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Super English Suggestion for PEC Exam

1. Choose the best answer given in the bracket :

1. Ms Asma Haque brings a—box in her classroom. (big/small/nice)
2. All the students become—(happy/curious/glad)
3. All the students shout—(happily nervously/excitedly)
4. Mita, cut the rope with the—(blade/scissors/knife)
5.—open the box. (Banu/Munir/Asit)
6. Last Mita and her friends learnt how to tell the hours. (month/year/session)
7. One day Mita brings her—in the class. (clock wall clock/table clock)
8. Ms Asma Haque is happy that her students are—to learn. (unwilling/indifferent/curious)
9. Ms Haque takes the clock and shows it to—(the students/the class/the teachers)
10. Look at the—clocks and tell the time. (hanging/following/painting)
11. The working place of Ms Jamila Akter is —. (a post office/a kitchen/a department store)
12. She is a—. (shop assistant/bank manager/housewife)
13. In the first shift she works from —. (8 am to 4 pm/9 am to 3 pm/7 am to 3 pm)
14. In the second shift her working time is—. (4 pm to lo pm/3 pm to 9pm/5 pm to 7 pm)
15. Ms Jamila goes to work by—in the morning. (rickshaw/baby taxi/bus)
16. I am doing better in my—here. (school/house/hostel)
17. 1 don’t feel—any more. (lonely/worry/anxiety)
18. 1 have made a new—. (teacher/friend/enemy)
19. He is always—. (friendly/hostile/sad)
20. He is also a person. .(wise/witty/foolish)
21. Shihab is—— years old. (11/I0/12)
22. The village is—the river Meghna. (in/outside/beside)
23. Shihab is in class —. (six/four/five)
24. Shihab’s works in a post office. (brother/uncle/father)
25. The grocery is on the—floor. (flrst/second/third)
26.Ms Nafisa Kamal into the class. (came/get/stepped)
27. You have already—about punctuation. (taught/talked/learned)
28. Ms Nafisa drew—a line. (long/short/medium)
29. Hyphen is much—than a dash. (longer/shorter/bigger)
30. Hyphen is used to—two words. (separate/break/join)
31. Lima had a—in a cage. (bird/rabbit/cat)
32. It was a—. (parrot/crow/sparrow)
33. It had feathers. (black/red/green)
34. She called her—. (Pussy/Mimi/ Tomy)
35. Mimi had a—. (red beak/green beak/black beak)
36. Bangladesh—independent in 1971. (was/became/was not)
37. It capital is—. (Dhaka/Khulna/Chittagong)
38. It has a—population (large/sound/small)
39. It has—rivers. (a few/many/less)
40. It is a peaceful—. (country/city/province)
41. It was a hot—day. (winter/rainy/summer)
42. A man was passing through a—. (town/village/district)
43. He walked for miles and got—. (angry/tired/hungry)
44. He sat under a big—. (tree/shade/umbrella)
45. He looked—the caps. (at/for/into)
46. After a months—Eid-ul-Fitre is celebrated. (starving/fasting/enjoying)
47. Shihab is wearing a——-— payjama and panjabi. (new/old/red)
48. The boys are —. (sad/angry/happy)
49. Shihab has fasted for—days. (20/15/17)
50. Nafisa’s favourite dish is—. (Firni/Payash/Noodles)
51. Shihab has come to see the— flyover. (Khilgaon/Mohakhli/Rampura)
52. He was—to see the flyover. (amazed/frightened/happy)
53. In big and busy cities flyovers are built to—. (have traffic jam/avoid traffic jam/help traffic jam)
54. The flyover is—kilometres long. (1.6/1.7/1.8).
55. it is—feet wide. (38/48/58)
56. Adman reached home and—, ‘Mother! Mother!!’ (shouted/called/cried out)
57. His mother came, out with a—in her hand. (torch/candIe/lamp)
58. She took him in her— (lap/shoulders/arms)
59. He felt—(relieved/tired/confused)
60. Adnans fear of a ghost made him so—(worried/nervous/sad)
61. Adman reached home and—, “Mother!Mother!!” (shouted/called/cried out)
62. His mother come out with a—in her hand. (torch/candle/1am)
63. She took hin in her—. (lap/shoulders/arms)
64. He felt—. (relieved/tired/confused)
65. His mother understood that Adnan’s fear of a ghost made him so—. (worried/nervous/sad)
66. Today is—. (Friday/Sunday/Tuesday)
67. The students wil1 go to the—fair. (book/trade/celebrity)
68. They are very —. (nervous/serious/happy)
69. The bus is—. (waiting/coming/running)
70. They reach their fair at—. (10/11/9)
71. The name of my school is Aslampur — School. (Primary/Junior/High)
72. It is in—town. (Jamalpur/Sonapur/Bhavapur)
73. The school has—teachers. (six/seven/eight)
74. There are—rooms in the school. (seven/eight/nine)
75. There is a big playground—the school. (behind/in front of/beside)
76. My mother is—years old. (35/36/37)
77. She teaches in a primary school in—(Sompur/Sherpur/Sonapur)
78. She takes care of our—and studies. (garden/family/health)
79. She helps the—people. (sick/ailing/poor)
80. She remains—the whole week (free/busy/active)
81. Last winter Tanin’s school had a—(celebration/holiday/stage show)
82. Tanin’s uncle took him and his friends to the —Zoo. (Mirpur/Safari/Gazipur)
83. Most of the animals were in the — (fields/ponds/cages)
84. The animal started with the letter “M” is a —. (mole/mongoose/monkey)
85. They had a ride on—(a camel/an elephant/a cow)
86. Aladin was a young—. (girl/boy/warrior)
87. Aladin lived with his—. (father/mother/uncle)
88. Aladin’s father was a—. (magician/tailor/cloth-seller)
89. Aladin’s father was—. (dead/alive/immigrant)
90. Aladins mother was—. (amazed/surprised/thundered)
91. One day the magician took Aladin to a —. (new city/mountain/valley) .
92. The stranger was really—. (a magician/Aladin’s uncle/Aladins brother)
93. The brass—was on the stone. (coin/ring/lamp)
94. Aladin got the—in the garden. (lamp/sword/sticks)
95. The magician closed the door of the cave with—(a stone/dry sticks/magic words)
96. It was dark inside the— . (cave/room/hall)/
97. He rubbed the . (lamp/ring/stone)
98. The genie said that he was the of the ring. (bearer/servant/slave)
99. The lamp was—. (dusty/bright/burnt)
100. Bring us some— (food/money/fruits)

Or, Fill in the blanks with the words from the text :

1. One day Ms Asma Haque brings a —in the class.
2. ——become curious to see the box.
3. Mita —the rope.
4. Ms Haque asks Banu to tell what she—in the box.
5. Everybody in the class is—
6. This year Mita and her friends want to learn about—
7. Last year they were taught to count the—
8. Ms Asma Haque is—to know that her students are curious to learn.
9. Showing the clock to the students she asks them to tell her the—
10. The long and the small hands of the clocks are not at the—place.
11. Jamila works in shifts in a—store in Chittagong.
12. On the other days Ms Jamila works in the—shift.
13. She works—in a department store in Chittagong.
14. The bus stops just—the store.
15. The bus is usually—in the mid-day.
16. l’ve—a new friend.
17. I—you all very much.
18. He often tells jokes and—.
19. We also visited the —.
20. Write to me—.
21. The libraries are on—floors.
22. Shihab is —to see the tall buildings.
23. He starts—the floors of a building.
24. Bookshops are on the second and—floors.
25. Many—live there.
26. Ms Nafisa was an—teacher.
27. She asked the—.
28. “What’s this short—called?”
29. It—like a dash.
30. It’s a—.
31. Lima liked to have a—bird on her birthday.
32. The pet bird was a—.
33. Father got it for her from a bird—.
34. Her—got wet.
35. Lima was very—of her.
36. Bangladesh became independent in—.
37. Bangladesh is mainly an—country.
38. We have many—places.
39. The Royal Bengal Tiger— in Sundarbans.
40. People from different communities live here in—.
41. The cap-seller was passing—a village.
42. He had a—of caps with him.
43. He then fell—.
44. When the cap-seller woke up, he found no—in the basket?
45. He was—
46. Today—Eid.
47. Nasifa has come out to Asif.
48. Shihab’s mother is—
49. After the—they embraced each other.
50. Mr Sajjad Hossain—
51. Shihab was having a very good—
52. Mr Hafizuddin is Shihab’s
53. Shihab noticed a—high over their head.
54. People can—their time by using flyover.
55. Shihab was—to see the flyover.
56. Mother saw Adnan—and sweating.
57. She was—to see his condition.
58. She asked, “Why do you look so—?”
59. She saw a small piece of wood—with a nail to his left shoe.
60. This incident was a—event in his life.
61. Mother saw Adnan—and sweating.
62. She was—to see his condition.
63. She asked, ‘Why do you look so—?’
64. She saw a small piece of wood—with a nail to his left shoe.
65. This incident was a— event in his life.
66. Ms Fatema will go—the students
67. The students are—on the bus.
68. The sun is shining—.
69. Ms Fatema Begum is taking some—too.
70. The students—home in the evening.
71. My school’s name is—Primary School.
72. The school is situated—Sonapur town.
73. The school has brick walls—a tin roof.
74. Five rooms are used—classes.
75. I like to play—the field very much.
76. My mother is a—
77. After school—she works at home.
78. She looks after my grandfather.
79. On holidays she cooks—dishes for us.
80. She keeps the—clean.
81. They went thereby—
82. They were—to see some of the animals.
83. The Royal Bengal Tiger was big and—.
84. A mole lives—.
85. They went—the Zoo for a long time.
86. Mustafa was Aladin’s —.
87. Aladin’s father died when he was a—.
88. The stranger introduced himself to Aladin as his—.
89. Aladin’s mother used to spin—to support the family.
90. Aladin’s mother was surprised to know that Aladin’s father had a—.
91. The magician took Aladin far away from the—.
92. The magician took Aladin to a narrow—.
93. They saw a big stone with brass—.
94. The magician sent Aladin to the garden to bring the—.
95. In the garden rich—were hanging in the trees.
96. Aladin called the—.
97. He was trembling to see the —
98. There was no food in the—
99. The big genie—
100.Aladin lived happily with his—
2. Write true or false. If false, give the correct answer :

1. Ms Asma Haque puts the box near the wall.
2. She could understand her students curiosity.
3. All the students came forward to help their teacher.
4. Mita cut the rope with the blade.
5. Banu told what were there in the box.
6. Last year Mita and her friends learnt how to tell the minutes.
7. This year they want to learn about the seconds.
8. One day Mita brings her clock in the class.
9. Mita shows the clock to the class.
10. As the long and small hands are not at the same place, so the students could not tell the time.
11. Jamila lives in Dhaka.
12. She works both in the morning and in the evening.
13. She always returns home from work by bus.
14. She doesn’t like her job.
15. She finds her job interesting.
16. This is a letter to Kiron.
17. Altaf is Kiron’s new friend.
18. In the letter, there is an example of a joke.
19. Altaf is a witty person.
20. Murad feels no more lonely. .
21. Shihab lives in a small town.
22. Mr Hafizuddin is Shihab’s uncle.
23. Shihab asks his uncle questions.
24. Shihab is shocked to see many tall buildings.
25. Bookshops are on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
26. Ms Nafisa went out of the class.
27. The students have learned about a full stop, a dash, a comma etc.
28. Ms Nafisa drew a long line on the blackboard.
29. Hyphen looks like a dash.
30. Hyphen is used to make meaning clear.
31. Next evening Lima had a bird in a cage.
32. The parrot had green feathers and a red beak.
33. Lima thanked her father.
34. Lima called the bird “Poli”.
35. Lime was learning to talk.
36. Bangladesh is a big country.
37. It is mainly an industrial country.
38. My country has few rivers.
39. Bangladesh is a peaceful country.
40. We have many interesting fruits.
41. The cap-seller was happy.
42. He sat under a tree to see the monkeys.
43. The monkeys lived in the village.
44. The monkeys were curious.
45. The cap-seller threw his cap on the ground.
46. Shihab is wearing a shirt and trousers.
47. He has come to Asifs house.
48. Asif is wearing new c1othes
49. Ms Fatema Banu has cooked many dishes.
50. Nafisa has come out to greet Asif.
51. Mr Hafizuddin came home early from his shop.
52. Shihab has come to see the flyover all by himself.
53. He was delighted to see the flyover.
54. He has come to see the Khilgaon flyover.
55. Flyovers are built in very big and busy countries.
56. Adnan shouted at his mother to come out with a lamp.
57. Mother was alarmed to see his condition.
58. She took him in her lap.
59. He realized that nobody nor any ghost followed him.
60. Adnan’s fear of a ghost made him so nervous.
61. Adnan shouted at his mother to come out with a lamp.
62. Mother was alarmed to see his condition.
63. She took him in her lap.
64. He realized that nobody nor any ghost followed him.
65. Adnan’s fear of a ghost made him so nervous.
66. Ms Fatema Begum is their class teacher.
67. The students are very curious.
68. They reach the fair at 10.
69. The students return home in the afternoon.
70. Rubina is carrying a camera.
71. Aslampur Primary School is situated in Ruppur town.
72. The school has two hundred students.
73. There are seven rooms in the school.
74. Five rooms are for classes.
75. There is a small playground in front of the school.
76. My mother is 36 years old.
77. She looks after my little sister.
78. She washes her clothes.
79. Sometimes she goes to the market.
80. In the morning, she watches TV.
81. Tanin’s school had a holiday in last winter.
82. His uncle took him to the Zoo with some of his friends.
83. They saw lions and goats.
84. His uncle allowed them to go near the cages.
85. They became tired
86. Aladin lived with his father.
87. Aladins father was alive.
88. Occasionally a stranger came.
89. Aladin was silent.
90. A1adin’s mother was very pleased.
91. The strang

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