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seen comphrension Humans, animals, and plants a

Read the following passage and answer the questions 1-4:
Humans, animals, and plants are all important elements of the natural environment. But humans are cruelly destroying plants and animals and thereby creating a danger for us all. The destruction of forests and other habitats is causing the extinction of various plants and animals every day. These losses are particularly severe in the areas of tropical forests which cover only 7% of the surface of the globe, but which provide the living space for between 50% and 80% of all our wildlife. Many wild animals and birds such as pandas, bears, tigers, alligators, whales, wolves, eagles, falcons, kites and buzzards are faced with the threat of extinction today. Their decline has been accelerated by the destruction of their feeding and nesting places, by the collection of eggs, and above all by the widespread use of chemicals and pesticides which enter their food chains leading to sterility and mass deaths. Hunting of birds and animals is another cause of their extinction. Men kill birds for food and feathers, hunt big cats to make fur coats and slaughter alligators and other reptiles for shoes and bags. In addition, whale hunting has also drastically reduced the number of blue whales in the Atlantic ocean.
1. Choose the right world/expression to complete each sentences: 5
(a) Human are destroying plants and animals which are good/ useful/ dangerous to us.
(b) The tropical forests cover about 70/ 17/ 7 percent of the surface of the earth.
(c) Most of the wild animals live in the tropical/ subtropical/ coastal forests.
(d) Hunting of birds is a cause of their destruction/ increase/ extinction.
(e) Whale hunting has reduced the number of blue-whales in the Indian/ Pacific/ Atlantic Ocean.
2. True/ False? If false, give the correct information. 5
(a) Humans, animals and plants are ordinary elements of natural environment.
(b) Losses of plants and animals are severe in the tropical region.
(c) Men kill birds for food and feathers.
(d) In order to protect environment we should not protect our wildlife.
(e) Sterility among the birds is caused by destruction of forests.
3. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the words. Add any preposition, if necessary: 5
(a) (Destroy)forests has a very bad effect on the wild animals.
(b) They (lose)  their breeding places.
(c) Their food chain is also (affect)  the widespread use of chemicals.
(d) Many wild animals (face)  with the threat of extinction.
(e) (Hunt)  animals should be restricted by the government.
4. Make the words/ phrases of Column A with Column B and put them in complete sentences: 5
Ans. to the Ques. No. Set-5
1. (a) useful (b) 7 (c) tropical (d) extinction (e) Atlantic Ocean
2. (a) False, Correct answer: Humans, animals and plants are main elements of natural environment. (b) True (c) True (d) False, Correct answer: In order to protect environment we should protect our wildlife. (e) False, Correct answer: Sterility among the birds is caused by the widespread use of chemicals and pesticides
3. (a) Destruction of (b) have lost/ lose (c) affected by (d) are faced/ are facing (e) Hunting of
4. (a) + iv, (b) + v, (c) + i, (d) + ii, (e) + iii.

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