Saturday, November 24, 2012

10 Tips to Your Interview

10 Tips to  Your Interview

  1. Greet the interviewers -  Walk in with a smile and before you sit down, greet the interviewers. A handshake is not essential so we recommend you decide according to the situation.
  1. Be relaxed and confident. Smile if required. Once you’re seated, try and feel relaxed and confident. You’re well prepared and there’s no reason to panic. A smile will lighten the atmosphere and make you look at ease.
  1. Make eye contact. To do so, you first need to feel relaxed and confident. Remember, not making eye contact can make you sound boring and disinterested. It can also make the interviewer feel that you’re being rude. Feel confident and make eye contact off and on. Don’t stare continuously though; you don’t want to portray yourself as over confident and cocky.
  1. Talk clearly - Stuttering with words gives a bad impression and makes you seem under confident. Talk clearly and ensure you don’t eat up your words. There’s no need for you to feel nervous. You’ve prepared hard for this and there’s no reason for you to feel tense. Be yourself and you’ll do brilliantly.
  1. Be honest.  If you do not know an answer,   say so. It is much better to come across as a person who is willing to admit something he does not know, rather than as a person who will try to make up answers.
  1. Don’t boast or lie about things - Interviewers meet many candidates and the ones they like the least are either those who boast about their accomplishments or the ones who lie. Both lying and boasting are strictly not acceptable. As stated in the previous point, be absolutely honest and if you do not know an answer or are unaware about something, accept it instead of making something up. Most often you’ll get caught and form a terrible impression.
  1. Don’t say bad things about your former company - You might have had an unpleasant experience at your previous company or worse, you might have had to work with a horrible boss but mentioning this is the wrong thing to do. Never be negative and never say anything bad about your previous boss or the organization.
  1. Appear interested in the job - Looking active and interested is crucial to your success. Never yawn, look bored or look around. An occasional smile and a nod is the right way forward. As mentioned earlier, maintain eye contact.
  1. Do not hesitate to ask questions - If you’re unsure about something or have clarifications to make then do ask. It is best to be clear your doubts so that there is no miscommunication.
  1. Thank the interviewers - Once the interview is over, thank the interviewers for their time and for giving you this opportunity. Walk out confidently and hope for the best!

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