Friday, November 2, 2012

Making Questions and Answer for PEC Exam

Rearranging the sentences to build up questions and answers -

11. are/crops/Bangladesh/what/the main/of/are?
12. the Royal Bengal Tiger/where/does/live?
13. our country/of/what/is/the name?
14. Bangladesh/beach/is/sea/in/what/the longest?
15. independent/Bangladesh/when/did/become?
16. national/zoo/did/you/the/visit?
17. you/go/when/there/did?
18. did/you/go/with/there/whom?
19. did/you/go/how/thou?
20. there/see/what/did/you?
21. Mahmud Hasan/is/healthy?
22. is/tall/Mahmud Hasan?
23. What/is/in/he/class?
24. is/what/Mahmud Hasan?
25. Mahmud Hasan/how/is/old?
26. what/name/is/the/of/grandfather/your?
27. how/is/he/old?
28. what/was/he?
29. is/he/what/like?
30. how/help/he/you/does?

1. Which game do you like to play?
Ans. I like to play football.
2. When do you play?
Ans. I play in the afternoon.
3. With whom do you play?
Ans. I play with my friends.
4. Where do you play?
Ans. I play in the field.
5. What is your position in the game?
Ans. I am the goal keeper in my football team.
6. Why are the parents waiting?
Ans. The parents are waiting to see off their song.
7. Where is the bus waiting?
Ans. The bus is waiting at the school gate.
8. Who is Ms. Fatema Begum?
Ans. Ms. Fatema Begum is the class teacher.
9. Who will go with the students?
Ans. Ms. Fatema will go with the students.

Q. Rewrite the following sentences using capital letters and punctuation marks where necessary.
1. whats the matter
2. she is suffering from ulcer
3. she cant eat anything
4. what did the doctor say
5. yes of course
6. look at the clock students
7. ms asma haque is happy
8. what time is it
9. its a quarter to clever
10. ms fatema is an english teacher
11. dont leave any books on your desk
12. dont forget to put the date
13. ms jamila is a shop assistant
14. she finds her job interesting
15. why does she like her job
16. whats your complaint sabera
17. is anything serious doctor
18. should I take her to hospital
19. and how is your daughter
20. did you play in the rain sabera
21. hellow I’m mariam
22. could I talk to nahid please
23. sorry I dont have it
24. Kazi nazrul islam is a famous poet
25. the mother is feeding her baby
26. who is kiron
27. good morning students
28. right very good
29. next day was limas birthday
30. its beautiful Im so happy.
31. what did lima call her
32. the name of our country is bangladesh
33. whats the capital of bangladesh
34. how does she look
35. whats his nationality
1. What’s the matter?
2. She is suffering from ulcer.
3. She can’t eat anything.
4. What did the doctor say?
5. Yes, of course.
6. Look at the clock, students.
7. Ms Asma Haque is happy.
8. What time is it?
9. It’s is quarter to eleven.
10. Ms Fatema is an English teacher.
11. Don’t leave any books on your desk.
12. Don’t forget to put the date.
13. Ms Jamila is a shop assistant.
14. She finds her job interesting.
15. Why does she like her job?
16. What’s your complaint, Sabera?
17. Is anything serious, doctor?
18. Should I take her to hospital?
19. And how is your daughter?
20. Did you play in the rain, Sabera?
21. Hello, I’m Mariam.
22. Could I talk to Nahid, please?
23. Sorry, I don’t have it.
24. Kazi Nazrul Islam is a famous poet.
25. The mother is feeding her baby.
26. Who is Kiron?
27. Good morning, students.
28. Right, very good.
29. Next day was Lima’s birthday.
30. It’s beautiful, I’m so happy.
31. What did Lima call her?
32. The name of our country is Bangladesh
33. What’s the capital of Bangladesh?
34. How does she look?
35. What’s his nationality?

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