Saturday, November 10, 2012

English short Suggestion for PEC Examination

Seen Comprehension l

1. One day Ms. Asma Haque brings ................ to your seat.

2. Last year Mita and her friends ................ tell the time.
3. Ms. Jamila Akhter is a shop assistant ................ job interesting.
4. Shihab is ten years old. He lives in a ................ families live there.
5. Next day was Lima’s birthday ................ very fond of her.
6. The name of our country is Bangladesh ................ country very much.
7. It was a hot summer day. A man was ................ left the place.
8. After a month’s fasting Eid-ul-Fitre ................ each other.
9. Shihab was having a very good time .............. to build the flyover.
10. Adnan is a student. He lives with his parents ................ no reply.
11. Last winter Tanin’s school had a holiday ................ very much.
12. Once there was a young boy called .............. to the stranger.

Poems l

1. Little Boy Blue 2. Its Fun 3. Clouds

4. Little Pussy 5. At the Zoo

Phrases/Words for makings sentences l

1. parents 2. look after 3. of course

4. tied with 5. curious 6. excited
7. come forward 8. meanwhile
9. bring 10. promise 11. prepare
12. eid prayer 13. celebrate
14. remember 15. surprised
16. take off 17. everywhere
18. community 19. a lot of
20. fond of 21. put into
22. witty 23. helpful 24. friendly
25. lonely 26. on the way
27. in the rain 28. welcome
9. complaint 30. return 31. fever
32. cough 33. regularly 34. customers
35. medicines 36. daughter
37. over crowded 38. population
39. capital 40. thread 41. all alone
42. common 43. familiar
44. season 45. trap 46. spin
47. store.

Dialogue Writing l

1. You want your father to give you some money to buy a book.

2. You want to know someone’s birthday.
3. You want someone to lend you a camera.
4. Rita wants to leave a message for Mita over telephone.
5. You want your grandfather to tell you a ghost story.
6. Kamal wants to know the way to the bus station from Jamal.
7. You want the traffic police to show the Mohakhali Station.
8. You want to borrow a book from your friend.
9. You want to get some information about admission in a school from admission officer.
10. You want your father to take you to the national zoo.
11. You want your to take you to the book fair.
12. You want your elder brothers to help you how to make a garden.

1. Your Homeland

2. Your classroom
3. Your Parents
4. Your Mother
5. Your school
6. Your Friend
7. Yourself
8. A common bird of Bangladesh
9. At the zoo
10. Mohakhali Flyover
11. Your Favourite Teacher
12. Your Reading Room.

Letter Writingl

1. A letter to your friend describing your hobby.

2. A letter to your friend about your aim in life.
3. A letter to your penfriend describing your homeland.
4. A letter to your friend inviting him to attend your birthday party.
5. A letter to your friend telling him about your recent visit to the zoo.
6. A letter to your friend telling him about one of your new friends.
7. A letter to your friend inviting him to join a picnic.
8. A letter to your father asking him for money to buy new books.
9. A letter to your friend inviting him to attend the marriage ceremony of your brother.
10. A letter to your father about the preparation of your Primary Education Completion Examination.
11. A letter to your friend describing the annual sports of your school.
12. A letter to your friend describing your village.

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