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Punctuation and Capital marks for PEC Exam

Rewrite using capital letters and punctuation marks:
1. she could understand her students curiosity she smiles and says do you want to see what i have in the box all the students shout excitedly yes we do okay could you help me open the box mita munir asif banu and reba come forward to help their teacher
2. the stranger asked aladin what he did for a living aladin was silent because he did not do anything so the stranger said you must do something to earn a living i will buy a shop for you
3. ive made a new friend his names altaf hes a nice boy he is always friendly and helpful everybody likes him on my first day at school he sat beside me we talked and spent a lot of time together
4. aladins mother was surprised she did not know aladins father had a brother she cooked a good dinner the stranger came to aladins house at night he brought some fruits and sweets with him
5. today is eid the boys will go to eidgah for eid prayer after a months fasting eid ul fitre is celebrated the children say eid mubarak to each other shihab asif and nafisa are wearing new clothes
6. esha lived in a cottage near a forest with her father one day she went to the forest to get some flowers a witch saw her with her magic she made esha fall asleep she then took her away to a magic land
7. our school is closed on friday thats our weekly holiday but we have other holidays such as eid holiday ramadan durga puja buddha purnima and christmas in december after our final examination we get a long holiday
8. shihab is ten years old he lives in a small village it is beside the river meghna he is in class five he has come to dhaka to visit his uncle mr hafizuddin this is shihabs first visit to dhaka
9. oh the flyover he was amazed to see it a flyover is a road it is built on pillars over another road shihab turn to his uncle and asked do we have flyovers in other cities.
10. the annual sports of our school is on saturday january 10 i will take my scholarship examination on december 15 2006 mama was born on june 15 1978 helal was born on january 211979 in jessore hasan will reach in dhaka on may 8 2005 in the afterrnoon
11. this is ms samira begum she is our class teacher she can speak french italian and chinese she says if you want to learn english you should speak english she is a learned person
12. my name is samir khan i live with my aunt ms meher begum in a small house my address is 45 park road shimulpara khulna i went to dhaka for a visit with my uncle mr azam khan it was during the winter holidays
13. adnan was afraid he was driven out by fear of ghost he looked behind to see who it was but he found none he walked fast so that he can reach his home very soon
14. one day ms asma haque brings a big box in her classroom she puts the box near the table the box is tied with a rope all the students become curious they want to know what ms asma haque has in the box
15. the building has twenty floors he asks his uncle who live on so many floors uncle there are shops and offices and some apartments on different floors says mr hafizuddin
16. this is indra sen he comes from india he is a businessman his mother tongue is hindi but likes bengali language so he wants to learn bangla at a language centre in dhaka .
17. shihab noticed a road high over their head he asked uncle why they have built a bridge over a road i want to fly from there mr hafizuddin smiled this is not a bridge shihab this is a flyover
18. last year mita and her friends learnt how to tell the hours this year they want to learn about the minutes so one day mita brings her clock in the class she says to ms asma haque today we all want to learn how to jead the minutes in a clock ms asma haque is happy that her students are curious to learn
19. well i think i need some more help hira come to me bring Out the spoons the bowl and the frying pan and put them on the table reba come here take out all the packets and put them on the table thank you
reba go to your seat munir come here take out the stove and put it on the table go back to your seat
20. clean water is safe but dirty water is dangerous as it has germs river and tank water is dirty for many reasons a health worker advises the common people about it sabera begum collects tubewell water every morning she uses it for drinking cooking and washing her utensils

8. Rearrange the sentences to make questions and answers them :

1. when/marry/he/did?
2. children/have/many/he/how/does?
3. she/do/what/does?
4. when/last/you/there/did/go?
5. with/was/who/you?
6. tell/did/he/what/you?
7. you/did/what/do/then?
8. are/who/you?
9. do/live/where/you?
10. do/you/do/what?
11. what/you/do/like/story/most/book/type/of?
12. why/do/like/you/it?
13. your/who/writer/is/favourite?
14. write/does/what/he?
15. Mr/who/Len/is?
16. does/where/live/he?
17. the/when/he/shop/does/open?
18. does/close/the/he/shop/when?
19. assistant/does/have/he/he/any?
20. children/does/many/he/how/have?
21. they/do/what/do?
22. reach/will/when/Hasan?
23. the/scholarship/begun/when/exam/will/be?
24. first/who/born/was?
25. you/how/are?
26. you/English/who/teaches?
27. day/weekly/which/is/holiday?
28. margaret/is/who?
29. do/go/where/you?
30. do/you/do/what?
31. do/come/when/you/back?
32. does/your/time/what/school/start?
33. is/your/what/father?
34. your/day/is/independence/when?
35. is/your/who/brother?
36. are/who/you?
37. you/where/are/now?
38. will/come/when/you?
39. is/coming/who?
40. do/study/where/you?
41. whom/live/you/with/do?
42. are/here/you/what/doing?
43. is/what/dish/favourite/your?
44. looks/who/smart?
45. when/your/is/birthday?
46. is/your/what/name?
47. is/your/what/height?
48. do/a/cup/how/you/of/tea/make?
49. is/who/adult?
50. what/read/class/do/in/you?
51. father/is/your/where?
52. you/ever/a/have/deer/seen?
53. when/father/come/did/your?
54. my/which/watch/wrist/is?
55. want/you/what/do?
56. do/study/where/you?
57. your/what’s/name?
58. is/your/what/school?
59. who/Adnan/is?
60. are/thinking/what/you?
61. the/how/was/sound?
62. looked/who/behind?
63. mother/what’s/your?
64. your/what/aiml is?
65. knows/who/Bangla’ well?
66. reads/who/well?
67. who/the/Quran/holy/reads?
68. were/born/you/when?
69. cut/figure/who/a/good?
70. is/what/this?
71. the/box/who/opens?
72. is/who/curious?
73. is/who/lajuddin?
74. is/what/country/your?
75. are/your/what/crops/main?
76. is/biggest/which/our/hill?
77. many/how/districts/are/Bangladesh/in/there?
78. suffering/what/she/from/is?
79. where/now/is/she?
80. her/who/after/looking/is?
81. is/condition/how/her/now?
82. what/the/did/advise/doctor?
83. you/when/him/meet/will?
84. find/Rahim/did/what?
85. Mr/who/Leon/is?
86. does/where/live/he?
87. the/when/he/shop/does/open?
88. does/close/the/he/shop/when?

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