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জেএসসি পরীক্ষার (Final) মডেল প্রশ্ন ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয়পত্র

            Time : 3 Hours           Full marks: 100
[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks]

Part : A Grammar      Marks-60
[Answer any 12 questions out of 13. Each question carries 5 marks.]
1.Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (x) where an article is not needed: -       1´5=5
Bangladesh is (a) –– small country but she has (b)–– huge population. Most of the people live in (c)––– poverty. Due to poverty they are not in a position to educate their children. Many poor children drop out school just after (d)––– few years. In comparison to our students (e)–– number of institutions is not sufficient.
2.Read the following passage and re-write it in past
tense:-            1´5=5
I have decided to join Laboratory High School because it offers an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and it is a big, bustling school. The teachers  are very supportive and friendly. It enables me to really get involved. And recognition from everyone else around really encourages me to do more and more. Here we learn not only for examinations but also for life. So, it may be regarded as a prestigious seat of learning. Many learners seek for admission in this dignified educational institution.
3.Change the following sentences into active or passive
form:   1´5=5
(a) Rome was not built in a day.
(b) Which book do you want?
(c) I walked ten miles at a stretch.
(d) Your goodness will always be remembered.
(e) She fans herself.
4.Transform the following sentences as directed:-1´5=5
(a) I shall always remember you. (Negative)
(b) You are as ferocious as a Royal Bengal tiger. (Comparative)
(c) I was very glad to see the sea-beach. (Exclamatory)
(d) We live in an age of science. (Interrogative)
(e) What a dangerous thing a little learning is! (Assertive)
5.Put a suitable preposition from the box in each gap of the following sentences:       1´5=
(a) Our family consists –– five members.
(b) The young man is addicted –– wine.
(c) Happiness consists –– satisfaction.
(d) You must give––– your bad habit.
(e) Smoking is detrimental –– health.
6.Fill in each gap with a suitable conjunction from
the box:-         1´5=5 
(a) The earth is larger –– the moon.
(b) He will sure to come –– you invite him.
(c) Walk fast –– you should miss the class.
(d) Study attentively –– fail in the exam.
(e) Both he ––– his friends came.
7.Fill in the blanks with right form of verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tenses.Use negatives
where necessary.      1´5=5 
(a) It –– for two hours.
(b) A patriot –– and respected by all.
(c) I have a boy ––– from the orphanage.
(d) How long have you been ––– in Dhaka?
(e) The sun having set we ––– out for our destination.
8.Fill in the gaps with suitable adverbs from the list:-        1´5=5 
(a) The cow-boy shouted –––.
(b) Walk ––– or you’ll miss the train.
(c) You must come early –––.
(d) We decorated the room–––.
(e) The servant came here –––– today.
9.Fill in the gaps with appropriate pronouns from the box:           1´5=5 
(a) You are not serious in ––– study.
(b) She has just taken ––– bath.
(c) He has put off –– shoes.
(d) We have selected ––– captain.
(e) I am fond of ––– native village.
10.Fill in the gaps with the phrases and idioms
from the box:- 1´5=5
(a) I am ––– what to do. (b) You shouldn’t be proud for your ––.
(c) I have no ––– with you.
(d) No ––– can bear this insult.
(e) Inform your problems –––.
11. Change the narration of the following sentences:-      1´5=5
(a) The man said, “I finished the work.”
(b) He will say, “I have been suffering from fever for two day.”
(c) Ali said to me, “What are you looking for here?”
(d) Mina said, “I shall go to school tomorrow.”
(e) He said, “Honesty is the best policy.”
12. Complete the following sentences.       1´5=5
(a) If I got money, –––.
(b) If you were honest, –––.
(c) ––– if he worked.
(d) ––– if I lived near my Office.
(e) I would live in America if–––.
13.Fill in each gap with a suitable adjective from
the box:-         1´5=5 
(a) This is a very ––– place.
(b) The six blind men were very ––– to learn new things.
(c) Mr. Grasshopper’s farm was–––.
(d) Bangladesh is an ––– country.
(e) I feel ––– because he misbehaved with me.
Part –– B – Composition     Marks : 40

14. Suppose, you are Ripon of Kushtia Zilla School. There is no common room in your school. Now, write an application to the headmaster of your school for opening a common room.     5
Or,       Suppose you are Fahim. You are a student of Rahanpur A.B. Govt. High School. It is very hot during day time. It is quite impossible to continue classes after 11 a.m. Now, write an application to the Headmaster of your school praying for morning school.
15. Complete the following incomplete story and give a title to it.           5
Once upon a time there was a farmer who have a wonderful goose. Every morning she laid a golden egg. The farmer sold eggs in the market and became rich. But he was greedy......
16. Suppose, you are Rifat. You are suffering from fever. Your J.S.C exam. is near at hand. You need to checkup your body.
Now, write a dialogue between you and a doctor.            5
17. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics. In your paragraph answer the following questions:            10
(a) Load-Shedding:
(i) What is load-shedding (ii) why does it occur?
(iii) what are the causes of it? (iv) what are the effects of it?
(v) How can it be prevented?           (b) Your national Flag:
(i) What does it symbolize? (ii) Where is it hoisted?
(iii) Which meaning do the red & green colour mean? (iv) How do you feel for it? (v) How can you uphold its honour?
(c) Write a paragraph on = “How to make a cup of tea”.
Use the words given here.
18.Write a composition on anyone of the following:-        15
(a) Your Aim in life     (b)Science in everyday life
(c) Students and social duties         (d) Discipline.

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