Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Opposite Words for PEC Examination

Opposite Words-এর ওপর। প্রশ্নে নম্বর থাকবে ৫।
Given Words Opposite Words
Sad happy
Look after neglect
Need solvency
Kindness cruelty
Soon late
Of course uncertain
Bad good
Suffering pleasure
Come go
Tie untie
Curious indifferent
Smile cry
Near far
Some many
Excited calm
Next previous
Show cover
Inside outside.
Show hide
Worry relax
Following above
Tell listen
Happy sad
Carefully carelessly
Below up
Silent noisy
Stop start
Interesting disgusting
Usually unusually
Heat chill
Deep light
Soon late
Wet dry.
Given Words Opposite Words
Regularly irregularly
Weak strong.
A few many
Famous notorious
Mistake right
Possible impossible
Unfold fold
Complete incomplete
Correctly wrongly
Lazy active.
Late in time
Right wrong
Little much
Thin thick
Right left
End start
Tomorrow yesterday
Notice ignore
Request force
Polite rough
Borrow lend
Lonely crowded
Alone together
Beside far
Public private
Witty fool
Prey hunter
Reply Question
Helpful helpless
Miss get
Attractive ugly
Peaceful noisy
Variety same
Large small
Interesting disgusting
Pet wild
Answer question
Happy unhappy
Noise silence
Like dislike
Have give.
Beautiful ugly
Near far
Come back go back
Next previous
Reply ask.
Given Words Opposite Words
Repair damage
Divide join
Different same
Clear dim
Separate join
Buy sell
Tall short
Slim fat
Healthy ugly
Begin stop
Quite partly
Include exclude
Separate join, unite
Slight heavy
Follow disobey
As usual unusually
Continue Stop
Delighted sad
Spend gather
Build break
Construct damage
Get down get up
Excluding including.
Given Words Opposite Words
Dark light
Around nowhere
Afraid courageous
Faster slower
After before
Ailing healthy
Late early
Available rate
Tired fresh
believe doubt.
worried relaxed
Remember forget
Collect waste
Fall rise
Above below
Quickly slowly
Find lose
Come down get-on
Greet ignore
prepare unready
Special common
Favorite hated
Clothe undress.
Given Words Opposite Words
Still motionless
Far near
Narrow wide
Hold leave
Pull push
Stranger local
Young old
Rich poor
Support leave
Stranger familiar
Dead alive
Together alone
Sell buy
Kindness cruelty
Have lose
Scared relaxed
Bright dark
Noise calm
From hack
Winter summer
Shake still
look after ignore
Free busy
whole part
Clear dirty
Busy inactive
work rest
Really falsely
Lonely crowded
soft hard
climb descend
Near far
Asleep awake
Strange common
Listen to ignore
Home work class work
at present in the past
winner defeated
Boil cool
Generally unusually
front hack
see off receive
Look after neglect
Behind front.
none someone
Ahead backward.

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