Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Competency Based Questions for PEC Exam

Shihab is ten years old. He lives in a small village. It is beside the river Meghna. He is in class five. He goes to the village primary school. He has come to Dhaka to visit his uncle Mr Hafizuddin. His uncle works in a post office. This is Shihab first visit to Dhaka. So one day, Mr Hafizuddin takes him to Dhanmondi. Shihab is surprised to see so many tall building. He starts counting the floors of a building. The building has twenty floors. He asks his uncle, "Who live on so many floor, uncle?" "There are shops and offices and some apartments on different floors," says Mr Hafizuddin.
1. Choose the right answer.
a) Which city did Shihab visit?
i. Dhaka ii. Chittagong iii. Rajshahi iv. Barishal
b) What is his uncle's occupation?
i. a guard ii. an official iii. a police iv. a sweeper
c) Shihab was surprised seeing — buildings.
i. small ii. big iii. tall iv. wide
d) What is the relationship between Shihab's father and his uncle?
i. brother ii. neighbour iii. friend iv. cousin
e) What makes Shihab surprised?
i. tall buildings ii. small buildings iii. many buildings iv. shopping mall
f) What does a grocer sell?
i. water, rice, curry ii. wheat, sugar, rice iii. beef, mutton, chicken iv. pencil, pen, eraser
g) What do the students do in the library?
i. read books ii. sell books iii. buy books iv. display books
h) Who get admitted in the university?
i. farmers ii. teachers iii. students iv. parents
i) Find out the correct sentence.
i. The building twenty has floors. ii. The twenty has building floors. iii. The building has twenty floors.
iv. The floors has twenty buildings.
j) Find a word using the capital letter correctly.
i. Building ii. BuiLDING iii. Buil ding iv. BuiL ding
Answer :
a) -(i) Dhaka b) - (ii) an official
c) - (iii) tall
d) - (i) brother
e) - (i) tall buildings
f) - (ii) wheat, sugar, rice
g) - (i) read books
h) - (iii) students
i) - (iii) the building has twenty floors
j) - (i) Building

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