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Right form of verbs for SSC/HSC Exam

have overcome feel die succeed be complete
After Humayun (a) —, he (b) — by his eldest son, Akbar. He (c) — then only 14 years old and he (d) — a very difficult position to face. But he (e) — the problems one after another with the help and advice of Bairam khan, his guardian.
invent add prosper depend toil be live
Man is the maker of his our fortune. If we are afraid of work we can a) — in life. Some people think that success in life b) — on luck or chance. Scientists have c) — day and night their laboratories with a view to d) — radio, television and computer. These instruments e) — to the joy of our life.
know want become live name shake was
More than two hundred and fifty years age there a) — a boy b) — George Federick Handel in a small town in Germany. George’s father was a doctor who was well known for his skill. ‘Someday George, you too will c) — famous,’ said the old doctor to his son one morning. ‘Perhaps you will be a great doctor.’ George d) — his head and said in the negative I e) — to be a doctor.
necessary build act rise breed damage want
Self-control a) — all other virtues. Man generally b) — on impulses and strong desires. Vicious desires c) — the purity of heart and mind resulting in the degradation of human nature. If is self control that can help man d) — up a pure character which is very essential to e) — above the level of humanity.
consist become protect supply be see know
Though Bangladesh is mainly a tropical country, it is also a) — as the country of six seasons. A season consists of two months. Winter is the coldest of them b) — of the Bengali months of ‘Paush and Magh’, The whole nature c) — covered with the wrapper of mist and fog in this season. The sun d) — a late riser. Things at distance can be e) —
pave consider possess lag regard flow to be
Energy a) — as a vital element for the prosperity of a nation. Since Bangladesh b) — much energy resources, is c) — behind in development activities in comparison with other countries of the world. So Bangladesh d) — as a least developed country. But sufficient energy may source e) — a country to the way of development.
die spin escape be bring say talk
Once upon a time there was a miller who had a daughter. One day he had a chance a) — to the king and in order to b) — the king’s favour, he said to him, ‘I have a daughter who can spin gold.’ The king said to the miller, ‘I like this art! If your daughter is as skilled as you c) —, bring her to my castle tomorrow.’ when the girl was brought to him, she was led in to a big room filled with straw. The king gave her a spinning wheel and a reel, and he said, ‘Now begin to work and if by tomorrow morning you d) — this straw info gold, you e) —.’
Prepare be achieve satisfy require result inspire
Man has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. he is a) — with what he has known and seen, He wants to know and see more and more. The curiosity to know more b) — him to undertake and carry out hard and dangerous tasks which eventually c) — in epoch making discoveries and inventions. In the fields of science and technology, man in the meantime has d) — what was once inconceivable. Man has already landed on the moon and e) — for a journey to the mars.
1. a. had died b. was succeeded c. was d. had e. overcame.
2. a. not prosper b. depends c. toiled d. inventing e. have added
3. a. lived b. named c. become d. shook e. do not want
4. a. breeds b. acts c. damage d. build e. rise
5. a. known b. consisting c. is d. becomes e. hardly seen.
6. a. is considered b. does not possess c. lags d. is regarded e. paves
7. a. to talk b. bring c. have said d. can not spin e. will have to die.
8. a. never satisfied b. has inspired/inspires c. results d. achieved e. prepares/has prepared.

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