Wednesday, November 28, 2012

English 2nd Paper Practice for SSC Exam

Part A (Grammar)
4. Fill in the blanks with suitable linking words from the list.
Fortune has often been blamed for blindness (a) — fortune is not (b) — blind (c) — men are! Those (d) — look into a particular life. Will find (e) — fortune is usually on the side of the industrious.
5. Add tag questions to the following sentence.
a) I am not late —?
b) It’s not good at all—?
c) Give them a hand—?
d) Shut up—? e) We’d visited there—?
6. Read the passage in the reported speech.
‘Do you know why you are sent to school? For playing with friends?’ ‘No you are sent to learn to read and write.’ ‘But I wan’t read and write.’ ‘yes, you’ll’, said the father to his son.
7. Transform the following sentences as directed.
Nobody is self — reliant in the world. (a) Everybody is needy (complex). (b) Earn money or you will not be able to live better (Negative). (c) We all earn money in order to lead a happy life (compound). (d) The man who is lazy cannot prosper in life (simple)
He is quite unable to enjoy a happy life. It is high time to do your duty. (Passive)
8. Complete the sentences as below :
a) I prayed that — b) — who ever come—
c) Strike the iron— d) Would that I —
e) Allah help those —
1. a) cultivated b) acquired
c) is d) continues
e) should.
2. a) of b) in c) in d) in e) of
3. a) a b) a c) the d) the e) the f) the g) the h) the i) the j) the
4. a) but b) so c) as d) Who e) that
5. a) I am not late, am I?
b) It’s not good at all, is it?
c) Give them a hand, will you?
d) Shut up, will you?
e) We’d visit there, hadn’t we?
6. Father asked his son if he knew why was sent to school. The son replied that he was sent to school for playing with his friends. Then the father told that this was not so and added that he was sent to school to learn to read and write. But the son said that he would not read and write. Then the father told his son that he would.
7. a) It is everybody who is needy.
b) If you do not earn money, you will not be able to live better.
c) We all earn money and lead a happy life.
d. A lazy man cannot prosper in life.
e. It is high time for your duty to be done.
8. a) I prayed that Allah might help him.
b) Who ever comes will find him
c) Strike the iron while it is hot.
d) Would that I could fly in the sky.
e. Allah helps those who help

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