose stone for his own use.
(b) Jerry had been at the orphanage for four years.
(c) The axe-handle broke because Jerry brought the axe down careless.
(d) Integrity is embedded on courage.
(e) Jerry did for the authoress the necessary things.
3. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the word. Add prepositions if necessary: 5
(a) Jerry (be)  at the orphanage since he was four.
(b) He took the (responsible)  breaking the axe-handle.
(c) He chose to work (careful) .
(d) He was an orphan boy (lived)  the orphanage.
(e) (Dig)  a deeper hole, Jerry steadied a loose stone.
4. Make a list of five points describing Jerry’s character. 5

Ans. to the Ques. No. Set-4:

1. (a) courtesy (b) repaired (c) inborn (d) four (e) willingly
2. (a) False, Correct answer: Jerry steadied the loose stone for the authoress.
(b) False, Correct answer: Jerry had been at the orphanage since he was four.
(c) False, Correct answer: The axe-handle broke because there was a fault in the wood of the handle.
(d) True
(e) False, Correct answer: Jerry did for the authoress the unnecessary things.
3. (a) had been (b) responsibility of (c) carefully (d) living in (e) digging
4. A list of five points describing Jerry’s character:
Try yourself: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

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