Saturday, November 3, 2012

ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র for JSC Exam

Grammar-Voice Change-এর ওপর আলোচনা। 
Change the following sentences into active or passive form : 1. Who gave you the pen? 2. Write a letter to your friend. 3. Cats kill mice. 4. By whom are you taught English? 5. A song was sung by Samim. 6. It can be done by me easily. 7. I was compelled to do it. 8. Mr. Alam is going to open an account. 9. The house was decided to be sold by him. 10. How did you solve the problem? 11. Pen through the word. 12. He did many things for me. 13. He was doing the sums. 14. Which pen do you choose? 15. Who gave you this pen? 16. The cup contains tea. 17. He looks after the orphan. 18. People think him to be an honest man. 19. Never tell a lie. 20. English is spoken all over the world. Answers 1. By whom were you given the pen? 2. Let a letter to your friend be written. 3. Mice are killed by cats. 4. Who is teaching you English? 5. Shamim sang a song. 6. I can do it easily. 7. Some one compelled me to do it. 8. An account is going to be opened by Mr. Alam. 9. He decided to sell the house. 10. How was the problem solved by you? 11. Let the word be penned through. 12. Many things were done by him for me. 13. The sums were being done by him. 14. Which pen is chosen by you? 15. By whom were you given this pen? 16. Tea is contained in the cup. 17. The orphan is looked after by him. 18. He is thought to be an honest man. 19. Let never a lie be told. 20. People speak English all over the world.

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