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ক্যাডেট কলেজে ভর্তি পরীক্ষার মডেল টেস্ট

1. What is the verb of the word 'Ability'?
a. Ableness b. Enable
c. Ably d. Able
2. What is the noun of the word 'waster'?
a. waste b. wasting
c. wastage d. wasteful
3. One should do one's duty. The underlined word is--.
a. an indefinite pronoun
b. a personal pronoun
c. a demonstrative pronoun
d. a relative pronoun
4. The noun of the word 'successfully' is --.
a. Successional b. success
c. successful d. succeed
5. A verb that needs an object is called--.
a. Intransitive b. Factitive verb
c. Transitive d. Causative verb
6. It rains. The underlined word isg-.
a. an impersonal verb
b. a transitive verb
c. a reflexive verb
d. factitive verb
7. He has five (man-servant) in his house.
a. men-servants b. men servant
c. man-servants d. man-servant
8. He is good at (physic).
a. physique b. physics
c. physiques d. physices
9. Which one is correct?
a. She is beauty.
b. She is and beauty.
c. She is a beauty.
d. She is the beauty.
10. Which one is correct?
a. Rice of Dinajpur is fine.
b. Rice of the Dinajpur is fine.
c. Rice of the Dinajpur is super fine.
d. The rice of Dinajpur is fine.
11. Rahim is the better of -- two boys.
a. no article b. other
c. rest of d. the
12. He called me -- fool.
a. a b. the
c. an d. article
13. He (to come) to me the day before yesterday.
a. has come b. would come
c. had come d. came
14. Physics (to be) my favorite subject.
a. are b. will be
c. to be d. is
15. I found him (sing).
a. sing b. sang
c. singing d. to sing
16. Kamal (go) to school now.
a. Kamal is going to school now.
b. Kamal has been going to school now.
c. Kamal goes to school now.
d. Kamal will go to school now.
17. He talks is if he (to be) mad.
a. He talks is if he to be mad.
b. He talks as if he were mad.
c. He talks is if he is mad.
d. He talks as if he be mad.
18. He worked instead of (play).
a. playing b. played
c. play d. having played
19. He is the (bad) boy in the class.
a. worse b. better
c. worst d. had
20. He kept me (to wait)
a. He kept me waiting. b. He kept me wait.
c. He kept me to wait. d. He kept me on wait.
21. He (dare) go there.
a. He dare not go there. b. He date to go there.
c. He dares go there. d. He is daring to there.
22. When has the work (to do)?
a. to do b. be done c. done d. been done
23. He (to be) on bed in the last night.
a. lain b. laid c. lay d. lied
উত্তরগুলো মিলিয়ে নাও
1. b 2. c 3. a 4. b 5. c 6. a 7. b 8. b 9. c 10. d 11. d 12. a 13. d 14. d 15. c 16. a 17. b 18. a 19. c 20. a 21. c 22. d 23. c

24. What you (to do) last night.
a. you bid b. did you do
c. had you done. d. did you.
25. He said to me, 'Let us swim in the river.'
a. He told me that we will swim in the river.
b. He proposed me that we should swim in the river.
c. He proposed to me that we should swim the river.
d. He asked me that we should swim in the river.
26. Walk fast lest you (miss) the train.
a. would miss b. should miss
c. miss d. will miss
27. He died of cholera. (Passive)
a. He died by cholera.
b. He death died by cholera.
c. His death was caused by cholera.
d. He was caused to death by cholera.
28. I offered him a chair.
a. Chair was offering him by me.
b. He was offered a chair by me.
c. He offered a chair by me.
d. He was offering a chair by me.
29. You may sell the pen.
a. The pen may be sold be you.
b. The pen might be sold you.
c. The pen might sold by you.
d. The pen may be selled by you.
30. It has been lost.
a. Someone has lost it.
b. Someone lost it.
c. People lost it.
d. They had lost it.
31. He often writes to me.
a. I am often written to by him.
b. I am often written by him.
c. I am often written by to him.
d. Often is written to me by him.
32. Do not insult the weak. (Passive)
a. Let not the weak be insulted.
b. Let the weak be insulted.
c. Let the weak be insulted.
d. Let not the weak be insulting.
33. We shall be blamed. (Active)
a. Everyone shall be blaming us.
b. Everyone will blame us.
c. Everyone will blaming us.
d. Everyone will be blaming us.

উত্তরগুলো মিলিয়ে নাও
24. d 25. b 26. b 27. c 28. b 29. a 30. a 31. a 32. a 33. b. 

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