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Model Test for PEC Exam

Reading story

Adnan is a student. He lives with his parents. His grandmother also lives with them. Once his grandmother fell ill. His father took her it the hospital. The school was over. Adnan came from school and went to the hospital to see her. Adnan left the hospital for home. Then it was almost midnight. There was no transport on the road. His house was very far. So he was walking home. He was all alone. There was silence all around. He felt that someone was following him. He was afraid even to look back. But when he stopped he heard no sound. As soon as he walked fasted the sound became louder. Adnan then began to run to get rid of the sound. The sound to o ran after him. “Who is it’? Shouted Adnan. “Why are you following me”? But there was no reply.
1.Choose the best answer.
a.Adnan and his parents live in ………………….
i. the same house           ii. Different areas iii. a flat           Ans: i. the same house
b.Adnan went ………….. to see his ailing grandmother.
i. near the hospital     ii. To the hospital iii. to the hospital.
Ans: iii. to the hospital.
c.When did Adnan return home from hospital?  He returned home …………,
i. after school hour.    ii. In the morning. iii. late at night.
Ans: iii. late at night.
d.What did he think when he had heard some sound? He thought ………. beat the person following him.
ii.Somebody was following him.
iii.His father sent somebody to help him.
Ans: Somebody was following him.
e.Adnan started running to get rid of the sound. Here to get rid of means:
i. to get a ride.
ii.To be free from
iiiTho hear the sound
Ans: To be free from
2.True or false? If false. Give the correct answer.
Adnan’s mother took his grandmother to a hospital.        Ans: False;
Correct answer-  Adnan’s father is grandmother to a hospital.
Transport was not available at night.          Ans: True.
The patient was  taken to hospital.  Ans: True.
Adnan was along while coming back home from the hospital.
Ans: True.
Adnan was afraid to walk to his house.      Ans: True.

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions following it.
Shihab was having a very good time with his uncle Mr. Hafizuddin. He took him around to see different places of the city. One day Mr. Hafizuddin came home early from his office. He said to Shthab, “Today, I’ll take you to see the Mohakhali flyover.” On his way to Mohakhali, Shihab was thinking what a flyover could be. He thought it is a place from where people can fly. They got down from the bus at a bus stop. Shihab noticed a road high over their head. He asked, “Uncle, why have they built a bridge over a road? Where is the flyover? I want to fly from there.” Mr. Hafizuddin smiled. “This is not a bridge, Shihab, this is a flyover.”  “Oh! The flyover”. He is amazed to see it. A flyover is a is built on pillars over another road. Shihab turned to his uncle and asked. “Do we have flyovers in other cities?’“No,” said his uncle “Only the very big and busy cities have flyovers. You know there are too many buses, trucks and cars now in Dhaka city. During office and school time, there is a long queue of traffic causing traffic jam. Now people can go through the flyover. They now can save time. There is another flyover at Khilgaon.” Shihab stood on the sidewalk and looked down. He saw cars and buses running under the flyover. He did not know there could be roads one above the other. He wanted to know many things about the flyover.
This is what his uncle told him :The flyover is 1.8 kilometres/ 1800 metres long; its width is 14-63 metres excluding the sidewalks.1.8180014.63. The Flyover is built on 51 pillars. Four cars can ply on the flyover at a time. The centre of the flyover is 7 metres high from the ground. A Chinese company has constructed it. About 136 crore take was spent to build the flyover.
3.Answer the following questions:               3 x 5 =15
(a) Where did Mr. 1-Jafizuddin take Shihab.
(b) What did he want to show him?
(c ) Why do cities need flyovers?
(d) How can people save time?
(e) What did Shihab think when he first saw the flyover?
4. Write 8 lines of the poem “Twos”.                       10
5. Make sentences with the following words
 (any five):       10
smile, student, friend, teacher, carry, leave, familiar.
6. Match the words with their opposite meaning (extra two is given in column B)                     1x5=5
Column-A       Column-B
Truthful                        faithful
Regular           irregular
Present                       liar
Float               sink
Rise    set
7. Rewrite using capital letters and punctuation
marks:                                                                        10
next day was limas birthday
what would you like to have lima on your birthday mother-asked
i would like to have a pet bird lima said what bird would you like asked mother
i think i would like a bird that talks lima answered
8. Rearrange the sentences to build up questions and answer them (any five) : an example is given.                       5
Example : is! how/ he?
Question. How is he?      Ans. He is well.
(a) Adnan/is/what?
(b) live/whom/with/he/does?
(c) ill/fell/who?
(d) hospital/took/to/the/who/her?
(e) hospital/did/Adnan/why/ to/the/go?
(f) where! you! do/ is/ live?
(g) is! your/ what/ father?
9. Read the following situation. Make a request dialogue & response. Use would or could.                           10
You want to talk with somebody over telephone to send a message.
10. Rewrite the sentences with the correct form of verbs (an example is given): 2x5=10
Example : Sit down. He — (come).
.Ans. He is coming
(a) My mother is in the kitchen. She (prepare) food.
(b) My father is in the garden. He (water) the plants.
(c) The teacher is in the classroom. He (teach) the students.
(d) Lipi is in her reading room. She (draw) a picture.
(e) The man is a fruit-seller. But today he (sell) vegetables.
11. Write a paragraph on “Your Home”. Use the following clues. (*location*family members*facilities*feeling)                        10
12. Suppose you are Swapon. Your frind Anik is interested to know about your school.
 Now write a letter to him describing your school.             10

3. Answersing Questions:
(a) Mr. Hafizuddin took Shihab to see different places of the city.
(b) He wanted to show him Mohakhali flyover.
(c) He thought that flyover is a place from where people can fly.
(d) Cities need flyovers to ease traffic jam.
(e) People can save time by going over the flyovers.
4. Writing Poem: See the lesson Poetry.
5. Making Sentences
Smile:   The baby is smiling.
Student:     There are fifty stundents in our
Friend:        Rita is my best friend.
Teacher:    My father is a teacher
Carry:      The porter carried a big box.
Leave:     Mr. Jaman left home for Chittagong.
Familiar:   Are you familiar with all the seasonal birds of Bangladesh?
6. Matching Opposite words
Truthful- liar,     regular- irregular,     present- past,    float- sink,    rise –set
7. Rewriting with capital letters & punctuation marks:
“Next day was Limas birthday”
“What would you like to have, Lima, on your birthday?” mother asked. “I would like to have a pet bird,” Lima said.
“What bird would you like?” asked mother
I think I would like a bird that talks,” Lima answered.
8. Rearranging into questions and answering them:
(a) Q. : What is Adnan?
A.: Adnan is a student.
(b) Q. : With whom does he live?
A: He lives with his parents and grandmother.
(c) Q : Who fell ill?
A.: His grandmother fell ill.
(d) Q : Who took her to the hospital?
A.: His father took her to the hospital.
(e) Q : Why did Adnan go to the hospital?
A: Adnan went to the hospital to see her grandmother.
(f) Q : Where do you live in?
A. : I live in Dhaka.
(g) Q : What is your father?
A.: My father is a doctor.
9. Dialogue Writing………….
10. Rewriting with correct form of verbs:
(a) My mother is in the kitchen. She is preparing food.
(b) My father is in the garden. He is watering the plants.
(c) The teacher is in the classroom. He is teaching the students.
(d) Lipi is in her reading room. She is drawing a picture.
(e)’The man is a fruit-seller. But today heis selling vegetables.
11. Paragraph Writing : try yourself
12.  Letter Writing : try yourself

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