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A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun.
There are six kinds of commonly used pronouns:
  1. Personal Pronouns: Personal Pronouns are used are substitutes for proper or common nouns. 
    Examples : I, he, she, mine, his, her, they, their


  2. Demonstrative Pronouns: Demonstrative Pronouns are used to point out objects
    Examples: this, that, these, those


  3. Indefinite Pronouns: Pronouns which refer to things in a general way and not to someone or something in particular.
    Examples: nobody, somebody, everybody, one (should not lie)


  4. Distributive Pronouns: Pronouns which refer to persons or things one at a time are called Distributive pronouns. 
    Examples: each, either, neither


  5. Relative Pronouns: A pronoun that relates a subordinate clause to the rest of the sentence is called a relative pronoun.
    Examples: who -  (Raj is the boy) who (did the work)
                      whose – (Raj is the boy) whose (books were lost)


  6. Interrogative Pronouns: Pronouns used for asking questions are called Interrogative Pronouns.
    Examples : what, which, who, whose, whom

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