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English 2nd Paper Model Test for JSC Exam

1.Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (×) where an article is not needed:                                                                        1×5= 5 
We must not put off our work for(a) ——what we can do today. This principle should be maintained strictly especially in (b)——student life. With(c)—-passage of time (d)—-number of works also increases. As(e)——result, we may be in a fix in the midst of lots of work.                                                   
2.Read the following passage and re-write it in the future tense :                                                                                               1×5= 5
I was fifteen  on 10 February 2012. I celebrated my birthday with great festivity. Our house was decorated  color fully. Our house wore a festive look with the arrival of guests and my friends. I had an ace time on that day.
3.Change the following sentences into active or passive
form :                                                               1×5 = 5
(a)What is looted can not be blotted.  (b)It will be served as soon as they can.(c)His poems interest us greatly. d)Cotton feels soft .(e)Do away with your bad company.    
4.Transform the following sentences as directed :          1×5 5                              
(a)They want to come in.(Imperative)(bThe Romans did not build Rome in a day.(Interrogative)(c)He is cleverer than any other boy.(Negative)(d)Nobody disliked the plan.(Affirmative)(e)Nazrul writes better than any other poet.(Superlative)
5.Put a suitable preposition from the box in each gap:    1×5 = 5                                                                   
on        in        at         with     upon    from   against

(a)The cycle was leaned —-the wall.(b)Congratulation—-your success!(c)Open—-page 30.(d)Misery results —-greed.(e)At last fortune smiled ——her.   
6.Fill in each gap with a suitable conjunction from the box:1×5 = 5
Where when   whether           since   that      lest      while                                                                   
(a)This is ——we live. (b) I will be in Dhaka ——-he will be in Pabna. (c)He is so weak——he can not walk.(d)Write fast ———you should leave any question. (e)He seemed undecided—-to go or stay.    
7.Fill in the blanks with the right form  of verbs. Put them in the correct tenses. Use negative  where necessary:        1×5=5                                                                                                    
(a)It —-in summer.(b)If you don’t obey others , you also ——-(c)Not only I but also my friends joining the picnic. (c)You had better ——there soon. (d)I——-the work before it is 10 p.m. (e)His honesty is worth——- 
8.Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs from the box:     1×5=5                                                                      
rather  thoroughly       round afresh scarcely          richly   here
(a)It was —a difficult question.(b)I can —believe it.(c)Decorate the  room —.(d) Pass the biscuits—(e)Read the question paper —-
9.Fill in the blanks with appropriate pronouns from the box:1×5=5
what    mine    he       one’s  that      who     those                                                            
(a)I asked—-was crying.(b)He gave me —-I needed.(c)This book is better than —(d)One should be aware of—-duty.(e)The mangoes of Rajshahi is better than——of Comilla.
10.Fill in the gaps with the phrases and idioms from
the box:           1×5=5
catch red handed      muster strong             in favour of     at the eleventh hour
in full swing     speak ill of others       part and  
(a)The proposal was ——the stuff. (b)People—- to greet the leader.(c) He came here—-(d)Stop —— .(e) The thief was ———
11. Change the Narration of the following sentences :      1×5=5                                                                                                    
 (a) I said to him , “ Why were you absent yesterday?”(b)They said to me ,“ Brother ”(c) They said to him , “You should do this work soon.”(d)  I asked him whether he liked me .(e) I said, “Good bye ,friends ”          

12.Complete the following sentences:                                1×5=5
(a)If he studied sincerely,—-(b)Had he any problem, ——.(c)——-if you  invited him.(d)I would be glad if ——-.(e)If we obey your parents,————.

Part-B : Composition (Marks:40)

13. Suppose, you are from Rupgonj High School . You were absent for the last five days  from your class. Now,  write an application to the Headmaster of your school for leave of absence for those days.                                                   5
         Suppose you are Ratan of Briton High School . Now write an application to the Headmaster of your school praying for establishing a language club.
    14.Complete the following incomplete story and give a suitable title to it.                                                        5                                                          

Once there lived a hare and a tortoise in a certain place. The hair was proud of his swift foot and he used to ridicule the tortoise for its slow pace—————————
15.Suppose you are Anik/Anika .Now write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of reading
newspaper daily.                                                                   5                    

16. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics. In your paragraph answer the following questions:              10×1= 10                                                                                                     
(a) “Traffic Jam ”
 (i)What is a traffic jam ? (ii)How does it occur ? (iii) Who become the sufferers of it ? (iv) How is it unpleasant ? (v) What is your view  about its removal?     
(b) “A Farmer ”
 (i)  Who is a farmer ?  (ii)What are his daily activities ? (iii)How does he lead his life ? (iv) What is role in national economy?
(c) “How to make a cup of tea   ” . Use the following key words in writing the paragraph:
First    Then    Next    After that         Finally
17. Write a composition on any ONE of the following:      15×1=15                                                                                                                       
Discipline   (b)  Wonders of Modern Science (c) The game you like most (d) Value of time     

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