Saturday, November 10, 2012

Competancy-based Questions for PEC Examination

One day Ms Asma Haque brings a big box in her classroom. She puts the box near the table. The box is tied with a rope. All the students become curious. They want to know what Ms. Asma Haque has in the box. She could understand her students' curiosity. She smiles and says, "Do you want to see what I have in the box?" All the students shout excitedly, "Yes, we do." "Okay, could you help me open the box?"

Q. Choose the right answer. (Competancy-based)
(a) What does Ms Haque bring in her class?
(i) a table (ii) a packet (iii) a rope (iv) a box
(b) What makes the students of Ms Asma Haque curious?
(i) her question (ii) her instruction
(iii) the box (iv) the rope
(c) What things are there inside the box?
(i) a scissors (ii) a bowl and a pan (iii) some cooking instruments (iv) some funny things
(d) ‘Go back to your seat’ What type of sentence is it?
(i) command (ii) request
(iii) instruction (iv) both (i) and (iii)
(e) Find out the request sentence.
(i) Open the box (ii) Can you open the box?
(iii) Please, come here (iv) I need more help
(f) What is Ms Asma Haque?
(i) a housewife (ii) a cook
(iii) a teacher (iv) a student
(g) Why did Ms Asma Haque ask the students, ‘Do you want to see what I have in the box?’
(i) to threat them (ii) to irritate them
(iii) to instruct them (iv) to humiliate them
(h) How does curiosity help the students?
(i) It makes ways to knowledge
(ii) It makes them tired
(iii) It makes them bored
(iv) It helps them think negatively
(i) Make a request sentence using the following words. the/please/ropes/cut/scissors/with/the
(i) The ropes cuts the scissors with please.
(ii) Please cut the ropes with the scissors.
(iii) Please scissors the ropes with cut.
(iv) Scissors please the ropes with the cut.
(j) Make a command using the following words. up/stand/students
(i) Stand up, students (ii) Up stand students
(iii) Students up stand (iv) Stand students up
(a)-(iv) a box
(b)-(iii) the box
(c)-(iii) some cooking instruments
(d)-(iv) both (i) and (iii)
(e)-(iii) Please, come here
(f)-(iii) a teacher
(g)-(iii) to instruct them
(h) (i) It makes ways to knowledge
(i) (ii) Please cut the ropes with the scissors
(j)-(i) Stand up, students.

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