Wednesday, November 14, 2012

English Model Question

English : 2 hours, Full Marks: 100
Read the following text and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3:
Next day was Lima’s birthday. ‘What would you like to have, Lima, on your birthday.’ mother asked. ‘I would like to have a pet bird.’ Lima said, ‘What bird would you like?’ asked mother. ‘I think I would like a bird that talks,’ Lima answered.
Next morning Lima had a bird in a cage. Father got it for her from a bird shop. It was a parrot. It had green feathers and a red beak. ‘It’s beautiful. I’m so happy. Thank you mother. Thank you father.’ said Lima. She called her ‘Mimi’. Mimi flew from here to there in the house. She liked to be near Lima. Every morning she had a bath. She jumped into the tub. Her wings got wet. Then she hopped onto the bar of the cage. Mother put her food in the cage. But she liked to have it with Lima. She talked to her a lot. Mimi was learning to talk. She called Lima by name. They put her into the cage when they went out. It made her very sad when they did that. She made a lot of noise when they came back. Lima was very fond of her.
1. Choose the best answer: 10
a) The pet bird was a —.
i) Wood peaker ii) Maina iii) Parrot iv) Sparrow
b) The bird liked to have food with —.
i) Lima’s mother ii) Lima iii) Lima’s father iv) Lima and her father.
c) “Its beautiful, I’m so happy”, Who said this?
i) Lima ii) Lima’s father iii) Lima’s mother iv) Lima’s friend
d) Mimi had —.
i) red feathers ii) green feathers iii) black feathers iv) white feathers
e) Lima’s father bought the bird from —.
i) a shop ii) a bird shop iii) a stationery shop iv) a bird fair
f) Lima wanted to have a bird that —.
i) flies ii) talks iii) sings iv) dance
g) Every morning Mimi had —.
i) food ii) a bath iii) a walk with Lima iv) talk with Lima
h) — called Lima by name.
i) Lima’s mother ii) Lima’s father iii) Mimi iv) Lima’s parents
i) Lima was fond of —.
i) her father ii) her mother iii) Mimi iv) friend
j) Lima thanked her —.
i) mother ii) father iii) parents iv) pet bird
2. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word: 15=5
a) Lima liked to have a — bird on her birthday. b) Lima’s birthday was — day.
c) The pet bird was a —. d) Father brought the bird from a —. e) Lima called her —
3. Answer the following questions: 15+5=10
a) What did Lima have on her birthday?
b) What kind of bird did Lima like?
c) Why was Mimi upset when Lima and her family went out?
d) When did Mimi have her bath every day?
e) Why did Mimi make a lot of noise?
f) Write five sentences about ‘Mimi’.
4. Write 8 lines of the poem ‘At the Zoo’. 10
5. Make sentences with the following words: (any five) 5
A lot of, start, familiar, helpful, alone, serious, promise.
6. Match the words with their similar meaning: 5
Answer Quick Wet Lovely
Fast Moist Almost Reply
Beautiful About Ask Slow
7. Re-write the following passage using capital letter and punctuation marks:10
my name is samir khan I with my aunt mrs meher begum live in a small house my address is 45 park road shimulpara khulna I went to dhaka with my uncle mr. azam khan it was during the winter holidays he took me to visit the mirpur zoo.
8. Re-arrange the sentences to build up questions and answer them: (any five)
a) country/ come/ does/ what/ from/ Sonia? b) Jamila/ where/ work/ does?
c) independent/ become/ when/ Bangladesh/ did?
d) you/ class/ what/ read in/ do? e) is/ your/ favourite/ what/ food?
9. Read the following situation. Make a request dialogue and response. Use would or could:
you want to someone to lend you a camera.
10. Rewrite the following sentences with correct form of verb:
a) The boy will not play. Now he — breakfast. (have).
b) Don’t run in the sun. You — could. (catch)
c) Dina usually sits in the last bench. But today she — in the first bench. (sit)
d) They already — the book fair. (visit)
e) Adnan reached home and — (shout).
11. Write a paragraph within 100 words on ‘Your friend’. Answer the following questions in your paragraph: 10
a) what is the name of your friend? b) Where does he/ she live?
c) How old is he/ she? d) How does he/ she look? e) What is his/ her hobby?
12. Suppose. you are Linda/Limon. You live at 12. Fuller Road, Dhaka. Your friend Nabid/ Nabiha lives at 44. Churulia, Barisal. Your friend wants to know about your visit to a book fair. Now write a letter to your friend describing your visit to a book fair. 10

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