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Competaney-based Questions for PEC Exam

Competaney-based Questions for PEC Exam


Ms. Jamila Akhter is a shop assistant. She works in shifts in a department store in Chittagong. So, she doesn't have to go at the same time everyday. On some days she works in the first shift from 9 am to 3 pm. On other days, she works in the second shift from 3 pm to 9 pm.
Jamila always goes to work by bus in the morning. The bus stops is just outside the store. In the afternoon, she generally goes there by rickshaw or baby-taxi. She doesn't like to wait at the bus stop in the mid-day heat. The bus is usually over-crowded at that time. She always comes back home by bus.
Q. Choose the right answer.
(a) Where does Ms Jamila Akhtar work?
(i) in a department store (ii) in a bus station
(iii) in the field (iv) at home
(b) How does Ms Jamila go to her work place in the morning?
(i) standing (ii) walking (iii) by bus (iv) on foot
(c) What seems hard to Ms Jamila?
(i) to work standing (ii) to go by bus
(iii) the job (iv) to work all the day
(d) How does Ms Jamila lead her life?
(i) in solvency (ii) idly (iii) in hardship (iv) happily
(e) What class does Ms Jamila belong to?
(i) service holder (ii) middle class
(iii) beggar (iv) working class
(f) Where does Ms Jamila work?
(i) Dhaka (ii) Chittagong (iii) Rajshahi (iv) Khulna
(g) How many hours does she work in a day?
(i) 8 hours (ii) 5 hours (iii) 9 hours (iv) 6 hours
(h) Why is bus or taxi over crowded?
(i) for cheap fare (ii) for narrow roads
(iii) for scarcity of vehicles (iv) for vast population
(i) What is the false statement?
(i) She works in shifts (ii) She works from 9 am to 9 pm everyday (iii) She works in two shifts
(iv) She works 6 hours a day
(j) Find out the correct sentence?
(i) Ms Jamila is a shop assistant (ii) Ms Jamila is an assistant shop (iii) Ms Jamila a shop is assistant
(iv) Assitant is a shop Ms Jamila
Answer :
(a)-(i) in a department store (b)-(iii) by bus
(c)-(i) to work standing (d)-(iii) in hardship
(e)-(iv) working class (f)-(ii) Chittagong
(g)-(iv) 6 hours (h)-(iv) for vast population
(i)-(ii) She works from 9 am to 9 pm everyday
(j)-(i) Ms Jamila is a shop assistant.

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