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Model Test:English for PEC Examination


Time:2 hours                           Marks -100
1.Read the passage carefully nd answer the questions :
Once there was a young boy called Aladin . He lived with his mother in a rich city of China . His father was a poor tailor. He died when Aladin was a child . His mother had to spin cotton to support the family . One day Aladin was playing in the street . All of a sudden , a stranger came . He said to Aladin , “ My boy , are you the son of Mustafa , the tailor ?”
 Aladin said , “Yes , sir , but my father is dead .” At this tears came into the man’s eyes . He said , I’m your uncle.Your father was my eider brother .” He gave Aladin two pieces of gold . He said “Go and tell your mother to cook some food . We will eat together .”
 Aladin’s mother was surprised . She did not know Aladin’s father had a brother . But she cooked a good dinner . The stranger came to Aladin’s house at night . He brought some fruits and sweets with him . The stranger asked Aladin what he did for a living . Aladin was silent . Because he did not do anything . So the stranger said , “ You must do something to earn a living . I will buy a shop for you . You will sell linen there.”  The mother was very pleased to hear all this . “ Thank you for your kindness ”, she said to the stranger .
Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions :                                                         1×10=10
1.Choose the best answer from the alternatives :
(a) With whom did Aladin live ?
(i) his mother   (ii) his father   (iii) his sister  (iv) his uncle      
(b) What was Aladin’s father?
(i) magician   (ii) tailor   (iii) doctor     (iv) businessman 
(c)  Who supported their family ? .
(i) Aladin      (ii) mother    (iii) uncle   (iv) father   
(d)  All of a sudden , a stranger came . Here “ all of a sudden ” means –
(i) bravely     (ii) suddenly       (iii) secretly   (iv) nicely
(e)  Aladin lived with his mother in a rich city of China .Aladin was a ———
(i) villager    (ii) city dweller    (iii) tailor     (iv) magician                  
(f) Aladin’s mother was pleased with the stranger because ——
(i) he assured Aladin to earn living    (ii) he brought sweets    (iii) he was Mustafa’s brother
(g)  “Thank you for your kindness”- here ‘kindness’ is
a / an
(i) noun      (ii) verb         (iii) adjective       (iv) adverb
(h)  How many pieces of gold coin was given to Aladin by the stranger?
(i) one    (ii) two     (iii) three  (iv) five
(i)  What did the stranger want to buy for Aladin?
(i) cotton     (ii) shop   (iii)  linen   (iv) jewels
(j)   Make a meaningful sentence using the following words:
at /the stranger/ Aladin’s house/ came to / night 
(a) At night the stranger Aladin’s house came to.
(b) The stranger at night to come Aladin’s house.
(c)  The stranger came to Aladin’s house at night.
(d)  Aladin’s house at night the stranger came.
2.  Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the text :                                                                            1×5=5
(a) Aladin was the son of ————-, the tailor .
(b) The stranger wanted to help Aladin to earn a ———-
(c) Aladin’s mother was surprised  to know that Aladin’s father had a ———-.
(d) Aladin was playing in the ———-
(e) The stranger ———— some fruits and sweets with him .
3.  Answer the following questions :                        2×5=10
(a)Who was Aladin ?  (b) How did the stranger introduce himself ?(c)When did tears come into the stranger’s eyes ? (d) Why was Aladin’s mother pleased with the stranger ? (e) How did the stranger want to help Aladin ?    
4. Write the poem  “It’s Fun”
Or, Write the first 8 lines of the poem “AT THE ZOO”   
5. Match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B .                                                                    1×5=5                                                                 
Column A       Column B
1. Aladin’s father died           a. for his kindness
2. His mother had to              b. Aladin’s uncle
3. The stranger was not        c. support family by spinning cotton
4. Aladin’s mother       d. when he was a young boy
5.Aladin’s mother thanked the stranger      e. cooked a good dinner
            f. eat together
            g..playing in the street
6. Match the words in column A with their opposite words in column B:                                                1×5=5
A         B
Dawn  defeat
7. Re-write the sentences using the capital letters and punctuation marks :                                          2×5= 10
 (a) our school is closed on fridays . (b) ms shams I think you should hang it on this wall . (c) well you may 
  go now  (d)  Maina was born on june 15 1978 . (e) By the way whats your father ?
8. Re-arrange the sentences to build up question and answer them : (any five)                                    2×5=10        
(a) Bangladesh / when / did  / independent / become ?
(b) how / people / live/ many / here ?
(c) are / the / what / main / of / crops / Bangladesh ? 
(d) longest / sea beach / is / which / the / in the world ?
(e)  is / our / main / occupation / what ?
(f)  our / is / where / national monument / located ?
(g) capital / what / is / our  ? 
9. Read the following situation . Make a request dialogue and response . Use would or could .                 10
You want to know about your friend’s preparation for PEC Examination .
10.. Re-write the sentences with the correct form
of verbs :                                                                    5
(a) We should be honest. Honesty ——-(be)the best policy.
(b) I went to office by bus yesterday . But today I ———— (go) by rickshaw . (c) I can not go out . It ——— (rain) for two hours .
(d) He is an M.A. He ———— (join) a job recently .
(e) I was absent . ————- (be) you go there yesterday ? 
11.. Write a paragraph on “ Your Motherland ”. Include the following  things in your paragraph :         10
 (i) What is the name of your motherland ? (ii) When did she become independent?(iii) What is her area and population? (iv)What are its main attractions ? (iv)How are the people? (v) What is your opinion about your country ?
12. Suppose you are Rapti and your friend is Sukla . Now, write a letter to your friend describing your recent visit to Dhaka City  .                                      10                                                                                       

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