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Model Test English Second Paper for JSC Exam

Full Marks-100, Time : 3 Hours
[N.B. Numbers in the right margin indicate full marks]
Part-A : Grammar (Marks-60)
1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles; put a cross where an article is not needed.             1×5=5
Our life is (a)__ sum total of days, months and years. But all days are not equally memorable to us. Most of the days are forgotten with (b)__  passage of time. My first day at school is such (c)__ amusing day. When I was a boy of six my father got me submitted with (d)__ new school. We took a rickshaw and arrived at school. I felt both (e)__ joy and happiness.
2. Re-write the following passage in the future tense.                  5
Safia is 24 years old and works as a nurse in a private clinic inDhaka. She lives with a relative. She has been working for some where to live for about a month. So far she has been unsuccessful and has been sleeping on the floor of her relative’s house.Sofia’s parents live in the rural area just outsideDhaka.
3. Change the following sentences into active or passive.            1×5=5
a) She looks after the Orphans.
b) Pen through the line.
c) We know that the earth is round.
d) Did you take the medicine?
e) He decided to sell the house.
4. Transform the following sentences as directed.           1×5=5
a) We should settle the dispute. (imperative)
b) He was a man of great intelligence. (negative)
c) A scholar is not always right. (affirmative)
d) Very few metals are as useful as iron. (comperative)
e) No body can escape the death. (interrogative)
5. Put a suitable preposition from the box in each gap. You can use a preposition more than once.          1×5=5

a) He is not afraid___ any body.
b) Students should not argue___ the teachers.
c) I have no ambition___ fame.
d) A nurse attends___ patients.
e) There is no bar___ your trying for the post.
6. Fill in the each gap with a suitable conjunction from the box.              1×5=5
a) My father wants___ I read holy book daily.
b) Our wealth is little,___ our hearts are great.
c) Don’t go out___ I come.
d)___ he was walking in he garden a snake bit him.
e)___ my maternal uncle entered the room, we, all were extremely happy.
7. Fill in the gaps with right form of verbs from the list. Put then in correct tense. Use negative where necessary. 1×5=5
a) Himel said that he___ ill that day.
b) I think that the proposal should___.
c) You had better___ to God.
d) The land___ for 3 reasons.
e) The honest___ in the long run.
8. Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs from the list.    1×5=5
a) We decorated the house___.
b) I am___ in need of your help.
c) He is old___ to do this work.
d)Bangladeshis not an___ developed country.
e) They support the proposal___.
9. Fill in each gap with a suitable pronoun from the box.             1×5=5
a) Shilpi is absent because___ is ill.
b) ___ should obey one’s parents.
c) I know,___is your sister.
d)___ do you like is know to us.
e) The blamed___ for the accident.
10. Fill in the gaps with the phrase and idioms from the box.                  1×5=5
a) You must___ your shoes when enter the mosque.
b) There is no___  rule in this matters.
c) Our classes are going on___ .
d) Sinners will suffer___ .
e) He is ___  in Mathmatics.
11. Complete the sentences with first and 2nd conditionals.                    1×5=5
a) If I get up early, ____.
b) If he sees you, ____.
c)____ if they got ticket.
d) were I you, ____.
e) Had I the wings of a bird____.
12. Change the Speech of the following sentences.                    1×5=5
a) The teacher said that the earth is round.
b) He said to her, “Do you now English?”
c) He said to me, “Don’t do this.”
d) Rinki said to Pinki, ” I went to your house yesterday.”
e) Tania said. “I was writing a letter to you.”
Part-B- Composition(Marks- 40)
13. Supoose, you are Rufiat of Comilla Zilla School Comilla. You have a large well decorated common room in your school. But, the provided facilities like sports materials, magazine, computers, internet service etc. are not sufficient. Now write an application to your headmaster  for increasing common room facilities.   5
Or, Suppose, you are Rumi/Rumon by name. You are a student of BIAM Model School Sylhet. You have passed SSC examination this year with GPA 5. Now write an application to your Headmaster for issuing a testimonial/Write an application for a full free studentship.
14. Complete the following in complete story and give a suitable title to it.          5
Once an ant was very thirsty. He was searching water here and there. Lastly he saw a pond and went to the pond to drink water………
15. Suppose, You are Fahim. Sifat is your friend. You two have a good relation. But, sometime you dislike him as he is a chain smoker. He doesn’t like to say that smoking is a bad habit and it is detrimental to health. Now, Write a dialogue about it.   
16. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics. Include the following questions’ answer in your paragraph.      10
a) Traffic Jam
i) What is a Traffic Jam?
ii) What is the nature of Traffic Jam?
iii) Why does it occur?
iv) What is your feeling at the time of Traffic Jam?
v) What should we do to remove Traffic Jam?
b) Your school common room
i) What is a school common room?
ii) Why is it important for a School?
iii) How is the room furnished?
iv) What kinds of facilities does the common room provide the students?
v) What do students do in the common room?
c) Write a paragraph on “How keep good health.” Use the following key words in writing your paragraph:
17. Write a composition on any one of the following.     15×1=15
a) Physical Exercise
b) Population problem inBangladesh
c) Value of time
d) Tree plantation
e) The birds ofBangladesh.
Answer : a) a, b) the,c) an,d) a,e) x.
2.Sofiawill be 24 years old and will work as a nurse in a private clinic inDhaka. She will live with a relative. She will have been working for some where to live for about a month. So far she will have been unsuccessful and will have been sleeping on the floor of her relatives’ house.Sofia’s parents will live in the rural area just out sideDhaka.
3. a) The orphans are looked after by her.
b) Let the line be penned through.
c) It is known to us that the earth is round.
d) Was the medicine taken by you?
e) The house was decided to be sold by him.
4. a) Let us settle the dispute.
b) He was not a fool.
c) A scholar is hardly wrong/ sometime wrong.
d) Iron is more useful than most other metals.
e) Can anybody escape the death?
5. a) of b) with c) for d) on e) to.
6. a) that b) but c) till d) while
e) when.
7. a) was b) be accepted c) pray
d) was chosen e) are rewarded.
8. a) attractively b) badly c) enough
d) industrially e) unanimously.
9. a) she b) one c) who d) whom
e) themselves.
10. (a) Take off b) hard and fast c) in full swing d) in the long run e) well up
11. a) If I get up early, I shall enjoy morning air/breeze.
b) If he sees you, you will be punished.
c) They would visit the village if they got ticket.
d) Were I you I would study 8 hours daily.
e) Had I the wings of a bird I would fly in the open sky.
12. a) The teacher said, “The earth moves round the sun.”
b) He asked her if he knew English.
c) He told/advised me not to do that.
d) Rinki told Pinki that he had gone to her house the previous day.
e) Tania said/told that he had been writing a letter to me.
13-17. Do by yourself.

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