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How safe will the buildings

6. Filling in the gaps (without clues): (a) excessive; (b) causes; (c) officials; (d) flow; (e) hampered.
7. Summary:
Drought is a natural calamity. There are many causes of drought such as deforestation, riverbed siltation, global warming etc. It appears almost every year in Bangladesh. The people of northern areas suffer more. It also hampers our production of crops.
8. Flow chart showing the harmful effects of draught.

Modal Question
Unit-7, Lesson-S (B)
How safe will the buildings in the city of Dhaka be in the event of an earthquake? Experts give no straight answer to this question, but call for taking adequate precautions to minimize losses. That Bangladesh lies in the active earthquake zone is not unknown, to Bangladeshis. Alarmed by the recurrence of quakes during recent years, experts have called for the development of an earthquake resistant building code that all buildings should follow as mandatory. ,
There are two schools of experts regarding earthquakes. One school comprising of engineers and geologists is of the view that the recurrence of quakes in recent years should be taken as a signal for a major earthquake.
Another school comprising of similar categories of experts, however, believes that the concern should not be amplified, because although there are a number of fault lines in the geographical area comprising Bangladesh none of them is active enough to pose a major threat. Yet none of the schools rules out the possibility of a major quake and the dangers that might be associated with it. The Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakhya (RAJUK), responsible for a planned development of the city believes that an earthquake resistant building code should be developed to reduce the losses.
1. Choose the right word to complete-each sentences :
(a) Earth quake experts do not give straight/ drect/clear cut answer to the safety of Dhaka in an earthquake.
(b) We have been alarmed by the recurrence/occurrence/remembrance of quakes during recent year

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