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Model Test:English 1st paper for JSC Examination

পূর্ণমান : ১০০, সময় : ৩ ঘণ্টা
[N.B.: The figures in the Margin indicate full marks]
Part-A : Reading Test (marks-40)
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions following it.
A long time ago in a small village near the jungle, there lived a young man called Ruplal. He lived with his family and worked on a farm, but he did not like it there. It was a beautiful place but here were a lot of problems. The village people were always quarrelling, so there was no peace. “I’ll either have to go and live alone in the jungle, or I’ll go completely mad!” Ruplal exclaimed. “I don’t want to stay here one more day!” So he collected his things and went to live by himself in the jungle.
Ruplal made a nice little hut for himself in the jungle with wood, bamboo and reeds. There he lived in peace and quite all by himself. “Ah! How happy I am now,” he thought to himself. Then, one day after a few weeks, he discovered something strange. In his blanket there was a hole. “Who made this hoe?” Ruplal asked. He looked around him, but nobody replied. “I don’t understand. There’s either somebody here, or the hole just made itself!”
That night, while Ruplal was sleeping he heard a noise. Either someone or something was eating his blanked. “Who’s that!” Ruplal shouted. “Go away and leave me alone!” Outside the moon was shining brightly and Ruplal saw something small. It was a mouse. “Right,” he thought. “I’ll bring my cat here. Then I’ll be able to sleep in peace!”
1. Write whether the following statements are true or false. If false, give the correct answer.       5
a) Ruplal thought to himself that he was very happy in the jungle.
b) Ruplal was a peace loving person.
c) Ruplal went to the jungle with his brother.
d) In the jungle Ruplal faced no problems.
e) Ruplal lived in the jungle.
2. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.            1´5=5
a)  The village, where Ruplal lived was—in size.
(i) tiny (ii) large (iii) spacious (iv) big
b) The people of Ruplal’s village were —. i) quarrelling     ii) sincere
iii) quarrelsome iv) peace loving
c) Ruplal could see a mouse because—.
i) it was very naughty ii) it was very big
iii) it was a moonlight night
iv) it was caught by a cat
d) Ruplal felt the necessity of a cat in order to—.
i) sleep in peace ii) kill the rat
iii) detested iv) get relaxed
e) “Go away and leave me alone!” Here ‘alone’ means—.
i) together ii) deserted
iii) in a body iv) in a group
3. Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary.                  0.5´10=5
There was a young man called Ruplal. He lived with his (a)___ in a small village situated near a jungle. He (b)___in a farm. Though the farm was a (c)___ Place and suitable for work, he faced many (d)___ there. He dislike the place (e)___ quarrelsome nature of the (f)___. So, he (g)___ to himself for (h)___ the place as early as possible. within a short time he (i)___ the village and went to the jungle to live in (j)___ there.
4. Write short answer to the following questions.                                                5
a) What did Ruplal do when he could not tolerate the village people any more?
b) What was the main purpose of Ruplal’s going to the jungle?
c) What materials did Ruplal use to make his hut?
d) Why was not Ruplal happy in the jungle?
e) What were two alternative ways before Ruplal?
5. Choose a word from the box and put it in the blank next to its meaning.         0.5´10=5
(a) ————–= queer.
(b) ———— = shiningly.
(c) ———— = forest.
(d) ———— = gather.
(e) ———— = quiet.
(f) ———— = describe.
(g) ——– = water grass of various kind.
(h) ———— =fully.
(i) ———— = clamour.
(j) ———— = invent.
6. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the text.     0.5´10=5
Ruplal lived in the village with his family. He was quite (a)— in the village. Though his village was a beautiful (b)— he felt very bored in the village. The (c)— were very quarrelsome. So he was (d)— about himself to do something. He decided to (e) — the village. He also (f)— the village after collecting all of his necessary things. (g)— to the jungle Ruplal made a nice (h)— with bamboo and (i)—. He began to live in (j)— there.
7. Read the passage in A. Now write a paragraph based on the information about “Ruplal’s decision of living alone in the jungle.” Use the clues given in the box below. Write the information in the correct sequence as it appears in the text. The paragraph should not exceed 70 words.            5
8. Read the passage in A again. “Now Write the main ideas of the passage in your own words in not more than 5 sentences.             5
Part-B : Vocabulary Test (20 Marks)
9. Fill in each blank of the following passage with a suitable word from the list given in the box below. There are more words than necessary. 1´10=10
Inspite of being blind, the six young men had strong (a)— for learning. So, they never stopped their (b)— for knowledge. One day while (c)— through a dark Indian forest, they suddenly stopped (d)— a sound. As they came near it, they (e)— a teacher who was the  (f)— of an elephant. They (g)— the teacher to teach something new and (h)—. The teacher (i)—  with them and told them to follow him. They followed him with great (j)—.
10. Fill in each blank of the following passage with suitable word from your text book. Use only one word for each blank.            1´10=10
The head master ofNurpurHigh Schoolgave a piece of land to the class 8 student. It was  (a)— twelve meters long and six meters (b)—. The land was (c)—.for three reasons. it stood near the schools (d)—As it was a high land and was (e)— sunny and never flooded (f)— rainy season everybody (g)— that it was suitable for making a garden. With the help of headmaster the students (h)— the fools. So, when all the (i)— were made the students (j)— to work on the field.
Part-C : Writing Test (40 marks)
11. Read the following table and make 10 meaningful sentences.            1´10=10
12. The following sentences are in wrong order. Write them in correct order in a passage form. 1´10=10
They all stopped and listened carefully. one day they were walking through the dark Indian forest, when they heard as sound. But unfortunately all of them were blind.” what’s that? one of them asked. They listened again. They were very keen to learn and never stopped searching for knowledge. So, very slowly and carefully they approached the sound. Once upon a time, many years ago, there lived six young men. “Let’s go and find out, another said. “I don’t think it’s dangerous and we might learn something new.”
13. Suppose, you are Sharifa/Sarif by name Abdullah is one of your friends who lives 1440/A, Foquir para,Khulna. Your parents will celebrate your elder brother’s marriage ceremony. Now write a letter to Abdullah inviting to attend the ceremony.        10
OR, Imagine you are a student of class XII. You are staying in a hostel. Room #204,DhakaCollegeHostel,Dhaka. Your younger brother Sabbir Rashid Meem is very much inattentive in studies. Now write a letter telling him to be attentive in regular studies;
14. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics.          10
(a) Honesty is the best policy
(b) The accident of Siddiqa Murshed
Answer : 1. a) True, b) True
c) False. Correct answer :  Ruplal went to the jungle without any person.
d) False. Correct answer :  Ruplal faced a lot of problem.
e) False. Correct answer :  Ruplal lived in the village near to the jungle.
2. a) (i) Tiny
b) (ii) quarrelsome
c) (iii) it was a moonlight night
d) (i) sleep in peace
e) (ii) deserted.
3. a) family, b) worked, c) nice
d) problems, e) due to, f) people
g) thought, h) leaving
i) left, j) peace.
4. Do by yourself.
5. a) strange, b) brightly, c) jungle
d) collect, e) peace, f) exclaim
g) reeds, h) completely
i) noise, j) discover.
6. a) unhappy, b) place, c) villagers
d) thinking, e) leave, f) left
g) going, h) hut, i) reeds, j) peace
7.-8. Do by yourself.
9. a) desire, b) searching, c) walking
d) nearing, e) met, f) owner, g) requested
h) interesting,i) agreed, j) excitement.
10. a) about,b) wide,c) chosen,d) well
e) always, f) during, g) thought
h) made, i) tools, j) started.
11. a) Salma was returning from school.
b) She saw something lying on the road.
c) She felt curious and walked up to it.
d) Salma was a very responsible person.
e) she picked up the bag and took it at home.
f) she showed her elder brother the bag.
g) They looked inside it and found many things.
h) Rafiq looked at the address card.
i) The bag belonged to a British lady named Janet Green.
j) Janet Green was staying at that address.
12.-14. Do by yourself.

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