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English (model) Test for PEC Exam

Time:2 hours               Marks -100

Read  the given text and answer  the questions 1, 2 and 3 :
Doctor: Hello!How are you ? And how is your daughter?
Hasina Begum:Hello!I’m fine,thank you.but my daughter Sabera is ill.
Doctor: What’s your complaint ‘ Sabera ?
Sabera: I have a fever. I feel weak.
Hasina Begum: She is coughing all the time.
Doctor : Ok.Let me see.Come here,Sabera.
Sit on this chair. Now ,take a deep breath.Ok.Go back to your seat.
Hasina Begum: Is anything serious,doctor?
Doctor :Not really,she has a cold and fever.She has also a bad cough.Did you play in the rain,Sabera?
Sabera : No,uncle.I was going to school the other day . On the way the rain started and I got wet .
Doctor : Hmm!
Hasina Begum: Should I take her to hospital?
Doctor :No.But she must stay in bed for a few days.Here is a prescription.She must take the medicine regularly.I hope she’ll be all right soon.
Hasina Begum : Thank you ,doctor.
Doctor: You’re welcome.
1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives :                        1×10=10
(a) Who is ill?
(i) Hasina Begum      (ii) Sabera 
(iii) Ms Haque            (iv) Mariam
(b) What was Sabera’s complaint ?
(i) She has had fever (ii) She has bad cough (iii)She has fever & cold (iv)She has caught cold
(c) At the doctor’s , Sabera sat on ——
(i) chair (ii)table (iii) bed (iv) Sofa
(d) How did Sabera catch cold?
(i) playing in the rain (ii) drinking cold water(iii)swimming in the pond (iv) getting wet in the rain  
(e) The doctor told Sabera to ——
(i)go to school (ii) to go to hospital(iii)to stay in bed (iv) to go to play
(f) Who accompanied Sabera to the doctor’s?
(i) Sabera’s father (ii) Sabera’s mother (iii) Sabera’s uncle (d)

Sabera’s friend
(g) Sabera was suggested to stay in bed for——
(i) few days    (ii) 5 days
(iii) 8 days      (iv) 7 days
(h) Who took the prescription ?
(i) doctor (ii) Sabera (iii) Sabera’s mother (iv) Sabera’s uncle .
(i) Sabera is expected to ——soon .
(i) go home (ii) come round (iii) go

to school (iv) get rid of
(j) “Thank you,doctor”. Here “Thank you” is used as an expression of ——
(i) anger          (ii)gratitude
(iii) praise       (iv) invitation
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the text :                   1×5=5                                                                                                             
 (a)Sabera must stay in ——- for a few days .(b) The doctor told her to take a —-breath.(c)She has a——cough.(d) Sabera got ——in the rain. (e) Sabera was feeling weak because she had a ——-.
3. Answer the following
questions :                             2×5=10                                                                                                                
 (a) Who was Hasina Begum ?
(b) Why did Hasina Begum take Sabera to the doctor ?
(c) What was Sabera’s complaint?
(d) How did Sabera catch cold ?
(e) What was the doctor’s advice ?
4. Write the poem  “It’s Fun”             10
Or, Write the first 8 lines of the poem “AT THE ZOO”   
5. Make sentence with the following words:(any five)                   1×5=5                                                  
(a)friendly       (b)prey (c)make noise
(d) attractive   (e)see off
(f) fasting        (g) imaginary
6. . Match the words in column A with their opposite words in column B:                                   1×5=5
7. Re-write the sentences using the capital letters and punctuation
marks:                                    2×5=10            
My name is samir Khan i live with my aunt Ms Meher Begum my address is45ParkRoadShimulpurKhulna.I went to dhaka  for a visit with my uncleMr Azam Khan.He took me to visit the mirpur zoo.
8. Re-arrange the sentences to build up question and answer them : (any five)                        2×5= 10                           
(a)is/ your/best/ who/friend?
(b)is/what/ his/game/favourite?
(c) is/what /favourite/game/your ?
(d) do/ like/ why/ you /cricket/of/both?
(e)  want/your friend/what/to be/do/ in future?
9. Read the following situation . Make a request dialogue and response . Use would or could .        10               
You want  someone to tell you the way to the nearest bus station.
10. Re-write the sentences with the correct form of verbs :         1×5= 5                                                                                                                                   
 (a) (c)I can not go out .It ——— (rain) for two hours.(b) He is an M.A. He ———— (join) a job recently . (c) I went to office by bus yesterday . But today I ———— (go) by rickshaw (d)Rice grows in Bangladesh.It ——(eat)  by us.(e)I was absent ————- (be) you go there yesterday ?                                                                          
11.. Write a paragraph on “ Your Motherland ”. Include the following  things in your
paragraph :                10

(i) What is the name of your motherland ? (ii) When did she become independent?(iii) What is her area and population? (iv)What are its main attractions ? (iv)How are the people? (v) What is your feeling about your country?

12. Suppose you are Rabbi and your friend is Tonu. Now, write a letter to your friend describing your hobby.            10

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