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Dialogue for PEC Examination

Read the following situation. Make request dialogue and response. Use ‘would’ or ‘could...
1. You want to go to a book fair with some of your friends.
Mahmuda : Hello, Salma, What are you doing here?
Salma : I am looking for my friends.
Mahmuda : Why? Are you going somewhere?
Salma : Yes, We will go to the book fair. Would you like to come with us?
Mahmuda : No, thanks. I am busy. I have a class test. I can go tomorrow.
Salma : Okay. We’ll go tomorrow. I’ll tell my friends.
Mahmuda : Thank you very much.
2. You want to borrow your friend’s bicycle.
Myself : I’m going to Anandabazar. But I do not want to go on foot. Could you please give me your bicycle?
Asif : Sorry. My brothe took it to his college. Would you wait for about an hour?
Myself : Sure. Why not? But are you sure that he will come within an hour? Would you call him at his cell phone?
Asif : No need to call him. He always comes at 2.00 pm.
Myself : Thank you.
3. You want someone to lend you a camera.
Myself : Hello, Saif. Could you lend me your camera?
Saif : Why? What’s the matter?
Myself : I am going to celebrate my 12th birthday. I want to take some photographs of this rare moment.
Saif : Of course. You can take it without hesitation. Would you tell me when you will return it?
Myself: Very soon. The next day after the birthday celebration I will return it to you.
Saif : Then take the camera.
Myself : Thank you very much.
Read the following situation. Make request dialogue and response. Use ‘would’ or ‘could...
4. You want to know someone’s birthday.
Myself : Hello, Saif, how are you?
Saif : I’m well. And what about you?
Myself: I am so so. Would you tell me when is your birthday?
Saif : Of course. It is 19th July. I must invite you in my birthday celebration.
Myself : Thank you very much.
Saif : Welcome.
5. You want your father to take you to the book fair.
Ans. Myself : Good morning, father! Could you take me to the book fair?
Father : Good morning Sure, When do you like to go?
Myself : Friday in the evening.
Father :Okay.
Myself : Thank you, Father.
6. You want to talk to youৎ friend oveৎ telephone and leave a message.
Ans. Myself : Hello, I am Mariam. Could I talk to Rifat, please?
Reena: Sorry, he is not at home now.
Myself: Could I leave a Message?
Reena : Yes, of course.
Myself : Would you please tell her to see me tomorrow?
Reena : Ok, I must do that.
Myself : Thank you.
7. You want to know about youৎ meals from a nurse.
Ans. Myself : Nurse, would you please give me a glass of water?
Nurse : Here you are.
Myself: Would you please give me a chocolate from the box? My Uncle brought them for me.
Nurse: I am sorry, dear, You shouldn’t eat anything else today.
Myself: Could you please ask the doctor if I can have it tomorrow?
Nurse : Yes, of course, Wait a bit.
Myself : Thank you.
Read the following situation. Make request dialogue and response. Use ‘would’ or ‘could...
8. You want to get someone’s number.
Ans. Myself: Excuse me, could you give me Habib’s phone number?
Saif: Sorry, I can’t because I don’t have it. You can ask Shahid.
Myself: Would you give me Shahid’s phone number, please?
Saif : Sure. It’s 9662631.
Myself : Thank you.
9. Your brother wants to get something from you.
Ans. Myself: I am going to New Market. Does anyone need anything?
Bahar: Yes, brother. Would you please bring some oranges for me? And if you don’t mind, could you please post this letter?
Myself : Oh, sure.
Bahar : Thank you.
10. You want your teacher to tell you a ghost story.
Ans. Student : Good morning, teacher.
Teacher : Good morning, student.
Student : Would you please tell us a ghost story sir?
Teacher: Of course. But not now, after the class I will tell you a story.
Student : Okay. Sir, We will hear after the class.
Teacher : Thank you. Now, let’s have our lesson.
11. You want to know someone’s age.
Myself : Hello, Arif, how are you?
Arif : I’m fine and you?
Myself : I’m so so. Would you tell me what your present age is?
Arif : Of course. I’m now ten years old.
Myself : Thanks.
12. You want to take some money from your father.
Ans. Myself : Father, would you give me some money, please.
Father : What will you do with the money?
Myself : I want to buy a book.
Father : Oh, sure, How much do you require?
Myself : Only 100 taka.
Father : Take this money.
Myself : Thank you father.
Father : Welcome.
Read the following situation. Make request dialogue and response. Use ‘would’ or ‘could...
13. You have gone to your neighbour to borrow some money.
Ans. Uncle : How are you, Nayon?
Myself : I’m fine, and you?
Uncle : I’m Ok, do you want to tell me anything?
Myself : Uncle, I’m in a problem. Would you please lend me some money now?
Uncle : What’ll you do with money?
Myself : I would like to buy a book.
Uncle : Ok, Take this. Here is 200 taka.
Myself : Thank you very much. I’ll refund you it soon.
14. You want to go for a walk with your mother.
Myself: Mother, would you go for a walk today in the afternoon?
Mother : Why? Do you have any work?
Myself: Yes mum. I want to buy something and be fresh roaming the open air.
Mother : Ok, then we’ll go. Now, come here and take food.
Myself : Thank you mum.
Mother : Welcome.
15. You want to take a permission from your father to go to the field.
Ans. Myself : Father, I want to go to the field.
Father : Why will you go there?
Myself : A Football competition will be held today and the one team is ours.
Father: Then you may go but after finishing you must come back home without any delay as you are to study.
Myself : Ok. Thank you very much. father.
Father : Welcome.
16. You will tell about a Cinema to your friend.
Ans. Myself : Hi! Chaion. How are you?
Chaion: I’m fine and you?
Myself: I’m also Ok. Have you watched the Cinema Aguner Parashmoni?
Chaion : Not yet. Have you seen it?
Myself: Yeah. It is about our glorious liberation war. I’m sure you’ll enjoy if you watch it.
Chaion : Ok. I’ll try to watch it. Thank you for informing me this.
Myself : Welcome, Now let’s have a tea.
Read the following situation. Make request dialogue and response. Use ‘would’ or ‘could’.
17. You will discuss about the liberation war with your grandfather.
Answer :
Myself : Hello, my dear grandfather, are you well?
Grandfather : I’m well. Is your body and mind well?
Myself: It’s Ok. Well. do you know about our Liberation war?
Grandfather: Yes, of course. We had to fight severely against the Pakistan Army.
Myself : Did they oppress much, my grandfather?
Grandfather: Yes. They oppressed like the beast.
Myself: My heart sinks when I hear about the Liberation war.
Grandfather : Be quiet and resolve to build up land.
18. Your mother is ill. You need to call in a doctor?
Answer :
Myself : Good afternoon, doctor!
Doctor : Good afternoon! What can I do for you?
Myself : My mother is seriously ill. She is suffering from dangue fever. Would you please go with me to treat her?
Doctor : of course! I must go with you after a few minutes later.
Myself : Thanks.
Doctor : Welcome.
19. You ask your madam to tell about The box which she brought in the class.
Answer :
Myself : Good morning, madam!
Madam : Good morning! How are you?
Myself : I’m fine. madam! Would you please tell me what is in the box?
Madam : Of course! Could you help me to open the box?
myself : of course! I’ll.
20. you want to get some information about the location of a department store.
Answer :
myself : Excuse me, could you tell me the location of a department store?
Passer-by : Yes, go up to the end of this road and then turn right. The department store is on the left.
myself : Thank you very much.
Read the following situation. Make request dialogue and response. Use ‘would’ or ‘could...
21. You are ill. You are asking advice from a doctor.
Answer :
Myself : Good morning, doctor. I have cought a cold. Would you suggest me?
Doctor : Ok, How have you cought cold.
Myself : On the way to school I got wet in the rain.
Doctor : How long have you been suffering?
Myself : Two days, Doctor, I feel tired. Would you give me some medicine?
Doctor : Of course. Here it is.
Myself : Thank you. doctor.
22. You want a passerby to tell you the way to the bus station.
Answer :
Myself : Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the bus station?
Passerby : Sure, it is very near from here.
Myself : How can I go there?
Passerby : Go up to the end of this road and then turn right. The bus station is on the left.
Myself : Thanks.
23. You want to know about the common birds of Bangladesh from your teacher.
Answer :
Myself : Good afternoon, sir!
Teacher : Good afternoon! How are you?
Myself : I’m fine, sir! Would you please discuss the common birds of Bangladesh?
Teacher : Of course! Could you tell the names of the common birds of Bangladesh?
Myself : No, sir!
Teacher : Okay! The common birds of Bangladesh are the crow. the sparrow, the doel, the shalik, the kingfisher. the parrot etc.
Myself : Thanks a lot.
24. You want to ask your father to buy a new dress and a cake on your birthday.
Answer :
Myself : Good morning, father!
Father : Good morning. my dear!
Myself : Father, do you know the next day is my birthday?
Father : I know. What do you want for the day?
myself : Would you buy me a new dress and a cake?
Father : Sure, I will. Anything else. dear.
Myself : Nothing else, father.
Father : I wish your good luck.
Read the following situation. Make request dialogue and response. Use ‘would’ or ‘could’.
25. You want to know about a multi-storeyed building from your uncle.
Answer :
Myself : Would you please take me to a multistoeyed building?
Uncle : Sure, when are you free?
Myself : our school is closed tomorrow.
Uncle : What do you want to know there.
Myself : I want to see tall buildings.
Uncle : Ok, I will take you to see tall buildings to Dhanmondi.
Myself : Thank you.
26. You want your friend to come to your home on Eid day.
Answer :
Myself : I shall be very happy if you come to my home on Eid day.
My friend : When will you be at your home?
Myself : I shall be waiting for you before sunset.
My friend : of course. I will not miss to you and your programme.
Myself : Thank you.
My friend : My pleasure.
27. You want to know from your partner about the interesting places of Bangladesh.
Answer :
Myself : Good morning!
My partner : Good morning!
Myself : Could you please tell me about the interesting places in Bangladesh?
My partner : Yes. The interesting please of Bangladesh are Sunderbans, Rangamati, Cox’s Bazar, Lalbag Fort and so on.
Myself : Thank you.
28. You want to know about a story of monkeys to your grandfather.
Answer :
Myself : Excuse me, grandfather! Would you please tell me a story of monkey?
Grandfather : Sure! This is a story of a cap-seller and monkeys.
Myself : Tell me please.
Grandfather : A cap seller took rest under a tree putting his basket of caps beside him. There were monkeys in the tree. There came down from the tree and took away the caps.
Myself : Thank you so much.
Grandfather : Welcome.

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