Sunday, November 25, 2012

ক্যাডেট কলেজে ভর্তি পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজি

1. Put a tick mark against the correct answer.
a. Belal and Sabina live in the……
(i) same village
(ii) opposite village
(iii) other village
(iv) neighbour village
b. Maya is…… years old.
(i) eight (ii) ten
(iii) twelve (iv) fourteen
e. Salam was happy because he was a……
(i) shop-keeper for a moment
(ii) student
(iii) thief
(iv) businessman
d. Who doesn’t know the top secret?
(i) The city people
(ii) The village people
(iii) Old people
(iv) Young people
e. Where did Shahanara Begum learn about new chula?
(i) from Nazmun Alam
(ii) from Mohammad Ali
(iii) at her co-operative
(iv) none of them
f. Vitamin ‘C’ prevents……
(i) blindness (ii) ricket
(iii) scurvy (iv) none of these
g. Who wrote the poem ‘Who has seen the wind’?
(i) Keats (ii) Christina Rossetti
(iii) Robert browning
(iv) William Shakespeare
h. Why were the two sons began to dig the soil?
(i) to get crops
(ii) to find gold
(iii) to sow seeds
(iv) none of these
i. How time did it takeKathmandutoCalcuttaby bus?
(i) About 20 hours
(ii) About 40 hours
(iii) About 30 hours
(iv) About 10 hours
j. Where does Niran live?
(i) Nepal (ii) Thailand
(iii) India (iv) Bangladesh
2. Use appropriate preposition.
a. The police is looking…… the case.
(i) to (ii) about
(iii) into (iv) with
b. He is devoid……commonsense.
(i) of (ii) to
(iii) into (iv) for
c. She had a talent…… making people laugh.
(i) of (ii) in
(iii) on (iv) for
Answer : 1. a (i), b (iv), c (i).
d (ii), e (iii), f (iii), g (ii), h (ii),
i (iii), j (ii).
2. a (iii), b (i), c (iv).

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