Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homeopathy for Asthma Asthma is a condition often labelled as incurable and chronic. However it can be cured if treated with Homeopathic medicines.

 Homeopathy for AsthmaAsthma is an allergic disorder characterized by breathlessness, which is the result of a spasmodic narrowing of the respiratory passages. Homeopathic treatment will help one to fight the precipitating factors (allergen), thereby making one less dependant on medications.

Treatment of Asthma
Antimonium tart 30: Asthma from cold, humid weather, an attack of asthma at 3 a.m., compelling the patient to sit up and seek open air, loud, rattling sound from the chest while coughing but no mucous comes out, soon the face turns pale and blue and gets covered with cold sweat. All of these are the carious symptoms that compel the use of this medicine. An important symptom of Antimonium tart is an irresistible desire to sleep, even during respiratory distress.

Arsenic 30: An attack of asthma precipitated after consuming cold drinks or foods, breathlessness worse from 12 to 2 a.m., the person is unable to lie down from fear of suffocation. He or she must sit while bending forward, darting pain and burning through the upper third of right lung, asthma accompanied by inexplicable prostration and fear.

Carbo veg 30: An attack of asthma after eating salted meat or fish, breathlessness and spasmodic cough causing gagging and vomiting, copious cold sweat on the face and the body, the person desiring fanning from a close distance. All these are very common symptoms Carbo veg may prove to be life-saving when a person seems collapsing or sinking from a severe attack of breathlessness.

Ipecacuanha 30: An attack of asthma especially in winter, preceded by severe nausea and vomiting. Soon there is violent constriction in the throat and the chest, wheezing and dry cough leading to suffocation, persistent nausea which is not relieved even after vomiting and thirstlessness confirm the choice of Ipecac.

Nux vomica 30: An attack of asthma after digestive upset, prolonged breathlessness from midnight till morning, shallow, oppressive breathing with dry cough, with asthma, there is bursting headache and gripping pain in the stomach, frequent, ineffectual desire for stool. When all these symptoms are present, it is evident that the patient will use the medicine named Nux vomica 30.

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