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Making WH Questions and Answer for PEC Exam

1. Name/ of/ what/ is/ english/ book / text/ the/ your?
Ques : What is the name of your English text book?
Ans. : The name of our English text book is ‘English For Today’.
2. Are/ what/ in/ class/ you?
Q : What class are you in?
A: I am in class five.
3. When/ birthday/ is/ your?
Q: When is your birthday?
A: My birthday is on 25 December.
4. Who/ your/ father/ is?
Q: Who is your father?
A: Mr. Rahman is my father.
5. Is/ what/ father/ your?
Q: What is your father?
A: My father is a teacher.
6. What/ you/ do/ do?
Q: What do you do?
A: I am a student.
7. Do/ where/ you/ study?
Q: Where do you study?
A: I study at a Dhamrai government primary school.
8. Do/ where/ you/ in/ live?
Q: Where do you live in?
A: I live at Dhaka in Bangladesh.
9. Like/ why/ your/ school/ do/ you?
Q: Why do you like your school?
A: I like our school because it has good teachers.
10. Do/ go/ how/ you/ school/ to/ and/ home/ return?
Q: How do you go to school and return home?
A: I go to school and return home on foot.
11. Does/ when/ your/ school/ finish/ and/ start?
Q: When does your school start and finish?
A: Our school starts at 8 am and finishes at 4 pm.
12. Kiron/ is/ who?
Q: Who is Kiron?
A: Kiron is Murad’s friend.
13. Have/ do/ you/ pet/ any?
Q: Do you have any pet?
A: Yes, I have a pet cat.
14. Sonia/ does/ what/ country/ from/ come?
Q: What country does Sonia come from?
A: Sonia comes from England.
15. Color/ of/ what/ is/ the/ eyes/ your?
Q: What is the color of your eyes?
A: The color of my eyes is black.
16. Adnan/ is/ what?
Q: What is Adnan?
A: Adnan is a student.
17. Believe/ in/ you/ do/ ghosts?
Q: Do you believe in ghosts?
A: Yes, I do.
18. Your/ what/ is/ favorite/ subject?
Q: What is your favorite subject?
A: My favorite subject is English.
19. The/ why/ is/ cuckoo/ called/ bird/ seasonal/ a?
Q: Why is the cuckoo called a seasonal bird?
A: The cuckoo is called a seasonal bird because we can see it in the spring.
20. Does/ parrot/ look/ how/ a?
Q: How does a parrot look?
A: It has a red beak and a long tail. It has green feathers.
21. What/ is/ it/ time?
Q: What time is it?
A: It is 10 am.
22. Who/ Ms/ is/ Farhana?
Q: Who is Ms. Farhana?
A: Ms. Farhana is an English teacher.
23. Who/ Sabera/ is?
Q: Who is Sabera?
A: Sabera is Hasina Begum’s daughter?
24. Letter/ is/ who/ from/ the?
Q: Who is the letter from?
A: The letter is from Murad.
25. Birds/ are/ happy/ the/ cages/ in?
Q: Are birds happy in the cages?
A: No, they are not.
26. Name/your/what’s?
Q: What’s your name?
A: My name is Akash.
27. What/ your/ is/ mother?
Q: What is your mother?
A: My mother is a teacher.
28. Where/ work/ mother/ your/ does?
Q: Where does your mother work?
A: She works in a school.
29. Do/ family/ what/ for/ does/ the/ she?
Q: What does she do for the family?
A: She cooks food for the family.
30. Examination/ when/ your/ start/ will?
Q: When will your examination start?
A: Our examination will start on 15th October.
31. How/ preparation/ is/ your?
Q: How is your preparation?
A: My preparation is quite good.
32. How/ your/ living/ is/ place?
Q: How is your living place?
A: It is very comfortable.
33. How/ you/ are?
Q: How are you?
A: I am sick.
34. Are/ where/ coming/ you/ from?
Q: Where are you coming from?
A: I am coming from Dhaka.
35. Is/ mother/ tongue/ your/ what?
Q: What is your mother tongue?
A: Our mother tongue is Bengali.
36. Is/ your/ father/ how?
Q: How is your father?
A: He is very honest.
37. Whom/ like/ do/ you/ most?
Q: Whom do you like most?
A: I like my mother most.
38. Why/ do/ like/ you/ him/ her/ or?
Q: Why do you like him or her?
A: I like her for her piety.
39. What/ a/ is/ flyover?
Q: What is a flyover?
A: A flyover is a road built on pillars over another road.
40. Do/ need/ flyover/ cities/ why
Q: Why do cities need flyover?
A: Cities need flyover to avoid traffic jam.
41. a/ flyover/ how/ helpful/ is?
Q: How is a flyover helpful?
A: It helps to avoid traffic jam.
42. Where/ Is/ flyover/ Mohakhali?
Q: Where is Mohakhali Flyover?
A: It is in Mohakhali area of Dhaka.
43. Is/ how/ Mohakhali/ long/ flyover?
Q: How long is Mohakhali flyover?
A: It is 1.8 km long.
44. Do/ where/ study/ you?
Q: Where do you study?
A: I study in a primary school.
45. Do/ go/ when/ you/ to/ school?
Q: When do you go to school?
A: I go to school at 9 am.
46. Of/ hair/ your/ what’s/ colour/ the?
Q: What’s the colour of your hair?
A: The color of my hair is black.
47. Is/ eyes/ what/ your/ the friends/ color?
Q: What is the color of your friends eyes?
A: The color of my friend’s eyes is black.
48. Living/ where/ are/ now/ you?
Q: Where are you living now?
A: I am living in Dhaka now.
49. Which/ you/ do/ country/ from/ come?
Q: Which country do you come from?
A: She come from Bangladesh.
50. What/ nationality/ is/ Sonia’s?
Q: What is Sonia’s nationality? A: She is British.
51. On/ did/ birthday/ have/ her/ Lima/ what?
Q: What did Lima have on her birthday?
A: She had a pet bird on her birthday.
52. Lima/ her/ call/ did/ what?
Q: What did Lima call her?
A: She called her ‘Mimi’.
53. Did/ kind/ like/ of/ what/ Lima/ bird?
Q: What kind of bird did Lima like?
A: She liked a pet bird that could talk.
54. Very/ Mimi/ of/ who/ fond/ was?
Q: Who was very fond of Mimi?
A: Lima was very fond of Mimi.
55. a Bath/ did/ everyday/ have/ Mimi/ when?
Q: When did Mimi have a bath everyday?
A: Mimi had a bath every morning.
56. Mahmud/ is/ American/ an?
Q: Is Mahmud an American? A: No, he is not.
57. Is/ when/ celebrated/ Eid-ul-Fitr?
Q: When is Eid-ul-Fitr celebrated?
A: Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated after a month’s fasting.
58. Wearing/ is/ what/ Shihab?
Q: What is Shihab wearing?
A: He is wearing a new payjama and a panjabi.
59. What/ was/ complaint/ Sabera’s?
Q: What was Sabera’s complaint?
A: Her complaint was that she had a fever. She was also coughing all the time.
60. The/ slave/ whose/ genie/ big/ was?
Q: Whose slave was the big genie?
A: The big genie was the slave of the holder of the lamp.
61. The/ Aladin/ what/ rubbed/ when/ring/ happened?
Q: What happened when Aladin rubbed the ring?
A: A genie came when Aladin rubbed the ring.
62. Cave/ of/ Aladin/ who/ the/ out/ took?
Q: Who took Aladin out of the cave?
A: The genie took Aladin out of the cave.
63. Save/ how/time/ can/ people?
Q: How can people save time?
A: people can save time going through a flyover.
64. Was/ the/ advice/ doctor’s/ what?
Q: What was the doctor’s advice?
A: The doctor’s advice was that Sabera had to stay in bed for a few days. She must take the prescribed medicines regularly.
65. Usually/ do/ where/ birds/ live?
Q: Where do birds usually live?
A: Birds usually live in trees.
66. A/ how/ appearance/ is/ parrot’s?
Q: How is a parrot’s appearance?
A: A parrot has a red beak and a long tail. Its feathers are green. It looks beautiful.
67. Why/ sad/ Bashir/ is?
Q: Why is Bashir sad?
A: Bashir is sad because his aunt is ill.
68. Why/ do/ like/ you/ him/ her/ or?
Q: Why do you like him or her?
A: I like her for her piety.
69. What/ learn/ did/ Mita/ friends/ and/ her/ last/ year?
Q: What did Mita and her friends learn last year?
A: Last year Mita and her friends learnt how to tell the hours.
70. Jamila/ what/ Akhter/ is?
Q: What is Jamila Akhter?
A: She is a shop-assistant.
71. Where/ the/ is/ Little/ blue/ boy?
Q: Where is the Little Boy Blue?
A: He is under haycock.
72. Who/ letter/ the/ from/ is?
Q: Who is the letter from?
A: The letter is from Murad.
73. Who/ Murad/ is?
Q: Who is Murad? A: Murad is Kiron’s friend.
74. Who/ is/ kiron?
Q: Who is Kiron?
A: Kiron is Murad’s friend.
75. What/ used/ is/ word/ to/ the/ end/ letter?
Q: What word is used to end the letter?
A: The word ‘Love’ is used to end the letter.
76. Where/ live/ does/ Murad?
Q: Where does Murad live?
A: He lives is Mymensingh.
77. Who/ writng/ is/ letter/ the/ Murad/ to?
Q: Who is Murad writing the letter to?
A: He is writing the letter to Kiron.
78. Which/ live/ birds/ houses/ in?
Q: Which birds live in houses?
A: Sparrows, parrots and mainas live in our houses.
79. In/ season/ can/ which/ see/ we/ the/ cuckoo?
Q: In which season can we see the cuckoo?
A: We can see the cuckoo in Spring.
80. Grocery/ where/ is/ the?
Q: Where is the grocery?
A: It is on the first floor.
81. When/ birthday/ was/ Lima’s?
Q: When was Lima’s birthday?
A: Next day was Lima’s birthday.
82. When/ become/ did/ Bangladesh/ independent?
Q: When did Bangladesh become independent?
A: Bangladesh became independent in 1971.
83. How/ is/ long/ Cox’s/ Bazar?
Q: How long is Cox’s Bazar?
A: It is 120 km long.
84. What/ the/ is/ capital/ Bangladesh/ of?
Q: What is the capital of Bangladesh?
A: Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
85. What/ occupation/ is/ Sonia’s?
Q: What is Sonia’s occupation?
A: Sonia is a teacher.
86. What/ does/ country/ Ramesh/ form/ come?
Q: What country does Ramesh come from?
A: Ramesh comes from India.
87. What/ monkeys/ do/ to/ like?
Q: What do monkeys like to do?
A: Monkeys like to imitate.
88. How/ days/ many/ fasted/ Nafisa/ has?
Q: How many days has Nafisa fasted?
A: She has fasted for 20 days.
89. What/ name/ is/ your/of/country/ the?
Q: What is the name of your country?
A: The name of our country is Bangladesh.
90. What/ name/is/of/your/ district/ the?
Q: What is the name of your district?
A: The name of our district is Dhaka.
91. Can/ fly/ people/ the/ form/ Mohakhali/ flyover?
Q: Can people fly form the Mohakhali flyover?
A: No, people cannot.
92. Do/ believe/ ghosts/ in/ your/ friend?
Q: Do your friend believe in ghosts?
A: No, she does not.
93. What/ Adnan/ made/ nervous?
Q: What made Adnan nervous?
A: The appearance of an imaginary ghost made him nervous.
94. Do/ watch/ you/ TV/ evening/ every?
Q: Do you watch TV every evening? A: Yes, I do.
95. How/ haircut/ have/ a/ do/ you/ often?
Q: How often do you have a haircut?
A: I have my haircut once a month.
96. You/ do/ own/ wash/ your/ clothes?
Q: Do you wash your own clothes? A: Yes, I do.
97. Do/ with/ live/ you/ family/ your?
Q: Do you live with your family? A: yes, I do.
98. Where/ live/ Esha/ did?
Q: Where did Esha live?
A: She lived in a cottage near a forest.
99. What/ like/ your/ school/ is?
Q: What is your school like? A: It is an ideal school.
100. What/ educational/ the/is/qualification/ mother/ of/ your?
Q: What is the educational qualification of your mother?
A: She is a graduate.

1. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answer them.
(a) was/ tired/ who?
(b) did/ the monkeys/ see/ what?
(c) curious/ who/ were?
(d) where/ the cap-seller/ did/ his cap/ throw?
(e) live/ where/ the monkeys/ did?
Answer :
(a) Q: Who was tired?
Ans: The cap-seller was tired.
(b) Q: What did the monkeys see?
Ans: The monkeys saw a basket of caps.
(c) Q: Who were curious?
Ans: The monkeys were curious.
(d) Q: Where did the cap-seller throw his cap?
Ans: The cap-seller threw his cap on the ground.
(e) Q: Where did the monkeys live?
Ans: The monkeys lived in the tree.
2. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answer them.
(a) is/ what/ wearing/ Shihab?
(b) special/ who/ prepared/ dishes/ has?
(c) came/ has/ why/ Nafisa/ out?
(d) to/ what/ children/ do/ say/ each/ other?
(e) Shihab/ how/ days/ many/ fasted for?
Answer :
(a) Q : What is Shihab wearing?
Ans : Shihab is wearing new payjamas and panjabi.
(b) Q : Who has prepared special dishes?
Ans : Ms. Fatema Banu has prepared special dishes.
(c) Q : Why has Nafisa come out?
Ans: Nafisa has come out to greet Asif.
(d) Q : What do children say to each other?
Ans : Children say ‘Eid-Mubarak’ to each other.
(e) Q : How many days Shihab fasted for?
Ans : Shihab fasted for 15 days.
3. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answer them.
(a) bird/ Lima/ call/ what/ the/ did?
(b) Everyday/ Mimi/ when/ have/ did/ her/ bath? (c) bird/ from/ bought/ father/ where/ the?
(d) colour/ what/ was/ beak/ the/ of/ its?
(e) like/ did/ Mimi/ what?
Answer :
(a) Q : What did Lima call the bird?
Ans : Lima called the bird Mimi.
(b) Q : When did Mimi have her bath everyday?
Ans : Mimi had her bath everyday in the morning.
(c) Q : Where from father bought the bird?
Ans : Father bought the bird from a bird shop.
(d) Q : What was the colour of it’s beak?
Ans : It’s back was red.
(e) Q : What did Mimi like?
Ans : Mimi liked to be near Lima.
4. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answer them.
(a) who/ having/ was/ time/ a good?
(b) where/ they/ did/ down/ get?
(c) what/ Shihab/ did/ notice?
(d) how/ long/ is/ the/ flyover?
(e) how/ money/ much/ spent/ was/ to build/ the flyover?
Answer :
(a) Q : Who was having a good time?
Ans : Shihab was having a good time.
(b) Q : Where did they get down?
Ans : They got down at a bus stop.
(c) Q : What did Shihab notice?
Ans : Shihab noticed a road high over their head.
(d) Q : How long is the flyover?
Ans : It is 1.8 kilometres long.
(e) Q : How much money was spent to build the flyover?
Ans : About 136 crore taka.

5. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answer them.
(a) a camera/ is/ carrying/ who?
(b) Salma/ what/ is/ doing?
(c) go to/ who/ will/ the/book/fair?
(d) refused to/ who/ go/ to/the/book/fair?
(e) the/students/ when/ do/reach/ home?
Answer :
(a) Q : Who is carrying a camera?
Ans : Rubina is carrying a camera.
(b) Q : What is Salma doing?
Ans : Salma is looking for her friends.
(c) Q : Who will go to the book fair?
Ans : Salma and her friends will go to the book fair.
(d) Q : Who refused to go to the book fair?
Ans : Mahmuda refused to go to the book fair.
(e) Q : When do the students reach home?
Ans : The students reach home in the evening.
6. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answer them.
(a) Adnan/ is/ who?
(b) did/ who/ Adnan/ call?
(c) ill/ fell/ who?
(d) hospital/ took/ to/ the/ who/ her?
(e) hospital/ did/ Adnan/ why/ to/ the/ go?
Answer :
(a) Q : Who is Adnan?
Ans : Adnan is a student.
(b) Q : Who did Adnan call?
Ans : Adnan called his mother.
(c) Q : Who fell ill?
Ans : Adnan’s grandmother fell ill.
(d) Q : Who took her to the hospital?
Ans : His father took her to the hospital.
(e) Q : Why did Adnan go to the hospital?
Ans : Adnan went to the hospital to see his grandmother.
7. Reaৎৎange the woৎds to build up questions and answeৎ them.
(a) looks/ who/ sad?
(b) is/ ill/ who?
(c) is/ fৎom/ ulceৎ/ who/ suffeৎing?
(d) Wheৎe/ now/ is/ she?
(e) which/ is/ it/ hospital?
Ans: (a) Q. Who looks sad?
Ans: Basiৎ looks sad.
(b) Q. Who is ill?
Ans: Basiৎ’s aunt is ill.
(c) Q. Who is suffeৎing fৎom ulceৎ?
Ans: Basiৎ’s aunt is suffeৎing fৎom ulceৎ.
(d) Q. Wheৎe is she now? Ans: She is in hospital now.
(e) Q. Which hospital is it?
Ans: It is the distৎict hospital.
8. Reaৎৎange the woৎds to build up questions and answeৎ them.
(a) the box/ neaৎ/ table/ who/ the/ puts?
(b) what/ with a ৎope/ tied/ is?
(c) opens/ who/ the box?
(d) how/ eveৎybody/ was/ in the class?
(e) cuts/ who/ of the box/ the ৎope?
Ans: (a) Q. Who puts the box neaৎ the table?
Ans: Ms. Asma Haque puts the box neaৎ the table.
(b) Q. What is tied with a ৎope?
Ans: The box is tied with a ৎope.
(c) Q. Who opens the box?
Ans: Asif opens the box.
(d) Q. How was eveৎybody in the class?
Ans: Eveৎybody was cuৎious in the class.
(e) Q. Who cuts the ৎope of the box?
Ans: Mita cuts the ৎope of the box.
9. Reaৎৎange the woৎds to build up questions and answeৎ them.
(a) She/ does/ wheৎe/ woৎk?
(b) Foৎ/ does/ do/ family/ the/ what/ she?
(c) Does/ woৎk/ wheৎe/ Jamila?
(d) Jamila’s/ live/ family/ does/ wheৎe?
(e) You/ most/ whom/ you/ do?
Ans: (a) Q. Wheৎe does she woৎk?
Ans: She woৎks in a house.
(b) Q. What does she do foৎ the family?
Ans: She looks afteৎ the whole family.
(c) Q. Wheৎe does Jamila woৎk?
Ans: Jamila woৎks in a depaৎtment stoৎe.
(d) Q. Wheৎe does Jamila’s family live?
Ans: Jamila’s family lives in Chittagong.
(e) Q. Whom do you like most?
Ans: I like my sisteৎ most.
10. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answer them.
(a) Who/ Sabera is?
(b) Sabera/ is/ how?
(c) Where/ Sabera/ was/ going?
(d) What/ Sabera’s/ is/ complaint?
(e) Who/ took/ must/ medicines/ regularly?
Ans: (a) Q. Who is Sabera?
Ans: Sabera is Hasina Begum’s daughter.
(b) Q. How is Sabera? Ans: Sabera is ill?
(c) Q. Where was Sabera going?
Ans: Sabera was going to school.
(d) Q. What is Sabera’s complaint?
Ans: She has a fever and feels week.
(e) Q. Who must take medicines regularly?
Ans: Sabera must take medicines regularly.
11. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answer them.
(a) The/ parrot/ was/ how?
(b) Parrot/ brought/ the/ who?
(c) The/ kept/ was/ where/ parrot?
(d) What/ a/ seasonal/ is/ bird?
(e) the most/ is/ what/ common/ bird?
Ans: (a) Q. How was the parrot?
Ans: The parrot was very beautiful.
(b) Q. Who brought the parrot?
Ans: Father brought the parrot.
(c) Q. Where was the parrot kept?
Ans: The parrot kept into the cage.
(d) Q. What is a seasonal bird?
Ans: The cuckoo is a seasonal bird?
(e) Q. What is the most common bird?
Ans: The crow is the most common bird.
12. Rearrange the words to build up questions and answers them.
(a) live/ Shihab/ does/where?
(b) Village/ is/ where/ the?
(c) does/ school/ which/ go/ he?
(d) is/ who/ uncle/ his?
(e) live/ does/ his/ where/ uncle?
Ans: (a) Q. Where does Shihab live?
Ans: Shihab lives in a village?
(b) Q. Where is the village?
Ans: The village is beside the river Meghna.
(c) Q. Which school does he go?
Ans: He goes to a village primary school.
(d) Q. Who is his uncle?
Ans: Mr. Hafizuddin is his uncle.
(e) Q. Where does his uncle live?
Ans: His uncle lives in Dhaka.

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