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English 1st Paper for JSC Examination

English 1st paper
পূর্ণমান : ১০০, সময় : ৩ ঘণ্টা
[N.B.: The figures in the Margin indicate full marks]
Part-A : Reading Test (marks-40)
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions following it.
Mrs. Ayesha Amin starts telling her class a story. Once upon a time, two farmers, Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper lived in the same village near the sea in Greece. They were very good friends, but as you will see, they were very different people. Mr. Ant was a very serious, hard working person. He got up early in the morning, ate a small breakfast, and then started working on his farm. He worked very hard all day under the hot summer sun. He planted many crops and looked after them carefully. “1 like to water my crops every day, he told his friend Mr. Grasshopper. “And as soon as they’re ready, 1 like to collect them quickly and put them safely in my house.” “Don’t you ever stop working?” asked Mr. Grasshopper. When do you eat?”
Oh, I just stop working, eat very quickly, and then start working again,” Mr. Ant replied. “I don’t like to waste my time!” But there’s plenty of time!” exclaimed Mr. Grasshopper. “What’s the hurry? Look at me. Sometimes it’s sunny. Sometimes it rains. Let the sun and the rain take care of your crops. Why work? Take a holiday! “Enjoy yourself, my friend!”
1. Write whether the following statements are true or false. If false, give the correct answer.       1´5=5
(a) Mr. Ant got up early because he was lazy.
(b) Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper both were farmers.
(c) Mr. Ant waste less time to take meal.
(d) Mr. Grasshopper liked to enjoy himself
(e) Mr. Grasshopper was serious and hard working people.
2. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.                        1×5=5
(a) Mrs. Ayesha Mmin starts telling her class a story. Here “telling” is—.
(i) a verb     (ii) a continuous form of verb
(iii) a participle (iv) a gerund
(b) Mr. Ant was an early—.
(i) rising            (ii) riser
(iii) doer           (iv) farmer
(c) Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper were different in—
(i) nature           (ii) working
(iii) profession   (iv) habit
(d) Who said “But there is plenty of time.”
(i) Mr. Ant (ii) Mr. Grasshopper
(iii) Both of them           (iv) other people
(e) Mr. Ant ate hastily with a view to— proper use of time.
(i) making (ii) useing (iii) make (iv) made
3. Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary :             0.5×10=5
Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper (a) — two good friends with different (b) —. One of them was (c) — and the other was lazy. (d) — got up early in the morning and started work (e)— a small breakfast. He planted many crops, (f) — and looked after
them (g) —. He started work early in them morning and (h)— it till night. He looked after the plants carefully. As soon as the crops were (i)—, he collected and (j)— them swiftly.
4. Write short answers to the following questions.          1×5=5
(a) Where did the two friends live?
(b) What was the suggestion of Mr. Grasshopper to Mr. Ant?
(c) What kind of farmer was Mr. Ant?
(d) What type of man was Mr. Grasshopper?
(e) How did Mr. Ant take care of his crops?
5. Choose a word from the box and put it in the blank next to its meaning. 0.5×10=5
(a) — =gather
(b) — =not the same
(c) — = rise up
(d) — = cautiously
(e) — = industrious
(f) — = sufficient
(g) — =sacredly
(h) — =fast
(i) — = ilde away/while away
(j) — = sincere
6. Fill in the blanks with a suitable words from the text :             05×10=5
Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper lived in the (a)— village near the sea in Greece. They were friends but their (b)— was different. Mr. Ant was (c)— where as Mr. Grasshopper was (d)—. (e)— up very early in the morning Mr. Ant (f)— a small breakfast and started the work. He (g)—.–. many crops and looked after them very (h)—. On the other hand Mr. Grasshopper did not do work. He let the (i)— and (j)— for talking care of his crops.
7. Read the passage in A again. Now write a paragraph based on the information about the ant and Grasshopper. Use the clues in the box below. Write the information in the correct sequence as it appears in the text. The paragraph should not exceed 70 words.         5
or, Read the passage in A again. Now write a dialogue between Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper on working hard and making the proper use of time.
8. Read the passage in A again. Now write the main ideas of the passage in your own words in not more than five sentences.             5
Part-B : Vocabulary Test (Marks- 20)
9. Fill in each blanks of the following passage with a suitable word from your text book. Use only one word for each blank : 1×10=10 To day is Wednesday at Nurpur High School. Class 8 students are (a)— their English class/lesson with Mrs. Ayesha Amin. English is (b)— early Wednesday, so everyone is feeling (c)—. Now the students are telling Mrs. Amin about their (d)—. Sara is feeling very (e)— and wants to tell Mrs. About (f)—. Sara likes to tell something about (g.)—. She (h) out of the classroom window to show every body the dirty waste (i)—. Luna said it’s dirty but it’s good for the (j)—
10. Fill in each blank of the following passage with a suitable word from your text : lx10=10
So. when all the tools were made the students started to work. It was a (a)— day in March. They (b)—— deep into the ground (c)— their speads. Their hoes are (d)— to break the soil into small (e)—. The rakes were used to collect all the weeds and the (f)— to carry them away. (g)— the soil they used leveler. As it was a hard work they (h)—- to sweat a lot. Then the students (i)—and looked at their work. Then they felt (j)— good.
PART-C Writing Test (Marks- 40)
1 1. Read the following table and make ten sentences : 1×10=10
12. The following sentences are in wrong order. Write them in the correct
order. 1×10=10
(a) It is In Chittagong district. (b) So he is going to walk there. (c) Now It is the month of January. (d) It is one and a half kilometre from him home in the town. (e) This morning Anwar is feeling nervous. (f) Anwar is going to join class 8 at Nurpur High School. (g) Last year he was in class 7 at Sonapur High School in Rangpur district. (h) Like Sonapuer, Nurpur is a small town. (i) In December, his family moved to Nurpur. (J) He is going to start a new class at a new school.
13. Imagine, You are Fazian Kader. You are living at 147, Middle Paik Para, Mirpur, Dhaka. Your friend, Aslam Alamgir lives in 103/D, Railway Colony, Pahartali Chittagong. Recently you have visited Khulna by train. Now write a letter to your Friend describing your train journey. 10
or, Suppose, you are Shahin/Shila, Your residence is in 240 North Tilla, Comilla, And, Irfan/Luna is your friends. He lives In 13, Begun Bari. Dhaka. Your friend is interested to know how to develop in English. Now, Write a letter telling him about it.
14. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics. 10
(a) Anwar’s First Day at school (b) Fables
Answer : 1. a) False. Correct answer : Mr. Ant got up early, because he was industrious.
b) True c) True d) True e) False. Correct answer : Mr. Ant was hard working people.
2. a.(iv) a gerund, b. (ii) riser, c. (i) nature
d.(ii) Mr. Grasshopper, e.(i) making.
3. a-were, b-nature, c-conscious, d-Mr. Ant, e-eating, f-watered, g-carefully, h-continued, i-ready, j-stored.
4.a) The two friends lived in the some village near the sea in Greece.
b) Mr. Grasshopper’s suggestion was to Mr. Ant to take rest and enjoy the life.
c) Mr. Ant was an industrious farmer.
d) Mr. Grasshopper was a lazy farmer. He liked to pass his time.
e) Mr. Ant was a serious and hardworking cultivator who liked to plant many crops and took after them.
5. a. collect, b. different, c. get up, d. carefully, e. hardworking, f. plenty, of g. safely, h. quickly, i. waste, j. serious.
6. a. same, b. nature, c. hard working/ active, d. lazy, e. getting, f. ate, g. planted, h. carefully, i. sun, j. rain.
7. Once upon a time there lived two farmers named Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper in the same village in Greece. They were very close friends but their attitude towards life was very different. Mr. Ant was a very serious and hard working person. He used to work in the field from down to dusk under the hot summer sun. He always got up early in the morning. He grew crops in the field and collected them when they were ready for harvesting. He never wasted his time. One the other hand, Mr. Grasshopper was a lazy person. He did not work at all. He was very indifferent towards life.
8. Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper were very good friends. They lived in the same village but their motto of life was quite different from each other. Mr. Ant was active and industrious. He worked hard from dawn to dusk. But Mr. Grasshopper spent all his time in singing and merry making.
9. a. enjoying, b. taught, c. fresh,
d. experience, e. upset, f. something,
g. rubbish, h. pointed, i. materials, j. soil.
10. a. hot, b. dug, c. with, d. used, e. pieces, f. baskets, g. to break, h. began, i. stopped, j. really.
11. a) A piece of land was given to the class 8 students.
b) It was about 12 metres long and six metres wide.
c) The headmaster gave it to them.
d) It was chosen by the headmaster and Mr. Anis Ahmed.
e) It was chosen for 3 reasons.
f) It stood near the shcool’s well.
g) It was always sunny.
h) It was never flooded during rainy season.
i) It was a very suitable piece of land.
j) The students were very happy to work together.
12-14. Do by yourself.

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