Sunday, November 11, 2012

Similar words for PEC Exam

Given Words Similar Words
Sad unhappy
Get well recover
Look after take care
Hope expect
Need necessity
Kindness sympathy
Soon quick
Of course must
Suffering pain
Excited crazy
Tie fasten
Curious interested
Understand realize
Smile laugh
Shout cry out
Go back return
Curiosity interest
Promise swear
Deep profound
Serious important
Welcome greet
Soon early
Medicine remedy
Regularly often
Wet damp
Advice suggestion
Complaint objection
weak ill
Take out bring out
Some a few
Excited crazy
Over finished
Next following
Promise swear
Show display
Leap jump
Trot run
Act play
Copy imitate
Nobody no one
Learn experience
Show display
Worry be nervous
Following below
Below following
Teach train
Instruction order
Carefully sincerely
Complete finish
Silent quiet
Excuse pardon
Way path
End last
Massage information
Tomorrow the next day
Notice see
Polite gentle
Situation circumstances
Chirp twitter
Assistant helper
Shift change
Generally usually
Heat warm
Stop halt
Often frequently
Come back return
Tired bored
Customer client
Interesting funny
Pronounce say loudly
Famous leading
Mistake wrong
Correctly rightly
Change transform
Lazy inactive
Yet still
Right correct
Thin narrow
Lonely alone
Friendly sincere
Beside near
Visit go to see
Witty intelligent
Public for people
Miss lose
Guess imaging
Round circular
Task work
Prey victim
Reply Answer
Peace quietness
Independent liberated
Interesting enjoyable
Grow produce
Properly correctly
Attractive beautiful
Arrange organise
Peaceful quiet
Variety difference
Large big
Coat cover
Warm hot
Hurt injure
Pull drag
Drive away dispel
Gently politely
Common general
Like love
Every where all around
Pet favorite
Season period
Familiar common
Quite often frequently
Beak nib
Reply answer
Repair recover
Join connect
Divide separate
Usually generally
Together alone
Different various
Clear legible
Buy purchase
Necessary essential
Pet favorite
A lot of many
Answer reply
Happy joyous
Noise hue and cry
Near close
Like love
Have get
Beautiful cute
Fond of favorite
Surprised amazed
Different various
Primary preliminary
Tall long
Common general
Village rural area
Separate different
Slight little
Weather climate
Forecast prediction
Promise swear
Invent discover
Reach arrive
Liberate free
Introductory starting
Pause interval
Follow obey
As usual usually
Game sport
Continue go on
By the way any way
Talk speak
Tall long
Slim thin
Handsome smart
Occupation job
Quite fairly
Fat heavy
Healthy fit
Ghost spirit
Almost about
Alone lonely
Silence soundless
Around all sides
Afraid scared
To get rid of escape
Area locality
Sick ill
Available common
On time timely
Curious interested
Surprised wondered
Look for search
Believe trust
Worried anxious
Remember recall
Imitate copy
Collect gather
Tired bored
Above over
Take away snatch
Wake up rise
Quickly hurriedly
Mail Post
Exhibition show
Hold catch
Careful sincere
Middle center
Celebrate observe
Greet welcome
Prepare make
Embrace hug
Each other one another
Fast starve
Description explanation
Listen to attend to
see off bye
At present now
Winner Champion
Generally usually
Front back
Leave go away
Enjoy have pleasure
Match resemble
Vacant empty
Book reserve
Go up climb
Go down fall
Notice see
Example sample
In front of before
Look after take care
Relative relation
Watch look
free pastime
Remain stay
Whole full
Spend pass
Sick ill
Young tender age
Rich wealthy
Support assist
Stranger newcomer
Slave servant
Living livelihood
Pleased happy
Hear listen to
Kindness sympathy
Introduce acquaint
Alarmed seared
Condition situation
Happen occur
Realize understand
Relieved free
Fear panic
Incident event
At all least
Experience skill
Reason cause
Run after aspire
Darling dear
Behind back
None nobody
Sight scene
Imaginary unreal
Nervous tensed
Shade shadow
Tremble shake
Ahead onward
Idea conception
Proceed go ahead
Total whole
Imagine guess
Shake vibrate
Have get
Have spend

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