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English model Test for PEC Exam

Time : 2 Hours, Full marks : 100
Read the given text and answer the questions No (1, 2 and 3) :
The name of our country isBangladesh. It became independent in 1971.Dhakais its capital.Bangladeshis a small country. Its land area is 147,570 square kilometers. But it has a large population. About 140 million people live here.Bangladeshis mainly an agricultural country. Its main crops are rice, jute, sugar-cane and tea. Many kinds of fruits also grow here. Jackfruits, Mangoes, Bananas, Pine-apples, Guavas and Water-melon’s are the most common. My country has also many rivers. The main rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Karnaphuli. There are many varieties of fish in these rivers. We have many interesting places. The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in the Sundarbans. Cox’s Bazar is the longest beach in the world. It is about 120 kilometers long. Many people visit there places every year.Bangladeshis a peaceful country. People from different communities live here in peace. I love my country very much.
1. Write down the correct answer on your answer script.     1´10=10
i) What kind of Country isBangladesh?
a) Independent b) Free
c) Dependent d) Colonial
ii) How long is the Cox’s Bazar sea beach?
a) 140 km b) 130 km c) 120 km d) 1.8 km
iii)Bangladeshis mainly-
a) An agricultural country
b) Over populated Country
c) A big Country d) A Small country
iv) Our Country has many rivers. One of the main rivers is-
a) The Burigonga b) The Surma
c) The Padma d) The Kushiara
v) Who grows crops?
a) Gold smith b) Cobblers
c) Tailors d) Farmers
vi) What is the plural form of the word ‘country’?
a) Countrys b) Countries
c) Countryes d) Countryess
vii) How long is the sea beach? What type of sentence is it?
a) Exclamation b) Question
c) Statement d) Quotation
viii) Which one is the correct sentence by using the following words? many/we!
places/have/ interesting
a) We interesting have places many.
b) Many interesting places we have.
c) We have many interesting places.
d) Interesting many places have we.
ix) Find out the words using the capital letter correctly-
a) The royalBengaltiger
b) The Royal bengal tiger
c) The RoyalBengalTiger
d) The RoyalBengaltiger
x) Which one is the very attractive place ofBangladesh?
a)Dhakab) Mymensingh
c) Cox’s Bazar d) Ashulia
2. Fill in the blanks with the words from the text.          1´5=5
a)Bangladeshhas a land area of …………. square kilometers.
b) ……… is the Capital of Bangladesh.
c) My country has many ……….
d) People from different communities live in ……… here.
e) We have many ………… places.
3. Answer the following questions.         1+1+1+1+1+5=10
a) When didBangladeshbecome independent?
b) How many people are there inBangladesh?
c) Where does the Royal Bengal Tiger live?
d) What is the name of the longest sea beach in the world?
e) What are the main crops ofBangladesh?
f) Make a list of five common fruits inBangladesh.
4. Write the poem ‘Clouds’ or,
Write the first 8 lines of the poem ‘Little Boy Blue’. 10
5. Make five sentences from the table given below.         1´ 5=5
6. Match the words with their similar meaning.      5

7. Re-write using capital letters and punctuation marks.      10
My name is samir khan i live with my aunt ms meher begum in a small house my address is 45 park road shimulpara khulna i went to dhaka for a visit with my uncle mr azam khan it was during the winter holidays he took me to visit the mirpur zoo
8. Re-arrange the sentences to make questions and answer them.    5
a) own /wash/ clothes/ your/ do/ you?
b) you/are/how/old?
c) evening/do/every/you/TV/watch?
d) do/your/what/father/does?
e) family/you/with/your/live/do?
9. Read the following situation. Make a request dialogue & response. Use would or could.      10
You want to know Shilas birthday.
10. Re-write the Text with the correct form of verb.        2´ 5=10
They saw many big and small animals. Tanin’s uncle ……….. (tell) them not to go near the cages. After lunch they……… (have) a ride on a camel. They…….. (go) round the zoo. So they……. (become) tired but they ……… (enjoy) the visit to the zoo.
11. Write a short paragraph within 100 words about ‘Your Mother’ by answering the following questions.   10
a) What is the name of your mother?
b) How old is she?
c) What is she?
d) Where does she work?
e) What does she do for the family?
12. Suppose, you are Anika/Apu. Faria/Fuad is your friend. She/he lives inKhulna. Now write a letter to your friend about your visit to the zoo at Mirpur.       10

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