Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homeopathy for Appendicitis

Appendicitis is a small, finger-like organ present at the junction of small and large intestines. When it gets inflamed or swollen, the condition is termed appendicitis. Frequently it can be seen that homoeopathy succeeds in averting surgery to remove a swollen appendix.

Treatment of Appendicitis

Belladonna 30: Sudden, acute appendicitis with agonizing abdominal pain, high fever, flushed face and throbbing carotids are usually the symptoms that confirms the use of the medicine named Belladona. The fever, at times, may rise to the extent of causing violent delirium.

Bryonia 30: Gradually developing appendicitis with severe pain in the abdomen forcing the victim to lie absolutely still since slightest motion aggravates the pain. The victim feels better by lying on the abdomen or the right side and by cold applications to the abdomen. There is extreme thirst for large quantities of cold water. For the above-mentioned symptom Bryonia is the ideal medicine.

Iris tenax 30: This is considered a near-specific medicine for appendicitis. There is severe pain in the right groin, frightening the victim almost to death. The pain lessens with warm applications. Dryness of the mouth and the eyes is another feature pointing to this remedy

Arsenicum : When the condition points to sepsis Arsenicum may be the remedy. There are chills, hectic symptoms, diarrhea and restlessness and sudden sinking of strength. It relieves vomiting in these conditions more quickly than any other remedy.

Rhus toxicodendron: This remedy, with its great correspondence to septic troubles may be required. It may be indicated by its peculiar symptoms; locally, took it has extensive swelling over the ileo-caecal region and great pain, causing an incessant restlessness.

Lachesis: This is also a valuable remedy; its great characteristics of sensitiveness all over the abdomen and stitching from the seat of the inflammation backward and downward to the thighs, will indicate it in this disease.

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