Friday, November 16, 2012

English Model Test for PEC Exam

Time: 2 hours Full marks-100
(NB: The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.)

Read the given text and answer the questions No. 1, 2 and 3.

It was a hot summer day. A man was passing through a village. He sold caps to the villagers. He walked for miles and felt very tired. He sat under a big tree to take rest. He put his basket of caps beside him. He then fell asleep. There were monkeys in the tree. The monkeys saw the caps in the basket. They became curious.
The monkeys came down from the tree and took away the caps. After some time, the man woke up. He found that there was no cap in the basket. He was surprised. He looked for the caps. Then he heard some sound above his head. He looked up. He could not believe his eyes! The monkeys were wearing the caps. The cap-seller became very worried. He did not know what to do. Suddenly he remembered that monkeys like to imitate. So, he took off his own cap and threw it on the ground. The monkeys saw it.
They also threw their caps on the ground. The cap-seller did not miss the chance. He at once collected the caps from the ground. Then he quickly left the place.
1. Choose the best answer. 1–10=10
a) How was the day?
i) tropical ii) cold iii) rainy iv) hot
b) How was the cap-seller?
i) happy ii) unhappy
iii) dreamy iv) tired
c) What was the man?
i) lawyer ii) teacher
iii) cap-seller iv) businessman
d) How did the cap-seller leave the place?
i) silently ii) slowly
iii) immediately iv) pathetically
e) Where did the cap-seller collect the caps from?
i) ground ii) sky
iii) tree iv) house
f) Where did the cap-seller live?
i) Under a tree.
ii) In a rural area.
iii) In an urban area.
iv) In a small town.
g) Why was the man very tired?
i) Because he walked a long way.
ii) Because he was sick.
iii) Because he ran a race.
iv) Because he worked hard.
h) Why did the man sit under a big tree?
i) Because it was raining.
ii) Because he wanted to take meal.
iii) Because he needed rest,
iv) Because he wanted to sleep.
i) What was unbelievable to the cap-seller?
i) The monkeys were eating nuts.
ii) He fell asleep.
iii) He lost the caps.
iv) The monkeys were wearing the caps.

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