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Tag Questions for SSC Examination

Tag Questions for SSC Examination
1.      I rarely eat at restaurants, do I?
2.      The widow has a son, doesn’t she?
3.      The number of student is fifty, isn’t it?
4.      Let them say their prayer in time, will you?
5.      To err is human, isn’t it?
6.      An empty vessel sounds much,doesn’t it?
7.      Let him do whatever I like, won’t you?
8.      The glass contains little milk, does it?
9.      None is none under the sun, are they?
10.Thank you, Sir, don’t I?
11.Anyone is allowed here,aren’t they?
12.Hark!How sweetly she sings,doesn’t it?
13.The captain with the players did well,didn’t they?
14.All dare to do it,daren’t they?
15.What a shame,isn’t it?
16.Father let me play,didn’t he?
17.In our class everybody knows everybody,don’t they?
18.The consumers need to change their attitude,don’t they?
19.I think he is right,don’t I?
20.She seldom receives letters from his mother,does he?
21.A lie never lies hidden for long,does it?
22.Who cares,do they?
23.It hardly rains in winter,does it?
24.What an idea,isn’t it?
25.No one is free from mistake,are they?
26.Nobody knows what will happen next,do they?
27.Work hard for the future,won’t you?
28.Ripon and not his brothers got the prizes,didn’t he?
29.He has little idea about it,has he?
30.Look,here he comes,doesn’t he?
31.Let you and me go for a walk,shall we?
32.The girl in her pleased us all,didn’t it?
33.Please lend me some money,doesn’t it?
34.The girl possessed few pens,did she?
35.I know little idea about the matter,do I?
36.He’s gone,hasn’t he?
37.There is no one who can avoid death,is there?
38.What is lotted cannot be bloted,is it?
39.The beast in him hurt us most,didn’t it?
40.Many a man will come,won’t they?
41.Death knows no time,does it?
42.You and he have gone there,haven’t you?
43.Hasan read the book,didn’t he?
44.Neither they nor he but are responsible for this job,are they?
45.How fast good time flies,doesn’t it?
46.I as well as my parents will visit you,won’t I?
47.Thank you,don’t I?
48.The boys prudence is praiseworthy,isn’t it?
49.Who dares to disobey the law,do they?
50.My sister’s birthday is on April 15,isn’t it?
51.What you say is not true,is it?
52.My friends and I hardly go there,don’t we?
53.God bless you,mayn’t He?
54.The boy in him Pleased us all,didn’t it?
55.We know that honesty is the best policy,isn’t it?
56.I accompanied by my friends made a journey,didn’t I?
57.A known figure needs no introducation,does he?
58.The leader as well as the workers may come,mayn’t he?
59.Know thyself,won’t you?
60.The leader as well as the workers may come,mayn’t he?
61.A boy like him should not do this,should he?
62.He is hardly seen in this area,is he?
63.Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow,do they?
64.I’d finished my work hadn’t I?
65.My friend and I went there,didn’t we?
66.The lady hurt herself quite badly,didn’t she?
67.What he says may be true,mayn’t it?
68.Have a cup of tea,will you?
69.Not only he but also I went there,didn’t we?
70.He as well as I is poor,aren’t I?
71.The nun leads a simple life,doesn’t she?
72.It’s hardly rained in winter,didn’t it?
73.The willl of the people prevails,doesn’t it?
74.What a shame,isn’t it?
75.Everybody longs for power,don’t they?
76.Neither of you will fail,will you?
77.He and I supported you,didn’t we?
78.It is I who am to blame,isn’t it?
79.Nothing but my pen writes well,does it?
80.Who does not wish to be happy,don’t they?
81.A burnt person dreads the fire,doesn’t he?
82.One swallow does not make a summer,mayn’t you?
83.Jack’s on holiday,isn’t he?
84.Let a sleeping dog sleep,will you?
85.He cut the tree at night,didn’t he?
86.When it was time for action,he did nothing,did he?
87.Save something for the future,will you?
88.This is the post man,isn’t it?
89.To talk less is good,isn’t it?
90.No pains,no gains,is it?
91.Summer has set in,hasn’t it?
92.He hardly believes in God,does he?
93.Either I or he must leave the palace,mustn’t he?
94.The headmaster let them play,didn’t he?
95.The red and blue pencil wrote well,didn’t it?
96.It is you who have done this misdeed,isn’t it?
97.How odd,isn’t it?
98.He set up a hospital in his village,didn’t he?
99.Add this to that,will you?
100.You and I came to terms,didn’t we?
101.He and I went there,didn’t we?
102.The tiger rose in him,didn’t it?

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