Wednesday, November 28, 2012

প্রতিযোগিতামূলক পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি

1. Choose the incorrect sentence-
a. she is considering.
b. I enjoyed talking to your father.
c. I miss top watch the news when i am away from home.
d. I don’t mind waiting.
2. Choose the correct sentence-
a. Do you know to type?
b. My faller used to walking in the morning.
c. You had better not go alone.
d. My brother would rather has a cola than a Pepsi-
3. Which word is the synonym of ‘incite’?
a. in spite b. instigate
c. encourage d. intimate
4. Louis - fourteenth was — benevolent ruler.
a. the, a
b. the, the
c. the, no article
d. both
5. The price of daily necessaries increases by—
a. hook or by crook
b. fits and starts
c. the by
d. leaps and bounds
6. What you say is quite—
a. out of doors b. out of place
c. out of sorts d. out of work
7. I water the plants. The word ‘water’ is used as ——
8. What is the time —- your watch?
a. in b. at
c. by d. with
9. ‘Did you eat the mango? evK¨wUi passive form n‡eÑ
a. The mango was eaten by you.
b. Was the mango eaten by you?
c. By you were the mango eaten.
d. None
10. Who is the author of the book “of human Bondage”?
a. Charles Dickers
b. Somerset Mangham
c. Jane Austen
d. D.H. Lawrence
11. What is the synonym of the word ‘Emeritus’ are—
a. Retired b. Dead
c. Dull d. By merit
12. The poet of ‘Romantic Age’ is—
a. George well b. D.H. Lawrence
c. John Milton d. John Keats
13. The book which I bought is lost.
a. Noun b. Adjective
c. Adverb d. Principal
14. We must look —- our animals evK¨wUi k~b¨¯’‡b mwVK kãwU n‡eÑ
a. into b. over
c. after d. at
15. He refused —- to help me.
a. Point blank b. in good faith
c. out and out d. by no meany
16. If I had seen you I —- you.
a. would call
b. would be calling
c. would have called
d. would have been called
17. gvbe RvwZ GLb m¼Uvcbœ|
a. Mankind is at a stake now.
b. Mankind is at dangers now.
c. Mankind is at a stake now.
d. Man is at a stake now.
18. What is the meaning of ‘culpable homicide’?
a. grievous hurt b. murder
c. extortion d. not amounting to murder.
19. choose the correct one—
a. Mispel b. Misspell
c. Misspel d. Mispell
20. What is the antonym of ‘Apostate’?
a. loyalist b. Cancellation
c. Poverty d. believe
21. Choose the correct one—
q. Hallucination b. Halusination
c. Hallucination d. None
22.No sonner had he left — I came.
a. then b. than
c. when d. after
23. Who is the author of ‘The Taming of the shrew’?
a. Shaw b. Shakespeare
c. Ibsen d. Jonson
24. The Examination-before 9 reached the hall.
a. has started b. did start
c. had started d. had been start
25. which one is a Metaphor?
a. He is as good as his brother.
b. He is the star of the family.
c. She song like a cuckoo.
d. The boy takes after his father.

DËi : 1. a, 2. c, 3. b, 4. a, 5. d, 6. b, 7. c, 8. c, 9. b, 10. b, 11. a, 12. d, 13. b, 14. c, 15. a, 16. c, 17. c, 18. b, 19. b, 20. a, 21. a, 22. b, 23. b, 24.c 25, b

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