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Homeopathy for Burning or Painful Urination

Homeopathy for Burning or Painful Urination
Homeopathy is helpful in treating burning or painful urination burning or pain while passing urine, combined with a sense of urgency.
Urination pain or urinary tract pain need prompt professional medical investigation and treatment as well. The urine may flow out intermittently or drop-wise. Pain or burning during urination can occur for various reasons including various sexually transmitted diseases, bladder conditions, urethral conditions and other causes of urethritis. The location of pain or burning during urination is important to distinguish urethral pain from bladder pain or kidney pain.

Treatment for Burning or painful urination
There are several treatments for this disease in homeopathy, but the victim should possess the mentioned symptoms and thus should be able to take the medicine as well.

Aconite 30: This medicine is useful when the victim is suffering from severe burning and pain, especially at the beginning of urination. The pain is accompanied by great fear and the patient feels he is about to die. The symptoms are worse at night.

Apis 30: The patient who is having the following symptoms should take the medicine named Apis. The symptoms are scanty, frequent and painful urination, with great urgency that can scarcely retain the urine for a moment. Urine flows out drop-wise after much straining. While passing out, the urine severely scalds the passage especially the last drop burns and smarts.

Belladonna 30: Frequent, burning, painful and scanty urine which flows out drop by drop. The urinary organs are very sensitive to pressure or motion. These are usual symptoms for which the patient should take the medicine named Belladona.

Berberis vulgaris 30: Some of the symptoms that confirm the use of Berberis vulgaris can be mentioned as frequent slow urination with burning pain in the bladder, thighs and loins while urinating, especially at the end. However, the urethra burns even when not urinating. Sensation of some urine left behind even after complete urination. Urine contains thick mucous and bright-red sediment.

Cannabis sativa 30: There is frequent or constant desire to pass urine. While passing urine, there is severe burning and pain, which becomes violent at the end of urination. Urine contains thick yellow or red material. The urethra is so sensitive to touch and pressure that the victim keeps his legs wide apart while walking. These are the symptoms for which the medicine named Cannabis sativa is necessary.

Cantharis 30: Constant urge to pass urine, but only a few drops pass out at a time is the common symptom to use the medicine Cantharis. There is such violent, cutting or stabbing pain in the bladder region that the person screams while passing each drop. Drinking coffee or cold water worsens the problem; warm applications to the bladder region seem to help.

Nux vomica 30: If in any case there is frequent, ineffectual urge for urination. Urine, passing out in drops, causes itching, irritation and burning pain, which even extends to the genital organs and the legs. In all these cases Nux vomica can be used and effective result can be got.

Sarsaparilla 30: The situation where urine passes out in a thin, feeble stream. There is severe, almost unbearable pain at the conclusion of urination. The urine dribbles while sitting but passes more freely while standing. These are the symptoms for which the medicine named Sarsaparilla can be used.

Staphisagria 30: Though an urgent need is felt for passing urine, the person has to wait for a long time before urine actually flows out. Burning sensation can be felt in the urinary passage when not urinating. Sensation can be felt as if a drop of urine were rolling continuously along the urinary passage. All of these symptoms affirm the use of the medicine Staphisagria. 

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