Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rewrite using letters and punctuation

A Attractive :The Sundarbans, Rangamati and Cox’s Bazar are very attractive places. A narrow valley: He was going through a narrow valley. B Breath : He took a deep breath. Bring : Bring the pen. Bridge : Shihab asked his uncle why they had built a bridge over a road. C Cage: Birds live in the cages. Capital : Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Cave : The genie of the ring took Aladin out of the cave. Complaint : What is your complaint? Common : There are many common birds in Bangladesh. Community : People of different communities live in Bangladesh. Constructed : He constructed the building. Curious : She is very curious about this matter. Come forward : Mita, Munir, Asif, Banu and Reba come forward to help their teacher. Cough : Sabera has also a bad cough. Collect : The cap-seller collected the caps from the ground. Celebrated : After a month’s fasting Eid-ul-Fitre is celebrated. Cave : In a cave Andracles hid himself. D Department store : She works in shifts in a department store in Chittagong. Daughter: Hasina Begum’s daughter Sabera is ill. Deep :Doctor orders Sabera to take deep breath. Different : People from different communities live in Bangladesh in peace. Dish : Banu has prepared many special dishes for Eid. Dictionary : I have a dictionary of English to Bengali. Downstairs : He got down towards the downstairs. E Embraced : They embraced each other after the prayer. Excited : The students are excited. Excitedly : All the students entered the room excitedly. Everywhere: We see crow everywhere. Eid prayer: The boys will go to Eidgah for Eid Prayer. Eid fair: We will go to Eid fair. Excluding: The width of Mohakhali flyover is 14.63 excluding the side walk.  F Familiar: He is familiar to us. Fasting: After a month’s fasting Eid-ul-Fitre is celebrated. favorite: Nazrul Islam is my favorite poet. Feathers: Parrot’s feathers are green. Finish: He finished the work. Forget: Don’t forget to write the date. Fever: Sabera is suffering from cold and fever.

Rewrite using capital
letters and punctuation marks.

Question: Rewrite using capital letters and punctuation marks.  1. fill in the form please 2. Bangladesh was liberated on December 16 1971 3. in the evening my mother watches tv 4. how can I help ms sufia 5. yes i think you’re right 6. Hallow how are you 7. did you play in the rain sabera 8. mita cut the rope with the scissors please 9. its so beautiful im so happy 10. she works standing all the time and serves the customers  11. she often gets tired after work but she does not mind  12. she meets new people everyday  13. she finds her job interesting 14. aladin said bring us some food 15. the children say eidmubarak to each other 16. nahid sir says if you want to learn English you should speak english 17. be careful razu dont drop the picture 18. adnan reached home and shouted mother mother come out with a light 19. meanwhile the bell rings 20. after i give you the test paper look at it carefully  21. don’t look at anyone else’s paper 22. so jamila doesn’t have to wait at the same time everyday 23. What’s your complaint sabera 24. she teaches us English 25. yes I mailed it ms huq 26. did you send the letter  27. be careful raju 28. my grandfather is sixty five 29. after some time the man woke up 30. yes teacher the cuckoo  31. can you name a seasonal bird bina 32. hands on clocks and gloves and shoes 33. the cap-seller could not believe his eyes 34. what did the doctor say 35. yes of course lets go 36. in the afternoon she generally goes there by rickshaw or baby taxi 37. she doesn’t like to wait at the midday heat 38. is anything serious doctor 39. not really she has a cold and a fever 40. would you give me shahids phone number please Answer: Rewrite using capital letters and punctuation marks.  1. Fill in the form, please. 2. Bangladesh was liberated on December 16, 1971 3. In the evening, my mother watches TV. 4. How can I help, Ms. Sufia? 5. Yes, I think you’re right. 6. Hello! how are you? 7. Did you play in the rain, Sabera? 8. Mita, cut the rope with the scissors, please. 9. It’s so beautiful, I’m so happy. 10. She works standing all the time and serves the customers.  11. She often gets tired after work. But she does not mind.  12. She meets new people everyday.  13. She finds her job interesting. 14. Aladin said, ‘Bring us some food!’ 15. The children say, ‘Eid-Mubarak’ to each other. 16. Nahid sir says, ‘If you want to learn English, you should speak English.’ 17. Be careful, Razu. Don’t drop the picture. 18. Adnan reached home and shouted, ‘Mother! Mother!! Come out with a light.’ 19. Meanwhile, the bell rings.
20. After I give you the test paper, look at it carefully. 21. Don’t look at anyone else’s paper. 22. So, Jamila doesn’t have to wait at the same time everyday. 23. What’s your complaint, Sabera? 24. She teaches us English. 25. Yes, I mailed it, Ms. Huq. 26. Did you send the letter? 27. Be careful, Raju. 28. My grandfather is sixty-five. 29. After some time, the man woke up. 30. Yes, teacher, the cuckoo.  31. Can you name a seasonal bird, Bina? 32. Hands on clocks, and gloves, and shoes, 33. The cap-seller could not believe his eyes! 34. What did the doctor say? 35. Yes, of course. Let’s go. 36. In the afternoon, she generally goes there by rickshaw or baby-taxi. 37. She doesn’t like to wait at the mid-day heat. 38. Is anything serious, doctor?
39. Not really, she has a cold and a fever.
40. Would you give me Shahid's phone number, please?

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