Friday, November 2, 2012

English (model Test) for PEC Exam

ইংরেজি (মডেল প্রশ্ন-১)
সময়-২ ঘণ্টা :পূর্ণমান-১০০

Read the given text and answer the following questions 1, 2, 3:

Adnan is a student. He lives with his parents. His grandmother also lives with them. Once his grandmother fell ill. His father took her to the hospital. The school was over. Adnan came from school and went to the hospital to see her. Adnan left the hospital for home. Then it was almost midnight. There was no transport on the road. His house was not very far. So, he was walking home. He was all alone. There was silence all around. He felt that some one was following him. He was afraid even to look back. But when he stopped he heard no sound.
As soon as he walked faster, the sound became louder. Adnan then began to run to get rid of the sound. The sound too ran after him. ‘Who is it?’ Shouted Adnan, ‘Why are you following me?’ But there was no reply.
1. Write down the correct answer on your answer script. 1–10
i) Adnan was going to his house on—-.
a) foot b) bus c) rickshaw d) train
ii) Adnan was coming to his home—-.
a) all alone b) with his friend c) with his mother d) with his father.
iii) Adnan was a —-.
a) teacher b) singer c) student d) worker.
iv) Adnan felt some one was following—-.
a) his grandmother b) his father c) his mother d) him.
v) Adnan and his parents live—-.
a) single b) outside c) separate d) together
vi) Adnan then began to—-.
a) sing b) run c) walk d) cry
vii) Adnan was afraid even to look—-.
a) back b) forward c) the sky d) the trees
viii) Adnan’s grandmother fell—-.
a) ill b) love c) happiness d) on the road
ix) Transport was not available when Adnan was coming back—-.
a) home b) school c) hospital d) market
x) Adnan’s father took his grandmother to the —-.
a) hospital b) street c) market d) doctor
2. Fill in the blanks with correct answers : 1x5=5
a) Adnan and his parents live in the —- house.
b) Adnan’s father took his grandmother to the —-.
c) The phrase ‘To get rid of’ means —- in the passage.
d) Adnan lives with his—-.
e) Adnan went to the hospital to see his—-.
3. Answer the following questions: 1+1+1+1+1+5=10
a) Who was taken to the hospital?
b) Did Adnan find any transport at midnight?
c) How did Adnan reach home?
d) What did Adnan do when he came back home?
e) What did Adnan feel when he was walking towards his house?
f) Make a list of 5 causes that Adnan was afraid even to look back.
4. Write the first 8 (eight) lines of the poem “It’s Fun” or ‘Little Boy Blue. 10
5. Make five sentences from the substitution table given below. 1x5=5

Forward obviously
kindness client
customer wrong
weak Advance
Mistake strong
Not strong

7. Rewrite the following sentences using capital liters and punctuation marks where necessary. 2x5=10
a) Whats your complaint Sabera?
b) Ok Ill do that
c) kazi nazrul islam is a famous poet
d) there are fifty five students in rinas class
e) what bird would you like asked mother
8. Rearrange the words to make questions and then answer them (any five): 2x5=10
a) birthday, when, was, Lima’s?
b) in, class, read, what, do, you?
c) break, when, will, your, up, school?
d) take, care, who, at, you, home?
e) do, you, now, school, to, come?
f) birds, live, do, where, usually?
g) show, him, did, what, he, to?
9. Read the following situation, Make a dialogue using would or could : 10
You want your father to take you to the book fair or zoo.
10. Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of verb :1x5=5
a) But last week he —- ill. (be)
b) They are —- new clothes. (wear)
c) We —- our country very muck. (love)
d) Bangladesh —- independence in 1971. (gain)
e) Mother —- her ford in the cage. (put)
11. Write a paragraph within 60 to 100 words on ‘Your Friend’. Answer
the following questions in your paragraph. 10
a) What is the name of your friend?
b) On what occasion did you go to your friend’s house?
c) How did the members of his family receive you?
d) How did they treat you?
e) How did you enjoy?
12. Suppose, you are Selim/Selima. Your friend Rim/Rima wants to know about your hobby.
Now, write a letter to him/her about your hobby.

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